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zack256hello everyone. i was wondering if any of you guys use steam on crux, and if so, did you need to install anything to get it working?02:35
korizack256: yeah, and not really02:36
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zack256kori: when i use it i get some errors from chrom_ipc_server.cpp. "Assertion Failed: !"Failed to connect to master html process"02:38
kori┐('~'; )┌02:39
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zack256i messed about with the port you sent me and got it installed, but i'm still geting the same error. very strange...03:20
koristrange indeed03:22
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zack256kori: ah well. i'll mess about with it some more and try to get it working. thanks for your help.03:30
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zack256hello again. sorry to keep bothering, but i had one more question. which port provides netstat?04:12
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korizack256: sudo prt-get fsearch netstat04:14
zack256the search comes up empty04:15
korithen no port provides it on the default tree04:16
zack256alright. thanks again kori.04:18
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Worksteryou probably want search or dsearch06:19
tired890actually on crux there is an alternative, ss06:31
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z3braeh, prt-get actually provides tons of features I've never heard of08:57
z3braI've always did: find /usr/ports -name .footprint | xargs grep netstat08:57
Romsterprt-get help09:05
Romsterand man ...09:05
Romsterand why did i not think of ss at that time.... every other time i do...09:06
teK_z3bra: dont forget about prt-cache.09:08
Romsterupdate it with prt-get cache09:08
Romsterthen prt-cache is faster09:08
teK_it's ports -u && prt-get cache :-)09:09
Romsterports command should really call prt-get cache09:09
z3braah, never ran it ^^09:09
z3braI'm never in a hurry to search of a package anyway :P09:09
z3braI find the port tree convenient enough for searching09:09
teK_I use psearch (alias to prt-cache search) and portdbc all the time09:10
teK_portdbc search xxx   is the online variant connecting to's portdb09:10
teK_% portdbc search steam09:11
teK_pidgin-steam                 nwe            rsync -aqz pidgin-steam09:11
teK_steam                        prologic       httpup sync steam09:11
Romster i have a simple tool to edit prtdir lines from the CLI. might be overkill but it avoids firing up a editor.09:16
Romsteri'm using it in my docker images09:16
teK_I like the idea and I really hope to pick kup some spare time this summer for brushing my pkg tool :)09:17
Romsterso what does kup do or will do?09:18
teK_*pick up09:18
teK_sorry :)09:18
teK_find some spare time for: pkg09:18
Romsterrewrite of pkgutils?09:19
teK_it's a rewrite (yeah, again) of prt-get and I'd like to put ports and pkg{mk,add} in it too09:19
teK_yeah basically09:19
teK_the thing is: it _makes_ sense to do stuff partially in shell scripts because Pkgfile _are_ shell scripts09:19
Romsterdiverse had something going on and i was helping him with the designing logic... then he just vanished09:19
teK_so I did not yet figure out, what's best in this matter09:20
teK_never happened in OSS projects before :D09:20
tilmanteK_: a safe way to evaluate/source Pkgfiles would be nice to have09:21
tilmanso people cannot be screwed over if someone puts malicious code in the pkgfile header09:22
Romsterdoesn't prtverify check for this stuff?09:22
teK_you are talking about the {version,name,release} fields?09:22
tilmanecho "rm -rf $HOME" > Pkgfile09:23
Romsteri can't see how anyone can abuse the # metatags09:23
tilmanteK_: that's kinda a "yes"09:23
Romsteras they are comments after all.09:23
Romsterunless something parses that stupidly09:24
Romsterthe bigger issue tilman is pre/post-install scripts in my opinion09:24
teK_tilman: but that's very hard to do, in the antivirus software didnot get that right for the last 30 years-way09:24
Romstersome use fakeroot to build09:24
tilmanteK_: true09:25
teK_fakeroot is a good way to start09:25
Romsterhonestly think fakeroot should be the default for pkgmk to use.09:26
teK_there is ACL/permiossion enforcement  and a non-prividleged user can try to rm -rf $HOME all the way it wants :)09:26
tilmanthing is, even "ports -d" may screw you09:26
tilmanwho runs that with fakeroot?09:26
tilmanit doesn't even need uid 009:26
teK_tilman: that's correct09:26
teK_and easy to mitigate (as long as only the env vars I talkedabout need to be sanitized)09:27
Romstertilman, it can be added to (set -e -x ; build)09:27
Romster(set -e -x ; fakeroot build)09:27
Romsteri figure09:27
tilmanteK_: yep, that's what i had in mind09:28
Romsteror even enforce a pkgmk:pkgmk user:group09:28
tilmanRomster: we are talking about different issues09:28
tilmani'm not talking about evil code in build() atm09:28
tilmani'm talking about evil expressions in the ... outer scope(?) of Pkgfile09:28
Romsterlike in source=() even09:29
Romsteror name version revision09:29
Romsterhmm they can get ran when . Pkgfile09:29
tilmanyou got it09:29
teK_tilman: the advandatage my pkg has, is that it does not do any execution of Pkgfiles09:30
Romsterbut if that is done as a pkgmk user and group they can't destroy much09:30
teK_that's a bug wrt building things..09:30
teK_but for parsing it's the way to go..09:30
teK_Romster: I always run ports as root09:30
Romsterthere you go big risk right there.09:31
teK_tilman: but thanks for the comment, it's an important issue09:31
tilmanyou could require ports to be run as uid 0, then drop privileges09:31
teK_well, I am not quite satisfiedwith ports' right management any way :)09:31
Romsterports command enfoces rot which is dumb i patched that on mine09:31
teK_yeah, so I'll add privilege dropping to the list :]09:31
tilmanactually i like my last idea09:32
tilmanseems the safest way09:32
tilmanlusers without root access can go whine in a corner09:32
teK_they aint got no right to fiddle with ma ports shizzle any way09:32
teK_they see me packain. they hatin.09:33
teK_Hacky :)09:33
Romsteryeah but works09:33
teK_switching to uid pkgmk and setting umask would be beter09:33
teK_I need a new keyboard.09:34
Romsteri did that a long time ago09:34
teK_any way.. there's a thesis to be written =)09:35
teK_"afk". Take  care, folks.09:35
tilmancan't you do that tomorrow?09:35
teK_been doing that for the past three months09:35
teK_i.e. today = tomorrow09:35
tilmanwho cares about another day then09:35
tilmanjust kill irssi :)09:36
teK_Induktion ist eine Sau :=09:36
tilmanand good luck09:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: upower: 0.9.23 -> 0.99.3 FS#119211:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: qt5: 5.4.1 -> 5.4.2 FS#119311:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cssselect: initial import11:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: html5lib-python: initial import11:59
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: lxml: 3.4.1 -> 3.4.4 new dependencies: beautifulsoup4, cssselect, and html5lib-python11:59
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: python2-chardet renamed to chardet, 2.1.1 -> 2.3.013:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: deluge: dependency rename python2-chardet -> chardet13:08
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: beautifulsoup4: new dependency chardet13:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.0.3 -> 1.0.513:57
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onoderakori: are you here18:13
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nwegood evning20:43
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nwehow are you onodera ?20:55
onoderapretty good20:56
onoderafiguring out how to switch the active desktop with xcb20:56
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