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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: go: 1.3.3 -> 1.4.201:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.6.2 -> 1.7.001:39
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Romsterdruid_droid i have bfgminer works quite well02:37
Romsterhhhhhhhhb ffmpeg02:38
Romster seriously SIP in systemd?02:44
RomsterSIP calls are much easier to troubleshoot with binary logs02:45
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frinnstromster: Wed Apr 1 06:11:06 CEST 201506:27
frinnstsending out customers passwords in clear text over email is souldestroying06:56
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orneryolphartI just did the basic installation of CRUX - I'd installed it back in the days of the 2.6.X kernel, but not recently.  No insurmountable issues, just wanting to lurk, give my hands a break (rheumatoid arthritis sucks) and see if anyone comes in asking a question I might find useful.07:30
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orneryolpharttilman, I remember you from the old days! :)  You, too, jaeger!07:33
orneryolphartHowdy frinnst.07:43
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orneryolphartI did have some issues, but with GRUB2, not with CRUX - my other OSes are Win8.1, Debian-testing and OpenBSD.  update-grub in Debian steadfastly refuses to properly configure for CRUX, so I had to manually add it in /etc/grub.d/40_custom.07:50
orneryolphartNFI why, other than GRUB2 and I rarely play well together. :)07:51
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Romsterdamn it frinnst i ate april fools07:58
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teK___note the awesome company name :p09:11
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frinnst*FUCK* hp09:56
frinnstThe connection was reset09:56
frinnst.. when urgently attempting to read a product manual09:56
teK___HTTP is hard10:08
frinnstI had to find out what kind of rain-dance you had to perform to factory reset an ap10:16
teK___dark voodoo must have been invovlved :>10:18
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frinnstseems there were some unintended consequences :(11:52
frinnst :(11:53
frinnstI BLAME HP11:53
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated to version 352.2114:49
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: nvidia-32: updated to version 352.2114:49
tilmanfrinnst: what about the foto?15:39
tilmanphoto, damnit15:40
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frinnst12:16 <@frinnst> I had to find out what kind of rain-dance you had to perform to factory reset an ap15:51
frinnsti was being funny damnit!15:51
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teK___look at Mr. Fancy being funny and everything16:11
joacimgermans are born without humour16:16
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tilmanfrinnst: yeah, i still don't get it16:48
tilmanfrinnst: are you saying it was raining when you took the photo?16:49
tilmanhooray i understood a joke16:50
tilmanwhich is a first because as every german i was born without a sense of humour16:50
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tilmanfrinnst: next time please take a better photo so i look less dumb, kthxbye16:54
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frinnstI love the fact that you spent so much time on it. you are a true german!18:02
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tilmanfrinnst: i hate unresolved things. or i hate not getting stuff ;p19:07
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tired890finally kernel 4.0+ has fan control for radeon gpus!20:00
tired890no more jet fans quiet as as a whisper now20:00
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tired890Romster ?20:13
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dedmanwlkis gdisk part of a bigger package?20:15
tired890dedmanwlk, fsearch,dsearch,search all can't find it so its not in official ports..20:17
tired890prt-get <f/d>search <pkg_name>20:17
dedmanwlkhow are you searching20:17
dedmanwlkah ok20:17
dedmanwlki was running find . -print | grep gdisk20:17
dedmanwlkno go20:17
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nwegood evning20:44
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tired890evening nwe21:34
tired890was wondering guys.. who of you is Wawrzek Niewodniczanski ?21:35
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