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faalentijnrunning an optimus system is such a pain01:20
faalentijnNothing ever works right01:20
faalentijnEither is drops frames or it doesn't run or it causes screen tearing or starts world war III01:22
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tired890agreed on screen tearing05:05
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Feigrfrinnst: dags att skippa rackservrar:
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ThePubWhere was the git driver for ports?15:13
ThePubgood is amazing :)15:15
onoderaI created it with kori and some other people15:16
onoderait installs when you install opt/git15:16
ThePubThat's a sensible place to have it :)15:18
onoderaThePub: example repo file:
ThePubInstead of building a ports on my local fileserver, thought I might just use GitHub :)15:22
onoderayeah that's what I do too15:23
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joacimFeigr: looks like a car subwoofer15:36
joacimlooks a lot nicer than the randomly stacked mac pros i've seen in other racks15:36
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tired890hey guys16:11
tired890I dd over a bootable image to my USB (128GB)16:12
tired890now the usb stick will only show as 500mb16:12
tired890not fdisk or dd or parted can restore it16:12
tired890and googling reveals the only way to get this fixed is by using a windows tool called "hp format tool.."16:13
tired890I wiped the first 512 with /dev/zero16:13
tired890to no avail.. any of you has experience with this?16:13
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frinnsttired890: try wipefs16:50
frinnstpart of util-linux16:50
tired890frinnst, gonna try that now.. tnx for tip16:51
frinnstwhat errors do you get from dd?16:51
tired890dd: error writing '/dev/sdd': No space left on device16:51
frinnstsounds very strange. how did you invoke it?16:52
frinnstdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd ?16:52
tired890dd count=10 bs=4M  if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd16:52
tired890on a 128GB drive16:53
tired890frinnst, does this command look right?16:54
tired890wipefs --all /dev/sdd ?16:54
tired890no change..16:55
tired890after I did that I did:16:55
tired890fdisk /dev/sdd16:55
tired890I delete all partitions, create a new one16:56
tired890max size 7mb..16:56
ThePubcompared to a 3.5" floppy that's pretty good!16:57
ThePubit's 7% of a zip disk, excellent!16:58
tired890it was a cheap knock out I'd bin it16:58
tired890but its a usb 3 drive16:58
tired890cost a bit16:58
ThePubcheap usb3 drive?  :)16:58
tired890AND its 128gb16:58
tired890nope pricey16:58
tired890has 240MB read speed16:58
tired890thats ssd territory16:59
ThePubit's strange that "hp format tool" doesn't have a download from hp.com16:59
frinnsttired890: what about just writing over 0's to it?  dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd bs=1M or something?17:00
tired890I spent a few hours googling this.. so many linux users ask this.. and people just repeat the same "dd, gparted, if=/dev/zero"17:00
tired890frinnst, yup did that17:00
frinnstif it still broken i'd say it something wrong with the device17:00
tired890frinnst, its solvable with that hp tool17:00
tired890coz long ago I had it happen17:01
tired890this happens when you dd over an iso image (complete with its partition table etc) to a drive (ie sdd not sddX)17:01
tired890the drive will then report the size of the iso image that you dd'ed in17:01
tired890so before I just used a windows laptop with that hp tool and vioala!17:02
tired890I can't believe on linux there is no way to fix it with the "pro cmd toolz"17:02
ThePubNone of my flash drives have every done that.17:02
frinnstsame here17:02
ThePubI dd over whole partition tables all the time on various flash drives. Never once since that issue/17:03
frinnstsure, you get the volume from the iso with a bunch of unused space after17:03
tired890so you dd over a bootable iso image to the drive? then wipe it with dd ?17:03
frinnstyeah or just remove it with fdisk or whatever17:04
frinnstwhat does just "wipefs /dev/sdd" say?17:04
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tired890completes without output17:04
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frinnsthave you removed it and reinserted it again?17:05
tired890yes, many times17:05
tired890into USB2 and USB3 ports17:05
tired890all the same17:05
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ThePubmaybe that tool will fix your issue, but honestly I'd say it's a hardware issue not a software problem.17:06
frinnstyeah same here17:06
ThePubif I can't write to a disk because it reports the wrong size, how software would fix that is beyond me.17:06
frinnsthow long does a dd run take if you omit count= ? it should write to the entire block dev17:06
joacimi think that mystery utility might fix it17:07
tired890dd  bs=4M  if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdd17:07
tired890dd: error writing '/dev/sdd': No space left on device17:07
tired8903+0 records in17:07
tired8902+0 records out17:07
tired8908388608 bytes (8.4 MB) copied, 0.00946116 s, 887 MB/s17:07
frinnstyeah i'd say that is broken17:07
joacimseen people use modern large capacity drives in older computers that will only recognise smaller capacity ones. they'd use tools like those to restrict the available storage capacity of the drive itself17:07
tired890joacim, did you encounter this ?17:07
ThePubjoacim: suppose that makes sense. and that is true if you're dealing with older equipment you can have issues.17:08
joacimnever done it myself since i just buy a random small capacity drive from ebay for 5 pounds instead of buying a 70 pound sata drive =)17:09
tired890this is the hp mystery tool:
tired890I used it myself before to solve this exact problem.. just dont have windows at hand atm17:09
ThePublooks like the windows 98 format tool, hehe17:11
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joacimheh. you could be a bit rude. go to a random electronics warehouse and hijack one of their demo pcs =)17:12
tired890I'm msging my friend as we speak17:13
ThePubsuppose wine wouldn't run with it, doesn' thave low-level device access does it?17:13
tired890ThePub, I have virtualbox running17:13
tired890but I dont have direct access to usb17:13
ThePubthere you go then :)17:13
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tired890it asks for some fancy "Virtualbox Extension Pack"17:14
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tired890oh dear17:25
tired890a normal windows 8 format did the trick17:25
tired890its back to 128GB now17:25
tired890ok another problem, it seems that the system is "stuck" on that /dev/sdd.. now I put in another usb drive (cheapo) and tried to dd an image over.. it gave the same error (no space left)17:28
tired890then I unplugged the drive completely17:29
tired890and reissued the same command..17:29
tired890again it said  "no space left", while it should say sdd doesnt exist17:29
tired890how do I "refresh" ?17:29
tired890brb reboot17:39
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jawbohey guys17:47
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ThePubgood morning17:49
tired890a reboot refreshed it17:50
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tired890hah silly me thinking these things were never needed in linux!17:50
jawboi'm trying to think through my options, i've been using funtoo/keychain for ssh,gpg key management, but i'd like to have different pinentry whether X is started or not17:51
jawbofor when gpg-agent times out17:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libtirpc: fix erroneous remove of the __rpc_get_default_domain() interface19:13
ThePubhate it when people use a funky combo of make and some programming language just to install stuff19:52
onoderaI hate scons19:54
onoderaand weird build programs like that19:54
ThePubis there some way to do a pkgmk dry-run?19:56
ThePubyeah, see what would have installed had it run :)19:59
ThePubnot the package but the files19:59
onoderacat .footprint20:00
onoderapkgmk without any flags justs builda the package20:00
onoderaor wait I'm stupid20:00
onoderayou can just cat .footprint without pkgmk20:01
ThePubright, but that requires doing a "pkgmk" which could result in files installing to the actual filesystem right?20:01
onoderano pkgmk just builds the package20:02
onoderapkgmk -i actually installs the package20:02
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ThePubefibootmgr is quite old20:13
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onoderamany distros build pkgs with fstack-protector-strong21:11
onoderawhat does it do and should I use it?21:12
mechaniputerPrevents buffer overflow attacks. It has performance than fstack-protector-all while still protecting against many sorts of attacks. Use it if you are concerned about that sort of thing.21:26
mechaniputerForgot a word. *Better* performance.21:27
onoderamechaniputer: thanks21:39
onoderanah I don't really care a bout security :p21:39
onoderadoes anyone know the website where Romster stores his binary packages?21:39
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