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codingmanonodera's link isn't giving me anything for mkfs.vfat. I'm probably just being really incompetent...01:23
jaegerdosfstools is what you want01:47
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codingmanjaeger: see, I told you I was being incompetent :P01:49
jaegernah, just new01:50
jaegerthere's also "prt-get fsearch mkfs.vfat"01:50
codingmanfsearch, not search, got it01:50
codingmanwell atm I have to wait until this full system upgrade is done01:51
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ThePubIs there a definite articulation on what can/can't go in and good practices for a Pkgfile?02:50
ThePubThe handbook seems to be rather sparse, but maybe that's all that's required?02:50
koriThePub: crux is like subway02:50
koriyou do your own thing02:51
koriif you really want to be told what to do, though02:51
koriI wrote these guidelines for use on my group's port collection02:51
ThePubI can appreciate that :) It's just sometimes there are undocumented things that would make life much easier.  :)02:53
ThePubThere doesn't seem to be a uniform way to handle any sort of repo, like git.02:53
ThePubBut static files appear to be handled very well.02:53
koriThePub: we have some git ports02:53
koriwe use the same method for all of them02:54
ThePubTrying to get gummiboot installed :)03:09
ThePubCertainly not a genious myself though03:09
ThePubhas a stupid xml/xsl dependency that I'm sure the whole of gnome revolves around03:10
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ThePuband it wasn't gummiboots fault, there's an issue with the docbook-xsl submission in  contrib04:24
ThePubI was going crazy for a bit there04:24
ThePubit has a file "post-install" that never runs, and if it were to actually run that would solve the problem.  will a package automatically run a file named "post-install"?04:27
ThePubthis is odd, linux can't find the root filesystem :(04:47
nweThePub: about the "post-install" question, you must run it manually if you dont pass the argument --post-install to prt-get.05:14
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frinnstThePub: you can use prtverify, part of opt/prt-utils07:38
frinnstto help spot misstakes etc07:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium: updated to 43.0.2357.12507:44
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codingmanhey, another question, how do I add a collection? in this case I need contrib12:33
jaegerrename contrib.rsync.inactive to contrib.rsync in /etc/ports, run ports -u, enable it in prt-get.conf12:34
codingmancool, thanks!12:35
frinnstThePub: you can also enable to always run all pre and post scripts in prt-get12:35
frinnstbut that might not be advisable since a script could contain something like "rm -rf /home/*" or whatever12:35
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codingmanarduo: not necessary...13:17
codingmando you think it's safe to leave the grub configuration as it is?13:17
codingmanor do I need to change something for EFI setup?13:17
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codingmangrub-install /dev/sda1 (ESP) should do the trick, no?13:31
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ThePubfrinnst: okay, thank you.  :)13:33
ThePubstarted a sysup and it's still going. forgot how slow compiling everything is.13:34
jaegercodingman: that will install the grub efi executable into the ESP but you'll still need to generate or write a config file13:34
ThePubWish there was some kind of progress bar for the less initiated (like myself)13:34
ThePubAnd, as a side not.. gummiboot is working great!  :)13:35
codingmanjaeger: oh ok, so make a config entry for each boot option?13:36
jaegercodingman: you can make it yourself or generate one with grub-mkconfig13:36
codingmanthanks again113:36
codingmanstupid shift key13:36
codingmangrub-mkconfig did the trick, is it alright if the menuentries are set readonly on the root partition?13:37
jaegerAre you referring to the "ro" boot command line option?13:38
codingmanlike, "linux /boot/vimlinuz-VERSION root=/dev/sda3 ro"13:39
codingmanI assume it's fine13:39
jaegerthat's fine (and expected with ext* filesystems)13:39
jaegerI'm not sure that it's necessary but it's common13:39
codingmanok then, I think it's safe to reboot now...13:40
ThePubbtrfs is the way of the future ;)13:40
codingmanyeah, can't wait until we can all butter up our systems :P13:40
tired890thats debatable ..13:41
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codingmandammit, LILO booted instead of Grub13:46
jaegerdo you have BIOS/CSM/legacy mode booting first?13:47
codingmanBIOS won't let me select to boot into UEFI mode13:48
codingmanso yes, it's booting into legacy mode13:48
tired890I bought a "real" linux phone.. the jolla (founded by ex-nokia employees who were dissatisfied with the microsoft takeover).. now found out it runs systemd13:51
tired890anyone here by any chance has one too ?13:52
jaegernot I13:52
tired890yea figured it was a long shot..13:52
codingmansystemd isn't that bad...13:52
tired890agreed. however many (myself being 1 at least) dislike it for non-technical reasons13:53
codingmanok, back in installation media13:53
codingmanI need to chroot back into the system to fix stuff13:54
tired890if I wanted my system to lockup to prevent unauthorized use after say 5 minutes, will xscreensave by itself suffice? I prefer not to use a login manager.. just startx from shell.. and if x was running, it would lock13:56
tired890Romster, u there buddy? the minimalist desktop with pekwm is great just that many things need to be done manually..13:56
codingmanok, so "grub-install $ESP" followed by "grub-mkconfig", correct?13:57
jaegergrub-mkconfig pipes to stdout by default, you'll need to save its output or use the -o option13:58
codingmanLILO doesn't support UEFI, though13:58
codingmanI might use Gummiboot instead13:58
codingmanworked well for me on arch13:58
tired890codingman, whats your mobo model ?13:59
tired890I'm yet to see a mobo not allow legacy boot (disable secure boot and pick "legacy first") solved it for my most recent htpc box14:01
codingmanI honestly forgot14:04
codingmanit's an Asus Z77 Mobo though14:04
tired890will crux be the only OS or dual-booting ?14:06
tired890if yes then just press F8 during boot (when you see asus logo) and you will be presented with your installation, same entry twice, one uefi another legacy.. pick legacy and then per the handbook modify lilo.conf and run lilo. fast and simple!14:07
tired890installation(+media menu)14:08
codingmantired890: ye only OS, but there is another ssd on the machine with windows on it.14:15
codingmanUEFI and gummiboot has worked well for me before, might try it14:15
tired890codingman, unplug it. yes "noobish" but safest way.. do each disk as if its the only bootable disk. then control boot sequence from bios (set default only).. later if you wish to boot into windows simply press F8 when you see asus logo.. works beautifully without the hassle of configuring a single bootloader for two OSes14:16
tired890codingman, I see. well best of luck..14:17
codingmanarright, I'll try gummiboot and if that doesn't work, I'll take your approach14:18
jaegeryou'll need to solve the issue of the motherboard booting legacy mode only, though, or switch to a non-UEFI bootloader14:18
onoderaI'm trying to compile seamonkey, but it keeps failing:
onoderadoes anyone know what causes it14:24
codingmannoooo...I'm getting BadCRC ata issues when I uninstall stuff. Gotta check my SATA cables...brb14:25
jaegerno idea there14:27
codingmanonodera: where was that link for that port browser you sent me?14:41
ThePubthere isn't an offical port for gummiboot, had to make one for myself.14:59
codingmanoh ok15:00
ThePubwasn't hard at all, it doesn't tell you this in the docs but does depend on having docbook-xsl installed, which you won't have if you've done a core install15:00
ThePubotherwise, stock iso install is able to compile it :)15:01
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ThePuboh, and on docbook-xsl make sure you run the post-install script :)  without that you won't be able to use the transformations15:08
ThePubhow many people type "port-get" instead of "prt-get"?  lol15:14
onoderaI don't, I sometimes use mkpkg tho15:16
codingmanI'm going to have a lot of issues with remembering prt-get, becuase I normally use some debian variant and Arch, so I'm used to typing pacman and apt-get15:20
onoderaI've switched from pkgmngr fairly often now15:21
onoderaI takes about a week to adjust for me15:21
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codingmanThePub: note I'm still in the installation media, just chrooted and installed docbook-xsl. How should I install/make a gummiboot port?15:27
codingmancould I not clone the git repo?15:39
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ThePubYou can clone the git repo, sure.. the installed files won't be managed by crux though15:44
ThePubalthough, technically you might just get away with compiling it and copying to your esp15:44
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codingmanI/O error when running compiling gummiboot15:56
codingman"Attempt to load network entity http://LINK_TO_SOURCEFORGE_DOCBOOK.XSL"15:57
codingmaneven though it's installed15:57
codingmandocbook_xsl, I mean15:57
codingmanI don't think it checks for it at the time of configuring16:07
ThePubcodingman: did you run the post-install for docbook-xsl?  do you have /etc/xml/catalog file?16:36
codingmanarrgh I forget the one crucial step you tell me :P16:37
codingmanThePub: can't find any resources on the post-install for docbook-xsl, what should I run?17:02
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ThePubsomeone said there's an option on prt-get to run the post-install.  check the help for that.17:29
codingmanok then17:30
codingmanyep, "prt-get update --post-install docbook-xsl" did the trick! Now gummiboot is also installed, thank you!17:34
onodera codingman there is also an prt-get option in prt-get.conf to automatically apply post-installs17:39
onoderaor you can of course run the post-install manually17:40
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frinnstwhat a relief. just moved 4 computers to the boot of my car. off to the city dump tomorrow!18:12
frinnst3 core2quad/duo, 3 lian-li chassis from 2004-200818:13
frinnstand some old crappy chieftec complete with a celeron 466mhz or something18:13
rmullI had a lian-li back in the day18:14
rmullThey were pretty nice18:14
frinnsthardware remaining: 1 i7 workstation, 3 hp microservers and 3 raspberry pi's18:14
frinnstalso a laptop18:14
frinnstyeah but they start to resonate with the fans after a few years18:15
frinnstalso not very much space18:15
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frinnstbah. disk is still expensive18:18
frinnst2tb still costs +30% more than in 201118:18
frinnst \o/18:19
joacimfrinnst: which c2qs? =)18:20
frinnstq6600, just the one18:20
joacimwhere do you park your car?18:20
joacimis it locked?18:20
frinnstfeel free to swing by :)18:21
joacimi'll bring my tools18:21
frinnstyou have until tomorrow afternoon18:21
joacimmight be able to reach Åre by then18:22
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joacimhave to inflate the tires on my ten-speed bike first18:22
frinnstno worries. just 10h by car18:23
frinnst45h by bike according to google18:24
frinnstmight be a bit close18:24
joacimgoogle says 10 hours by bike18:25
frinnstto �re?18:25
frinnstoh, then another 45hrs to where i live then18:25
koriI got sent a questionnaire via e-mail to answer questions about a project I'm participating in18:26
koriI picked crux-ports18:26
joacimdid some hardware dumping myself earlier this year. I mostly threw out old shitty lcds and some chieftech chassis tho18:29
joacimnever going to use an old dirty lcd from 2003 again18:30
frinnsti could still throw out a lot more. but "what if it's useful later?" always prevents me18:30
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ThePubI have a celeron in my home server :)18:40
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ThePubWhat surprises me is that there aren't pre-done .config files out there for kernel compiles matching certain types of computers19:08
joacimi think i've seen those for some19:12
joacimlaptops and certain embeded devices19:13
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frinnstmake allyesconfig19:52
frinnstall done :)19:52
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: [notify] xorg-server: updated to 1.17.219:56
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-vesa: updated to 2.3.419:57
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jawboyou want to talk about it?20:33
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ThePubhttpup support a git port collection?21:04
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ThePubinteresting question I've never asked, since I don't built kernels often. Can I just build everything in that is really NEEDED, and if it fits on the efi partition it should just load. Correct?21:19
ThePubUnlike BIOS where we have an initial size limit21:19
ThePubwould there be an advantage to enabling the kernel udev and disabling udev as a service?21:42
onoderaThePub: no, but the git driver does21:52
jaegerThePub: You can use EFI stub support to load the kernel directly if you want. There's info about that in the UEFI page on the wiki.21:57
jaegerThePub: as for udev, no, I'd suggest leaving it as is21:57
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frinnstthere is no "kernel udev"22:44
frinnstthere is a tempdevfs, but that only provides stuff to get you going more or less22:44
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jaegerand you do want devtmpfs when running udev anyway23:19
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