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tired890Romster, not bad! minimal and clean.. my style - I'd use a native resolution pic for a wallpaper though ;)03:29
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nweupgrading jira is funny......08:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 43.0.2357.13008:20
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frinnstnot really, no :)08:22
nwehhee nope it sucks :P08:26
Romsterwhy am i watching this08:36
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mousshi guys, what do you do to build packages without root privileges ?08:37
nwemouss: use fakeroot08:43
moussI followed these instructions but I always have footprint mismatch :/08:44
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nwe1 1/2 hour lates the upgrade is done :)09:02
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Romstermouss, /etc/pkgmk.conf PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes"09:04
Romstermouss, if it's not a new file then it's a bug what package?09:04
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moussRomster, it's not an official package, it's just a port I found on github.09:06
moussRomster, I wanted to install bspwm, but the port existing in the ports db is not working, dead link09:06
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Romsterthen fork it to your own collection and fix it.09:08
Romsterpkgmk -uf09:08
Romsterto update the footprint09:09
moussthank you so much Romster, I'm new to crux, I want do ditch arch linux, right now I'm just playing with it in vbox :D09:09
Romsterthat's fine.09:10
Romstercrux might be a bit mroe hands on and time consuming until you get it how you want and learn it's tools.09:10
Romsterbut after that learning curve it gives you greater control.09:10
moussIndeed, I'm very impressed so far by what I discovered09:12
tired890mouss, I'm curious, did you leave because of systemd ?09:17
mousstired890 I'm not that experienced linux user, but the answer is "yes"09:18
tired890welcome to the club!09:19
mousshaha thanks :D09:20
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dxlr8rhello, I want to clean out my built packages to save space. is there some built in tool for this?11:38
dxlr8rprt-get and ports didn't seem to do it11:38
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joacimprtwash probably11:56
joacimwhat i do is set the PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR and PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR variables in pkgmk.conf11:57
joacimeasier to rm those files yourself when theyre all gathered in the same place11:57
frinnstdxlr8r: protip, specify PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR and PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR in pkgmk.conf for easy "rm -r" cleanup11:59
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dxlr8rended up installing the prtutils package, running prtwash etc. and then removing the utils again :) but yeah, that could work to frinnst but not in retrospect12:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: unbound: fix build with gcc 5.113:13
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chrony: update to 2.1.113:13
jueanother protip: prtutils/oldfiles is the tool to use with central pkg/src directories13:18
frinnstupdate installation failed with returned error code 0x80cfafff13:26
frinnstlove windows13:26
dxlr8rnice, got authnz_ldap_module to work with apache13:48
dxlr8rhad to modify apr and apache port files though13:48
joacimI like the ones that are just described as "general error" when i search for it online13:57
joacimcompletely useless and doesnt help me at all. nothing useful in the logs either13:57
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onoderacan binutils be updated too pls?14:14
onodera2.24 doesn't work with gcc5, 2.25 worjs just fine14:15
frinnstsure, with crux 3.214:15
frinnstIt wont be updated in 3.114:15
frinnstbecause that's how you break things14:15
onoderacore package sonly get update with version changes or what?14:15
frinnstno core is updated often14:16
frinnstbut the toolchain remains stable14:16
frinnstso glibc, gcc, binutils remain quite static14:16
onoderaah okay14:16
onoderadoes crux have a roadmap or something?14:16
frinnstyeah on the wiki. no dates though14:17
frinnstbut you might be interested in the 3.2 branch of core14:17
frinnstroadmap might not be accurate14:18
onoderaI just switched to the 3.2 branch but I get these errors:14:34
onoderaPkgfile: ../glibc-2.21/configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory14:34
onoderaPkgfile: ../binutils-2.25/configure: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: No such file or directory14:35
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onoderaI only updated bash so far so that might have something to do with it14:35
jaegerin 3.2 dash will provide /bin/sh instead of bash14:36
onoderaoh that's cool14:36
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frinnstsee, that's why we prefer people using the iso to upgrade14:37
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onoderathis is more fun :p14:38
onoderaany plans to convert pkgmk to dash?14:41
onoderait will be pretty hard I think14:41
frinnstno plans, no14:42
frinnstbash will still be a crux dependency for various scripts14:42
onodera>move man-pages from /usr/man to /usr/share/man, which is the default nowadays?14:44
onoderafinally, I ALWAYS forget to move the mans to /usr/man14:44
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onoderafrinnst: gperf still needs to be added to the eudev pkgfile depends list14:48
onoderaoh and you(?) forget to upload the gcc5 ncurses patch14:54
frinnstdude, relax. its not supposed to be used14:54
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jueonodera: no, gperf is part of the core collection now, so no need to add it to the eudev deps16:53
onoderaoh yeah ofc16:55
onoderaforgot about that16:55
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mechaniputerQuick licensing question about packages: Since our Pkgfiles don't put the license in the package, if I wanted to run a publicly-accessible CRUX package repository I would need to modify the ports to include the license before building each port?17:24
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mechaniputerAnybody able to confirm that? I think I understand correctly but I want to make sure. I think the only reason it's ok to omit the license is if you plan to use it locally and not redistribute it.18:26
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druid_droidwhy is not everything under GPL fL18:28
druid_droidsorry *?18:29
mechaniputerI'm not sure what you mean. Obviously not everything that there are ports for are under the GPL.18:33
tilmanmechaniputer: confirmed, most of these licenses will require you to ship the license along with the binaries18:36
tilmanmechaniputer: in practice, you are probably good if you keep a copy of the Pkgfile around so you can refer people to the sources18:37
mechaniputertilman, thanks!18:37
hhhhhhhhare there plans to replace rc.d scripts with something else18:54
hhhhhhhhin future crux releases18:54
frinnstif you want something else there are thousands of options :)18:55
hhhhhhhh+ ports18:57
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dxlr8rwould be cool to have like runit in opt or something that lives besides regular bsd init. ofcourse the problem would be that you would have to write your own inits for everything you needed it for :P I would love to have ntpd in runit etc. since it's so slow, especially if I don't have a network connection atm19:58
dxlr8rwould also be cool if the provided rc scripts where a little more verbose when stuff doesn't work19:59
dxlr8rI have had several occurences when I need to start the program manually to see errors20:00
mechaniputerI actually like the compactness of our rc scripts. I know what you mean and I've been there myself but trying to account for every case will lead to much bigger scripts.20:01
mechaniputerI think avoiding that complexity is what makes it work nicely. Other distro's scripts got so complex as to make systemd seem like a reasonable choice to them.20:02
onoderadxlr8r: I'm currently using busybox init with minirc on crux20:15
z3bramechaniputer, exactly this.21:12
z3braAlso, the errors reported by these scripts are ONLY the errors reported by the programs themselves21:13
z3bradxlr8r, it shouldn't be too hard to replace current init btw21:13
z3braI've seen crux distro run with sinit even ;)21:14
joacim =)21:24
z3braah.. I screwed my crux install.21:46
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mechaniputerWhat license are the Pkgfiles in core/opt/xorg under?21:49
mechaniputer(And presumably the patches also?)21:49
mechaniputerThe reason I ask is that if a piece of code has no license then it is technically not free software according to:22:22
mechaniputer...and I'm trying to embark on a project that needs to be fully free software.22:22
mechaniputerIt looks to me like the Pkgfiles are unlicensed which means that they are not free software. If this is the case, and if we should ever want to change that, it should happen sooner than later since relicensing requires approval from everyone who has edited that file.22:33
mechaniputerI see an email to the mailing list from ~4 months ago indicating that core, opt and xorg are GPL but I can't find where that is indicated.22:39
mechaniputerIf they are GPL then there should probably be a copy of the GPL in the root dir of the git repository, right?22:41
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