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RomsterYou are being MSG flooded from, setting gui_autoopen_dialog OFF.03:03
Romsterwhat the hell?03:04
Romsteroh there it is... nevermind03:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: requests: 2.2.1 -> 2.7.004:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: livestreamer: 1.12.1 -> 1.12.204:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: futures: 2.2.0 -> 3.0.304:34
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: freetype-32: 2.5.5 -> 2.605:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: kmod-32: 20 -> 2105:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: openssl-32: 1.0.2a -> 1.0.2c05:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: python-32: 2.7.9 -> 2.7.1005:29
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tired890tilman, can you please update openbox port (opt) to version 3.6 ? Thanks05:43
Romstertilman retired05:44
Romsterthat' is teks port tilman05:45
tired890I see.05:46
tired890well I hope one of you gents updates it.. since I'm changing to openbox might as well start with current version05:46
Romsteri'm using pekwm so i can vouch for that being good.05:46
tired890I will look into that05:48
tired890I'm looking for a minimalist view with the least num of deps05:48
tired890tired of stuff breaking due to maze of deps05:48
Romsterwell pekwm never breaks06:03
Romstertint2 is also good for a panel06:04
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.44 -> 1.7.4507:08
tired890Romster, I'm reading on pekwm07:28
Romsterbtw the default window decorations are horrible there are better themes for it08:08
Romsteri have a few in my romster repo08:08
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tired890Romster, I will wipe my / partition and do a fresh crux install with pkwm08:34
Romsterwhy wipe?08:36
Romsteryou can remove packages ya know.08:36
tired890yea but you know..08:37
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tired890you could be right08:39
tired890installed brb08:42
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tired890Romster, how do you have pekwm start?08:51
tired890with xinitrc ?08:51
joacimthats one way to do it08:51
Romsterdbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session pekwm08:51
Romsteror just08:52
tired890I dont have xinit setup properly08:52
tired890I mean previously I started X with startxfce408:52
Romstersingle line in ~/.xinitrc08:53
Romsterthen you can do startx08:53
tired890ok I put pekwm in there08:54
tired890will try startx now08:54
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tired890hello world from pekwm!08:55
tired890what was the panel name Romster ? tint?08:56
tired890wont run by default needs config file..08:57
Romsterthere is a command to make a default one.08:58
Romsteroh there isn't... i got it in my romster/tint208:59
tired890thats in tint2-extras..installing08:59
Romsterthats mine09:00
tired890Romster, let me read up on this..09:01
tired890besides tint what else?09:01
Romsteryou can send signal USR1 to re-read the configuration09:01
Romsterprt-get dsearch panel09:01
tired890see, ideally, I would like for my panel (showing open apps and such) to be on bottom.. I  guess thats tint? I also need a panel on top to show clock, tray bar, cpu usage.. what prog do I use for that?09:02
Romsteri use conky and tint209:02
Romsteryou can configure the stuff to be where ever you want09:02
tired890cool thanks for the tips Romster ! appreciate it mate09:02
Romsterit's no DE but it's lightweight09:03
tired890will do some experimenting.. but initial impressions are good. I've always been a minimalist but xfce was easier I guess. time for a proper setup09:03
Romsterxfce is easier to jsut set and forget.09:05
Romsterthese things take some configuring to get right09:05
Romsterbut it's pretty much locked in stone when it's done.09:05
tired890exactly what I'm looking for09:22
tired890Romster, a good file manager to go with pekwm?10:31
tired890 again with least amount of deps pls10:32
Romsteri don't use one10:32
Romsterspacefm i guess10:33
Romsterthough it's not being maintaned anymore.10:33
Romsterby upstream10:33
tired890thinking about keeping thunar (xfce's FM)10:34
Romsterpcmanfm is light10:34
tired890spacefm looks quite neat10:35
tired890pcmanfm as well..10:36
nwetired890: have you take a look on rox?10:46
tired890nwe, looks ok10:53
tired890is it split (ie one half for filesystem overview and other for actual files?)10:53
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frinnsthealth & safety is for suckers12:38
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teK___we had this consultant on-site who would drink red bull all day, eating lunch in the afternoon and nothing else. He dind't even drink coffee or water18:23
tired890thats dangerous18:47
tired890he needs consulting..18:47
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nwegood evening19:40
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teK___no new texlive for you folks, sorry22:41
teK___+ find /home/tmp/texlive-work/pkg/usr/share/texmf-dist -regex '.*/\(COPYING\|README\|AUTHORS\|INSTALL\|ChangeLog\|NEWS\|TODO\).*' -delete22:41
teK___=======> Build result:22:41
teK___bsdtar: Write error22:41
teK___=======> ERROR: Building '/usr/ports/packages/texlive#20150521-1.pkg.tar.gz' failed.22:41
teK___fakeroot pkgmk  1952.36s user 368.50s system 89% cpu 43:21.55 total22:41
teK___that was after rebuilding everything because texmf has another freaking version number than the source part m(22:42
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frinnstfun fun22:59
frinnstwrite error? oom/full disk?22:59
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