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teK___full disk I suppose01:19
teK___rebuilt it (again) with more space -> works. More "works" I get some mismatch error on latex compilation; my guess is that I'll have to run some indexing command to fix that01:20
teK___I have had no motivation to figure that out while needing a functional texlive installation to constantly compile my thesis (to witness the little steps I am making towards finish that thing :p)01:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: llvm: 3.6.0 -> 3.6.101:33
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Tazyso i copied a crux install via chroot from the 3.1.iso, upgrading make ends up in a broken make binary that segfaults. (tested on two pc's, AMD and Intel) i can make valid bug reports if the system is installed via an unoffical way?05:19
frinnstimpossible for us to debug probably06:07
frinnsttry revdep06:07
Tazyi'm still building crux from a gentoo kernel within a chroot. soo maybe kernel since my now working system does use 4.0.4 while the intel is 3.18. tough dmesg saying numbers about make 29232.. in
frinnstwhat linux version?06:21
frinnstglibc is built with --enable-kernel=3.1006:21
Tazy3.18.12, if i compile make within that specific chroot make segfaults.06:22
Tazyoh well, waiting on 4.0.5 to compile and hoping it was just a kernel issue somehow with cosmic rays.06:23
frinnstso, you are running from gentoo? youre not using any ricer cflags, are you? :)06:54
Tazysure, -fomg-optimized and 40 funroll loops.. No xD06:59
frinnstany luck?07:21
Tazycould just use make from gentoo for example.. but i'm still waiting on the kernel compile so far.07:22
frinnstobviously other things tro try is gdb but that might be tricky since crux by default strips and you cant rebuild any ports07:22
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Tazyfrinnst: sure i can rebuild a port, make would be tricky but removing it, inserting a 3rd party make so crux can rebuild it (after i removed the compiled package that was somewhere in ports.. i forgot)  now i just got to remember where i set those build flags..07:24
frinnstyou can change global flags in /etc/pkgmk.conf07:28
frinnstthere's also a .nostrip method for not stripping specific files in a port (.nostrip lives in /path/to/port/ for future reference)07:29
frinnstthere's also a -ns flags for pkgmk07:29
Tazythanks! now to wait for gdb install and reading up on howto..07:32
RomsterTazy, we have docker images of crux if that helps07:42
Tazywithout gdb, make: Segmentation Fault. with gdb > run: works...07:43
Romsterhardened gentoo kernel?07:44
Tazynot on the system that fails.. oddly enough the hardened/pax system, make works fine in chroot so far.07:44
Romsterwhat are you trying todo we do have a unoffical updated iso07:45
Tazyjust figured out why make 4.1 segfaults.07:46
Romsteri'm on make 4.1 and i've not seen a issue07:47
Romsterand trust me if there was a issue i'd be the first to know07:47
Romsterhave a log of the error?07:49
Tazyfirst i had it on my AMD piledriver, figured it be some dumb issue and while later (now) i tried the same things i did on my 2nd pc. (intel) soo make segfaults too. either its the kernel i run or kernel configs maybe.07:49
Tazyjust dmesg
Romsterand that was compiling what?07:50
Tazyjust running make.07:50
Romstermake  compiled and then make segfaults compiling what?07:50
Romsterin the make sources?07:51
Tazyi can just type make and get a segfault.07:51
Tazyafter it compiled and installed.07:51
frinnstmake segfaulting is familiar somehow07:51
Romstereven without a Makefile ?07:51
frinnstsomeone had similar issues iirc07:51
Tazyempty dir too07:51
Romsteri do recall someone but i don't remember who07:52
Tazythen again if i open gdb and type "run make" it works and outputs no makefile.07:52
Romstertried with -O007:53
Romstergcc optimization's?07:54
Tazyif it matters, i used this guide to strip/install crux.
Tazydefault settings so far.07:54
teK___RT @comex: Theory: a person’s opposition to systemd is indistinguishable from a linear function of their number of years spent using BSD init.07:54
Romsterthis works07:57
Romsterseriously run revdep from prt-utils over the chroot07:57
Romsterin the chroot*07:57
Romsterwget ; pkgadd -u make#4.1-1.pkg.tar.xz08:01
Romsteri just built it on a clean docker container08:01
Tazy(make in / is from gentoo, if i copy that in make works.08:02
Romsterand my command in side the chroot?08:03
Romsterseriously think you broke the tool chain somehow.08:03
Tazytar.xz ? isnt it tar.bz2?08:06
Romstereither works08:06
Romstermaybe i need to try my old chroot method as well08:07
Tazyeither i broke your command by the first time accidently forgetting to copy the last z of.xz or..08:07
Tazyyeah segfaults too. either i have a bad kernel config somehow. or something is set in gentoo's bashrc or crux sets some make flags ?08:12
Romsterwell if you repeat those 2 commands it'll fix make08:18
Romsterif make segfaults after that it's not make at fault.08:18
Tazyyah.. it still does segfault.08:18
Romsterok so maybe glibc08:19
Romsteri'll build and upload that08:19
Tazyi wish that core2duo was faster with kernel builds. i semi suspect 3.18.12 to be the cause.08:20
Romsteri went to make coffee08:27
Romster wget ; pkgadd -u glibc#2.19-5.pkg.tar.xz08:28
frinnstjue has the memory of an elephant, im sure he'll be online sooner or later08:28
Romstergive it a minute still uploading08:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: clang: 3.6.0 -> 3.6.108:28
Romsterprobably already on the logs now frinnst08:29
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: llvm-32: 3.6.0 -> 3.6.108:33
teK___frinnst: maybe he knows his grep(1) ;)08:33
RomsterTazy, uploaded give glibc a go08:33
frinnstteK___: libreoffice complains about an update being available fyi08:37
Romsterlibreoffice also needs glu added to dependencies08:38
TazyRomster: thanks for building glibc but did not help either.. tried on updated iso and orginal chroot.08:38
Romsterwhat the heck is going on...08:39
Romsterand why do you need crux when your on gentoo?08:39
Tazyi tought i try out crux...08:39
Romstershould work08:39
Romsteri hadn't had this08:40
Romstersetup docker don't rely on chroots08:40
Romsteror use vitrualbox to play around with crux or install it on real hardware.08:40
Tazyi'm going to try once the 4.0.5 vanilla kernel is compiled.08:40
Romsteri'm still on 3.18.x08:41
Romsteri stopped using chroots because they tend to be problematic08:43
teK___iirc, libreoffice wont work with newer version because of nettle issues08:43
Tazyive yet to try docker, played with lxc some tough.08:43
teK___I'll have to test again to check it really was nettle. Maybe gnutls.08:43
frinnstack tek08:43
teK___that's what you get for using binary software :p08:44
frinnstyeah nettle is a bit problematic since there are serious compatability issues08:44
Romstermaybe libreoffice can ship there own nettle lib.08:44
Romsterthey ship everything else08:45
teK___I'll have to check. It's the reason why I left it outdated.08:45
Romsterlivestreamer -p mpv worst08:46
Romsterwhile sipping coffee08:46
Tazy-.- mpv even does twitch..thanks for amazing me once more :D08:48
Romsterwith livestreamer it does08:48
teK___I maintain mplayer and even I like mpv :)08:48
Romsterwhich is in core08:48
Romsterah contrib sorry08:48
teK___still, mplayer performs better for certain videos.08:48
Romsterlivestreamer can feed most players08:49
Tazyhm, i was able to watch it without livestreamer, youtube-dl seemed to do the job.08:50
Romsteryoutube-dl downlads stuff livestreamer streams i maintain both08:51
Romstermaybe youtube-dl is getting smarter and taking on livestreamer?08:52
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orbeaworks without livestreamer for me too08:54
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Romsteralways some one to go it works this or that way as well -_-08:58
orbeaall my mpv, youtube-dl, ffmpeg, etc is reallu up to date, that probably helps09:01
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TazyRomster frinnst well ... it was not the kernel but the way i did chroot. wich is odd. if one would chroot into the system without /dev,proc,sys mounted, segfault. if those three mounted via mount --rbind it works.. wha now it gone wierd trying to explain/testing it oh oh weird. It depends how i mount/bind /dev now.
Tazyand proc and sys...09:27
frinnstyeah no surprise stuff fails without those mounted09:28
frinnstthey werent mounted at all in the chroot?09:28
Tazybut but it was mounted before. it only works properly when i mount without exporting stuff for easy copy paste.09:28
Tazythe dpaste stuff was each time reboot before next try.09:29
Tazyyeah it mounts properly when i use mount -t proc proc $CHROOT/proc (with $CHROOT exported to the right path ofc) yet segfaults make. best to avoid that and use cd dir.. mount --rbind /dev dev ... meh. weird.09:37
Romsterthe bind mounts are mentioned on the crux chroot setup09:46
Romsterwhy did i not remember this09:46
Tazyleast if the one guy who gotten this too still trys to solve it, ....09:49
Tazyheh, mentions mount -t proc proc $CHROOT/proc too..09:51
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rmullGimp, VLC, nmap, and notepad++ affected by sourceforge or migrating away from it, uBlock adblocking browser plugin now shipping a rule to block sourceforge by default...13:35
onoderaublock is amazing13:39
frinnstthats a bit silly13:47
rmullThe writing is on the wall to some extent13:51
rmullsilly or otherwise13:52
ThePubcreating an esp during installation no possible using stock iso, or am I missing something?13:56
jaegerThePub: currently that's correct. However you can install dosfstools in the chroot13:57
jaegerthat's on the list for the next release13:57
codingmanjaeger: so, until we get to the chroot, should we create an ESP?13:58
jaegeryou can create it any time you like provided you have the tools. It's just that dosfstools isn't on the ISO so you need to install it in the chroot environment or create the ESP from somewhere else, like another live environment or linux install13:59
jaegerif you already have an ESP from some other UEFI OS install you can reuse that13:59
jaegerunless it's HFS+13:59
codingmanvfat will work, no?13:59
jaegervfat is preferred13:59
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jaegerboth fat16 and fat32 should technically work but fat32 seems to be more commonly supported14:00
codingmancool, 512M is a good size?14:00
jaegerthat would work, though it's probably much larger than necessary. I usually use 128M14:00
codingmanhuh ok, I can spare the space, will probably go with 256 or something14:01
jaegerthat's fine if you want to14:01
jaegershouldn't hurt anything14:01
ThePubjaeger: thought so, thanks :)14:07
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: libdevmapper: update to 1.02.9814:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: tdb: update to 1.3.614:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dnsmasq: update to 2.7314:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lvm2: update to 2.02.12114:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.4014:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.1814:45
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: hdparm: update to 9.4714:50
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: tzdata: update to 2015e14:50
onoderafor the zsh maintainer, ther is also a new zsh15:06
onodera5.0.7 -> 5.0.8 - I have been using it for a while now and haven't run into any problems15:07
ThePubSimple question.. it's honestly been several years since compiling a kernel. The archlinux desktop I have has a configuration that works, would it be okay to use that for the kernel compile on crux?15:24
codingmanin etc/lilo.conf, should I place root as the /dev/sda or /dev/sda3 (my root partition)?15:25
codingmanI'm a bit mislead by the "#ROOT_DEVICE#" default in /etc/lilo.comf15:27
ThePubiirc (haven't used lilo in awhile, may want to check the docs) it should be what you're mounting as /15:27
codingmanfigured, thanks15:28
onoderaThePub: yeah I don't see why not.15:33
onoderacodingman: /dev/sda315:34
onoderaI made the mistake of only using sda when I first stared using lilo15:34
codingmanouch lel15:35
codingmanrunning lilo gives me this:15:35
codingmanFatal: open /dev/: is a directory15:35
onoderapost your lilo conf pls15:36
codingmanhuh, I never knew /dev/ was a directory...15:36
jaegerlilo.conf has a comment in it, most likely15:36
jaegerit needs config out of the box15:36
jaegerand won't work for UEFI15:36
codingmanwtf, vim didn't save :/15:37
codingmanthat's my lilo.conf15:40
jaegerboot should probably be /dev/sda unless you're chain loading from another boot loader15:41
codingmanahh ok, that's what I was confused about15:42
jaegerwith that said, you were talking about UEFI earlier, right? lilo doesn't support UEFI15:42
codingmanGrub, then?15:43
rmullcodingman: Instead of having a root= parameter for your entry, I suggest using append like so: append="root=/dev/sda2"15:43
jaegerelilo, grub2-efi, syslinux should work15:43
rmullHere is mine
onoderacodingman: oh I'm really sorry15:43
codingmanonodera: not a problem :P15:43
onoderaboot should be /dev/sda15:43
onoderaand root /dev/sda215:44
onoderafor example15:44
codingmanyeah I got it15:44
codingmanjaeger: should I install one of 'em in the chroot?15:44
ThePubah, no gummiboot :(15:44
rmullUsing root=/dev/sda2 and not append="root=/dev/sda2" will result in weirdness15:44
jaegeryou'll also want to install gnu-efi/efibootmgr15:46
onoderathere is also an efi lilo15:46
onoderaelilo iirc15:47
z3branever tried it though15:47
z3braefi scares me15:47
ThePubit's super simple really, makes a ton of sense over the magical boot sectors15:47
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jaegeronodera: yeah, it was in my list15:48
ThePubz3bra: plus.. loads faster booting :)15:48
codingmanEFI is scary15:49
jaegerIt's not bad once you learn it. The only scary part (in my opinion, of course) is how wildly different implementations of it are15:49
z3braThePub, I must admit I never took the time to "deeply" look into it15:50
jaegerI use it pretty much everywhere now (except HP machines, fuck that noise)15:50
z3braAll I can say is that it made installation process harder for me15:50
ThePubjaeger: funny you say that, I started using efi on a probook and it seems to work fine15:51
jaegeryou're lucky, then :)15:51
jaegerwe have folios, elitebooks, z workstations, etc. here and every single different model behaves differently both in terms of their UEFI and their PXE implementations15:52
ThePubjaeger: manually configuring the efi settings I've gotten close to bricking it so I let the tools do THAT part. Otherwise setting it up works.15:52
ThePubYeah, my old ProBook 4530 only supports a pre uefi standard.. so it's a little iffy.15:53
jaegerAt home I have a lenovo laptop and a mix of asrock, intel, and supermicro machines. All of those have UEFI implementations that work as expected15:54
codingmanSyslinux and efibootmgr is all I need to install, correct?15:54
ThePubz3bra: really setting it up is simple. have an efi partition, put your efi executable there.. it's that simple really. linux itself can be compile into an efi stub so THAT is your executable in the most basic sense. I still like gummiboot on top of that for selecting it and such but it's a no-brainer way of booting a system.15:54
jaegercodingman: theoretically15:55
ThePubah, cool. syslinux supports btrfs.  that might work too.15:55
jaegerthere's a page on the crux wiki with UEFI info for what that's worth. (at the time of its writing syslinux didn't work but that was a while back)15:55
ThePubthanks :)15:55
codingmanahh ok15:56
jaegerI need to update that page sometime soon, will probably be testing syslinux again at that point15:56
jaegerthe grub2 installation, for example, is pretty much as simple as "grub-install /boot/efi" now15:57
codingmandoes grub2-efi work better?15:58
jaegerbetter than what?15:59
jaegerWhen I last tested there wasn't any better or worse, really. grub worked, syslinux didn't. But syslinux has changed a lot since then so if you prefer syslinux, give it a try15:59
codingmanhmm ok then I think I'll go with grub2-efi16:00
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ThePubI just hate how complex grub has become16:01
ThePubit has a zillion configuration files for something so simple16:01
jaegerYou can keep it simple if you prefer. Nothing keeps you from writing your own minimal config16:01
codingmanack gotta learn crux package management16:01
ThePubprt-get, page on the wiki I think.  pretty simple.  :)16:02
ThePubalthough I was a little confused after adding a porting in /etc/ports and it didn't show up. don't forget to add it to /etc/prt-get.conf16:02
ThePubporting = port ugh16:03
z3braThePub, I see, thanks16:03
codingmanjust to clarify something, do I have to do anything other than a simple "make and make install" for the kernel?16:05
jaegermake all && make modules_install && cp arch/x86_64/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-$(version) && cp /boot/$(version) <--- something like that16:06
codingmanyeah ok I figured there was more to it xD16:07
codingmanversion as in the kernel version, correct?16:09
jaegervmlinuz-3.18.14 or the like16:11
codingmanok cool16:11
codingmanso now for me to understand prt-get16:11
ThePubno efivars module on the install iso :(16:13
codingmanprt-get gives me "config error: can't access /usr/ports/core" and the same for /usr/ports/opt and /usr/ports/xorg16:14
jaegerrun 'ports -u' first16:15
jaegerThePub: it's not in the initramfs but should be available in the ISO environment, I believe16:19
codingmanlooks like my network isn't working16:19
codingmanI have to setup my /etc/resolv.conf16:19
ThePubyeah.. I was being silly and trying to load it from the chroot16:20
ThePubthank you16:20
jaegerAFK, got to go work on tape drives. :/16:21
codingmanok, stupid question, what should I set as my search in /etc/resolv.conf?16:27
ThePublocal domain name16:27
ThePubdhcp will provide it typcially if you're using that16:27
codingmanso, I can keep search commented out?16:27
ThePubhonestly, I didn't have to do anything to resolv.conf it set it up correctly for me.16:28
codingmanhmm ok16:28
ThePubdhcp picked up my internal search domain (per the dhcp server), if you're statically assigning it all -- no it's not an absolute necessity16:29
codingmanso what should I do to setup my internet? ping gives me "unkown host"16:29
ThePubsounds like you need to setup networking.  are you still in the install environment?16:30
ThePuball I had to do was run "dhcpcd <network device>" and it just "worked"16:30
codingmanThePub: I figured I should do that, and yes I'm still in the install environment16:31
codingmanahh ok got it, thanks. I hate the new naming scheme that dhcpcd uses.16:32
ThePub?  it's not dhcpcd it's udev or something that chagnes the device names16:33
codingmanoh yeah16:33
codingmanthat's right16:33
codingmanregardless, it's kind of annoying16:33
codingmanheh, syslinux and efibootmgr already installed?16:39
codingmanwhere can I find instructions for installing/configuring syslinux?16:47
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ThePubgoogle :)16:58
ThePubif you're using EFI I found you need to update syslinux16:58
ThePub"prt-get update syslinux"16:58
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jaegeryeah, need syslinux 6.0 (probably 6.0.3) for UEFI17:19
jaegerer, 6.0317:20
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codingmanok thanks, updating syslinux17:33
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ThePubaccidently typed "." into search for the kernel config.  wish I knew if it was doing something because it's otherwise responsive.18:10
ThePubhate to quit out at this point, would mean 2 hours lost working18:10
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jaegerhrmm, never done that18:34
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ThePubif you update the iso at all.. include gdisk would be a good start for gpt partitioning. it's way faster/easier/less cumbers than straight parted18:48
jaegerI prefer parted, myself, but I'll look into it18:50
jaegerfdisk supports gpt as well, these days18:50
jaegergdisk used to convert msdos partition tables to gpt without confirmation, does it still do that?18:52
ThePubsuppose IDK. it's a gpt table editor and it only saves if you ask it. do know that much.18:58
jaegerIf that's the case now, that's an improvement. That was a terrible choice18:59
ThePubI dont use anything with an msdos partition table. take that back, suppose my old file server has a bios, never run gdisk on it though, since I know it's not efi19:01
ThePuband doesn't fdisk gpt support only mean it creates hybrids?  which will break a mac machine19:01
jaegerdon't know the answer to that one, I use parted almost exclusively19:02
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nwegood evning!20:35
nwehow are you jaeger..?20:36
jaegerhaving a bit of an annoying day but otherwise ok. you?20:38
nweoohh.. why ? Im fine thanks, I have just coming home from  birthday party..20:39
jaegertape backup library is broken currently and I've had to do some work that someone else should have done20:40
nweoh.. then I understand... I know the feeling..20:41
nwestill at work  or..?20:46
nwewhy dont speak with your boss and ask him to call the guy who should fix it..?20:49
jaegerI've been talking to the people who should fix it for a couple days, they're trying20:50
jaegerThey're probably going to have to send a field tech out next20:51
nweaha I see20:53
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codingmanso, how should I format my ESP to fat? do I need to install mkfs.vfat or something?22:17
jaegeryes, exactly22:19
frinnstfucking lastpass owned22:22
frinnstwhat a pain22:22
onoderahehe my father told me a few times to use lastpass22:23
onoderaglad I didn't22:23
frinnstit's still awesome22:24
frinnstshit happens22:24
onoderathat;s what you get for using a nonfree password manager22:24
frinnsti dont think they host their infrastructure on windows :)22:24
onoderaoh there is an opensource cli tho, that's pretty cool22:24
jaeger yay22:25
frinnstyeah I use that for important stuff22:25
frinnstbut web logins is very useful to store in lastpass22:25
frinnstgod. now I need to think of another passphrase. what a pain22:27
frinnst   You last changed your LastPass master password 1025 days ago.22:28
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codingmanjaeger: is there somewhere I can search through a list of crux repo packages?22:31
codingmanoh my god look at my grammar :\22:31
jaeger /flex22:33
codingmanahh thank you, does block webcrawlers or something? Duckduckgo isn't giving me much on crux through searches22:34
onoderacodingman: is also really nice22:35
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rmullportdbc search is also a command line option23:40

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