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tired890hi guys05:03
tired890moved out and wasnt able to go online05:04
tired890any hints for the xfce issue I mentioned earlier? (ie after gtk update xfce has issues, cant change theme, icons missing ..etc)05:04
tired890-fr all of xfce ?05:05
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tired890any expr wiz to give me a command to05:22
tired890prt-get update -fr <insert command to list any xfce4 components here to force full rebuild>05:23
tired890listinst will list "is not installed" and such.. I need a list of installed packages only without anything else...05:23
nwetired890: use prt-get listinst05:27
nweprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst) , will force rebuild all package who is installed.05:28
tired890nwe that will rebuild my entire system05:30
tired890I wish to rebuild xfce components only..05:30
tired890since thats the part that seems to be having a problem05:30
tired890i think grep will do!05:36
tired890prt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst | grep xfce' ?05:37
tired890that didn't work.. my expression is incorrect05:39
nweprt-get update -fr $(prt-get listinst |gre xfce) will only rebuild stuff with xfce in the name05:41
tired890yes just figured it out05:41
tired890thanks a lot nwe05:41
tired890the $(x) solved it05:41
tired890cheers mate05:41
tired890ok I will close down xserver and update all from cli05:41
tired890see u in a bit05:41
nweokey cya05:41
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tired890still has issues06:31
tired890I deleted my config and started with a fresh one and still unable to change theme and such06:31
tired890is it safe to assume xfce is currently broken on crux ?06:32
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Romstertired890, make sure you run the post-install scripts for the cache.08:17
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oenginogluIs there a way to remove unnecessary installed packages which are installed as a dependency but no longer needed after the removal of the main package?09:02
z3brathere is no such thing as "installed as dependency" on crux09:05
z3brapackages are either installed, or not installed09:05
z3brayou can use 'prt-get listorphans' to get a list of packages which have no dependent packages09:08
oenginogluOK. great that was the answer i was looking for. Btw you have a very informative blog. Thanks for that...09:11
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tired890Romster, I have run-scripts set to (yes) in prt-get config (or pkgmk.. dont recall.. anyway its set))12:04
tired890Romster, what cache is it? if its the gtk icon cache I already ran that manually.. if there is any other let me know I will run it manually12:04
Romsterlet me check12:09
tired890many thanks12:10
Romstergtk-update-icon-cache -q -t -f /usr/share/icons/hicolor12:10
Romsteryou using gvfs?12:10
Romsterif yes you need these 3 lines12:11
Romstergio-querymodules /usr/lib/gio/modules12:11
Romsterglib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas12:11
Romsterkillall -USR1 gvfsd12:11
tired890I don't use gvfs12:11
tired890unless its default..12:11
Romsternope you'd have to add it in12:12
tired890Romster, that didn't change a thing.. see its not only missing icons12:12
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tired890when I go to settings > Appearance, I select another "style/theme" nothing changes12:12
Romsterglib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/12:13
Romsterwouldn't hurt12:13
Romsterand there is something for librsvg too.12:13
Romsteri've heard of that and i don't recal the fix12:14
tired890there is no desktop database, only: update-mime-database*  updatedb*12:14
Romsteris missing then12:15
Romsterxfce4 uses desktop files for all it's menus12:16
tired890Romster, I installed that now12:16
tired890it says cant update .. I will try do it from cli12:16
Romsterand redo the generation12:16
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tired890no use12:18
tired890Romster, when I press Ctrl + Alt + F112:18
tired890I see gtk errors12:18
tired890I mean I open the settings/appearance and try change the style12:18
tired890then immediately go to the cli for my active xserver session12:19
tired890I see gtk errors12:19
Romsterah what do you see?12:19
Romsteryeah what exactly.12:19
Romsterwgetpaste /var/log/Xorg.log12:19
Romstermight help12:19
tired890xfce4-panel:30861: GTK_CRITICAL: IA_GTK_WIDGET_SHOW: assertion "GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget)" failed.12:20
tired890I wrote that its not a copy paste.. its the same error just not exact punctuation12:21
tired890hold on wget pasting12:22
Romsteralso run revdep over your system12:23
tired890Romster, I did many times12:23
tired890heck I did a update -fr on all xfce components12:23
tired890when I grep for the error I cant see it in xorg log file..12:24
Romsterhave you also ran sudo gdk-pixbuf-register12:27
Romsterother than that and restarting xfce i'm not sure. as i am not running it here.12:29
Romsterother than did you manualyl set a gtk theme in ~/.gtkrc or something?12:30
Romsteroh also look at romster/pkg-not it'll list files that are not tracked by the package manager.12:31
Romstermight have a rouge config file perhaps.12:31
tired890will run those brb12:32
tired890nope didnt do it manually12:32
tired890simply did a sysup.. then restarted machine12:33
Romsterpkg-ot accepts a path like pkg-not /usr/include12:33
tired890when I started xfce its was all messed up12:33
Romsterah but X is fine?12:33
tired890the rouge package is gtk I think.. it was recently updated12:33
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Romsterpermissions on ~/.config/xfce412:34
Romsterls -l ~/.config/xfce412:34
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Romsteror rm -r ~/.config/xfce4 and start over with xfce configuring12:35
tired890Romster, I did that12:35
tired890I flushed all config (moved ~/.config/xfce to xfce_old)12:36
tired890the problem is that even with a fresh config, I cant change styles/themes such12:37
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: xfsprogs: updated to 3.2.313:54
frinnstdo you change themes with some xfce thingy?13:55
frinnsthow about loading that program from a shell and see if there is any output?13:56
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joacimtired890: do you have a ~/.gtkrc?14:58
joacimdont remember the exact filename, but i think it started with .gtk at least14:58
joacima lot of people had problems with their .gtk* overriding the xfce theme settings14:59
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: inetutils: update to 1.9.416:22
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tired890frinnst, I change the style (theme) with the xfce settings (under xfce menu > Settings > Appearance)17:08
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tired890joacim, no I dont have that..17:08
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joacimdo you have the required gtk engine?17:20
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tired890joacim, I dont think thats the prob.. since it was running fine.. after a sysup (that included an update for gtk) I started getting all those issues17:29
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tired890I even created a new user (to make sure no configs or whatnot are messing things up) but still xfce issues mentioned are there..17:35
nwetired890: are you sure that you dont missing any deps?17:41
tired890nwe, prt-get depends xfce417:49
tired890all items listed are installed17:49
nwetired890: have you try downgrade gtk.. I mean if the problem started after you upgraded it..17:50
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tired890thats not ideal nwe.. I dont know what exactly the problem is.. but I reckon the xfce maintainer would know..17:53
jaegerdid you try frinnst's suggestion of running the theme selector from a terminal?17:57
tired890jaeger, I just did.. no output in terminal17:58
tired890I select different styles/themes.. no effect on desktop and no output in terminal17:59
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nwehmm maybe I should try turn on my laptop and install xfce and see if I get the same behavior..18:01
tired890jaeger, yes very annoying.. xfce is working.. only default theme is working .. *some* icons are missing and some are ok.. its not clear what exactly is causing it..18:01
nwetired890: about the icons install the tango-icon-theme18:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: firefox: removed obsolete patch18:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.16.418:02
tired890lol gtk updated ?18:02
tired890let me try updating to the new one18:02
tired890btw, its ok to update components that are running currently right?18:02
tired890say I want to update xserver or gtk.. with xserver up I do sysup, this is ok right?18:03
tired890upon restarting I get the new version18:03
nweand create file  ~/gtkrc-2.0 and put this content in it..  gtk-icon-theme-name = "tango"18:03
frinnstis xfce still gtk2?18:04
nwefor .gtkrc :)18:04
tired890frinnst, prt-get depends xfce4 | grep gtk18:04
tired890[i] gtk18:04
tired890[i] gtk-xfce-engine18:05
nwewhen I tried xfce4 I create .gtkrc-2.018:05
tired890nwe, I'm not sure thats related, as I stated earlier my system was working fine until a sysup and then it went haywire18:05
nweand put gtk-icon-theme-name = "icontheme" into that file to get my icons correct.18:06
tired890nwe, yes I'm aware of that issue..  alternatively, if I open the icon theme selector from xfce and select the icon set from there then it works fine also18:06
tired890nwe, the issue is not icon theme only.. its the style (as in color of windows and such)18:07
joacimabout icons. updating librsvg can mess those up. librsvg should have a post install script that fixes that18:09
joacimif you didnt run that already18:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: firefox: build with --enable-tree-freetype as workaround for freetype 2.618:21
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hnodehi crux'rs :)21:43
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