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prologicnwe, yeap09:22
prologicalways here; just not always glued to the keybaord :)09:22
nwebut you have already answer me on mail so.. =)09:23
prologicthat was you09:23
prologicawesome :)09:23
prologicpoke me in an hour or so09:24
prologicjust had dinner and having a beer09:24
prologicI'll do some port updates09:24
prologicI won't ne able to test them though other than make sure they ocompile09:24
prologicnot prepared to accidently nuke my zfs 21T of data just to test the ugprade :)09:24
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nwehaha I see :D i thinking to go over from btrfs -> zfs..09:27
prologicactually I'll update and buidl them now09:27
prologicoh I definately recommend it09:27
prologiczfs is ihmo a good user experience09:27
prologicworry free really09:27
prologicI think jeager and I swear by it09:27
prologicno need to worry about disk volumes, raid levels, file systems blah09:27
prologicall gets a bit hard with all the complex layers in volved in disks + raid + lvm + file system(s)09:28
Romsterdisks > lvm2 > many logical volumes.09:39
Romsterlvm2 has raid now09:39
prologicabout time :)09:40
Romsteroh and it's own implementation of bcache called dm-cache09:41
Romsterbut that is still experiential09:41
prologicI guess I *trust* my data to ZFS09:42
Romsterdifferent purposes lvm2 gives you raw logical disks to use as you wish09:43
Romsterxfs is it's own full blown FS09:44
Romsteryou can't compare the two09:44
Romsteror zfs for that matter..09:44
Romstertry layering zfs on top of drbd?09:45
Romsterwell bad example you can use drbd on top of zfs09:46
prologicraw disks eh?09:47
prologiczvol block device09:47
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libassuan: 2.2.0 -> 2.2.110:24
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gnupg: 2.0.27 -> 2.0.2810:24
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: harfbuzz-32: include the changed footprint10:28
tired890prologic, while you're at it, do pcmanfm mate10:34
prologicokay :)10:39
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pinentry-qt4: 0.8.1 -> 0.9.410:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pinentry-gtk2: 0.8.1 -> 0.9.410:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pinentry: 0.9.1 -> 0.9.410:45
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-sessreg: fix build with gcc510:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: spl: 0.6.3 -> 0.6.410:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: zfs: 0.6.3 -> 0.6.410:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: libfm: -> 1.2.310:57
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pcmanfm: 1.1.2 -> 1.2.310:57
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onoderatilman (or anyone else), can zsh be updated to 5.0.8 please?10:59
onodera5.0.7 doesn't work with gcc 5.1 for me.10:59
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Romsteronodera, that is teK___11:03
Romsteralso talk to the /maintainer/11:03
onoderawoops, sorry11:04
teK___I thought that I check just < two weeks ago11:06
teK___well well :)11:06
teK___thanks for the hint.11:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: zsh: 5.0.7 -> 5.0.811:08
teK___vi editing now supports visual mode, nice :))11:08
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dxlr8rwhen did ntfs-3g become reliant of fuse?13:58
dxlr8rntfs-3g 2014.2.15 work without it13:59
dxlr8rthe Pkgfile doesn't require etc. but it won't build without it14:05
rmullHuh, I remember it using fuse many years ago14:21
rmullI haven't used it recently though14:21
rmullMaybe I'm wrong, but I could have sworn. Iirc that's how I learned about fuse.14:22
frinnstit used to use a shipped library of fuse14:22
frinnstbut it was ancient and had some nasty security bug in it14:22
Romsterdxlr8r, the fuse implementation in ntfs-3g has a vulnerability.14:23
frinnstsshfs ftw14:24
Romsterand it's only included for use as a small tool that didn't need external dependencies. depending on fuse wont hurt you.14:24
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dxlr8rhmmm. when you change a dependency of an already installed package and the configure wants/needs the new dependency sysup won't work :)14:28
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dxlr8rthat's where I discovered the ntfs-3g -> fuse binding14:28
dxlr8rwith sysup... sysup will stop at ntfs-3g because the configure fails14:28
dxlr8rso then I would need to manually install fuse for sysup to work14:29
dxlr8rmaybe this could have been done more elegant?14:29
dxlr8rsysup discovering stuff like that?14:29
dxlr8rI don't need ntfs-3g anymore, so it really doesn't matter. I was just curious14:30
dxlr8rbtw, in a port, "maintainer" and "packager", what should I fill in? maintainer is the name of guy who created the software? and pacakger is me?14:54
z3brahello everyone!14:55
z3braquick question14:55
z3braI know I already aksed about it14:55
dxlr8rdon't ask to ask :) ask14:56
z3braMy locale is fucked up when I read manpages14:56
z3braI get weird chars at EOL14:57
z3brabut if I unset $LANG, everything goes fine14:57
z3braIt has to do with a $MAN... variables iirc14:58
dxlr8rdunnp dude15:03
dxlr8rhave you done localdef15:03
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juez3bra: don't set LESSCHARSET in /etc/profile or elsewhere15:11
z3bradoesn't work15:21
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joacimdxlr8r: packager is the one who first wrote the pkgfile15:32
joacimthe maintainer just keeps it up2date15:32
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tired890how do I find out a module location in the kernel source? (ie find it in the maze inside menuconfig to enable it)15:55
tired890say I want to add support for the module "k10temp" , I don't know where it is in the kernel's menuconfig..15:56
tired890how do I search for its location ?15:56
joacimpress that =)15:57
joacimshould let yu search for stuff, and it'll tell you where in the menu structure it is15:57
tired890joacim, lol. nice! cheers :)15:58
tired890joacim, I'm configuring conky and wanted to see cpu temps..16:01
joacimI just run inxi once in a while =)16:02
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-input-vmmouse: update to 13.1.016:06
tired890brb reboot16:08
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dxlr8rjoacim: ahhh, will remember that for future reference16:16
dxlr8rmy ports are finally centralized in one single place and made available for everyone. if it is of any interrest might be hosted on's ports page?16:17
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frinnstbut if you want it indexed you should make sure you clean it up first. Your user collectrion ports seems to still contain old maintainers16:56
dxlr8rI won't submit "dxlr8r-user-collection" :) that's for private use16:57
dxlr8rthose ports aren't mine. it's a place where I collect other peoples ports in a centralized place for myself :)16:59
frinnstyou can use mpup for that16:59
frinnstto subscribe to individual ports from various repos16:59
dxlr8rok? never heard of :P will check it out :)17:00
Romsteronly been mentioned a million times in irc17:00
frinnstnot *that* often :)17:00
dxlr8rdon't live here :P17:00
Romsterwell often enough17:00
dxlr8rhehe :P17:01
frinnstobviously not :)17:01
dxlr8rcreated my own solution in lack of that knowledge17:01
dxlr8rbut will look into it :)17:01
dxlr8rmaking a rc to rtorrent was a pain :P but fun when it worked though17:03
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dxlr8rjue: your samba port need to have it's footprint updated :)17:09
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juedxlr8r: show me the error, please17:22
dxlr8rlong gone :/ have cleared buffer jue . I needed to add "-uf" to prt-get, said footprint mismatch17:23
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Romsterdxlr8r, use -in17:28
Romsterignore new files in footprints17:28
dxlr8rmy prt-get doesn't have that option :/17:29
Romsterwhat version are you on17:30
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Romsteralss its a pkgmk  option17:30
Romstermakecommand nice -n10 pkgmk -in17:30
dxlr8rI see. new version can bring new files though, so probably good to have those to :)17:31
dxlr8rnew useful files that is. and maybe even needed files17:31
Romsteror just set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in pkgmk.conf17:31
Romsterwell not all dependencies are listed for a port17:32
Romsterso like cups for gtk adds new files.17:32
dxlr8rI see. so the footprint system ain't bulletproof? might be different from user to user?17:33
Romsterdepending if you got extra packages installed that the port can use17:34
tired890while we are at it, can someone pls remind me of the best way to "flush" old package work dirs etc? specify work dir in pkgmk.conf was it ?17:34
tired890# PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="$PWD"17:34
tired890# PKGMK_WORK_DIR="$PWD/work"17:34
tired890these two specified to be (for eg) in my home dir.. then I rm * whenever ?17:34
tilmanbtw: i find it a good habit to instead "rm -rf work". "rm *" can be nasty =)17:35
tilman(this is a general thing, not particular to pkgmk of course)17:35
dxlr8rRomster: might be that jue had other packages installed ofcourse, and that on his system the footprint is updated :) I have very few packages installed17:36
dxlr8rthat's why I have a collection called "without-dbus" :P17:36
Romsterprtwash removeold17:36
dxlr8rlike my server as bare minimum as possible17:36
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Romsteri build my stuff in a clean docker container so i don't get extra footprint files.17:37
tired890tilman, thanks for tip, so am I right assuming I need to manually specify a dir for those two variables at top then delete them from time to time?17:38
tilmani'm using PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR="/tmp"17:38
tilmanand i usually forget to clean the packages by hand17:39
tilman(tmpfs ftw)17:39
tilmanbut for the work dir: yeah, you'll want to clean it periodically, if you don't put them in a tmpfs too17:39
tilmanyou could use:17:39
dxlr8r /sbin/start-stop-daemon: No such file or directory , I've read about that in maillist. that package should be pushed out so we don't need to instal manually. can be scaring17:39
tired890got it thanks17:41
tired890so after kernel 4.0+ I put back my fanned graphics, and its not loud which is good. I realized however that all this time my user was NOT in the video group.. so while I was doing some tests I saw I did not have full acceleration17:48
tired890performance was not bad at all, but its slightly smoother now17:48
tilmanderp ;p17:48
tilmanwhat kind of card is it?17:49
tired890radeon driver17:49
tilmansame here, also pleasantly surprised at the fan noise level17:49
tired890yes, the moment I read that in the changelog I swapped cards and jumped to 4.017:50
tilmanwhat changed in 4.0 though?17:50
tilmandpm (dynamic power mgmt) has been in since at least a year i believe17:50
tired890yes, but didn't work for newer cards17:50
tilmanwhat chipset do you use?17:51
tired890then in phoronox (?) forum a lot of people complained and someone from amd provided docs.. and they added support for the newer cards17:51
tired890mines pitcairn17:51
tilmanah, i have a bonaire something17:52
tired890so folks, make sure your user is in video group :D17:53
tired890glxinfo | grep render17:53
frinnstI only buy fanless gfx cards17:53
frinnstproblem solved!17:53
tilmanfrinnst: me too, until i didn't.17:54
tired890direct rendering should say yes, and OpenGL renderer should say something AMD/nvidia/intel. if it says Virtualbox or something like that no hardware accel.17:54
tilmanwhen you want just the right kind of display connectors, choice is getting limited17:54
tired890tilman, dual monitor setup?17:54
tilmanyes, DVI and DVI17:54
tilmanand HDMI for the TV17:54
dxlr8ris it possible to get "prt-get listinst" to also show from which collection it originates?17:55
tilmandxlr8r: that information isn't preserved in /var/lib/pkg/db17:55
frinnst Sapphire Radeon� R7 250 1GB GDDR5 "ULTIMATE"17:56
frinnstwould fit the bill for me17:56
frinnst Connectivity : DL-DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort 1.217:56
dxlr8rtilman: didn't look like any of the prtutils tools did it either. does any tool do it?17:56
tilmani didn't want to buy a DP->DVI connector17:56
tilmanfrinnst: i think i have a sapphire Bonaire XTX [Radeon R7 260X]17:56
frinnstI have 3 screens connected. one dp, one dvi and one hdmi (tv)17:57
tilmandid hdmi audio break for you to in 4.0.4 or so?17:57
frinnstDont use hdmi audio17:57
frinnstVGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde PRO [Radeon HD 7750 / R7 250E]17:57
tired890frinnst, that right there shows rebranding practices17:58
tired890if you did that with a 7750, you'd see the same: Radeon HD <something> / HD 775017:58
tired890goes back 3 gens17:58
tilmanyeah, that looks funny?17:59
tired890rarely do the lower end cards get new chips, its mostly the top of the line, all others are rebranded current/prev gens17:59
ThePubtilman: soon dp = usb if intel has its way :)18:00
frinnstthat *IS* a 775018:00
tilmanThePub: yeah, eventually i'll buy a dp display. not yet though -- my current ones still work18:01
tilmanThePub: i dislike retiring perfectly fine devices :)18:01
frinnstmy old amd card was just fine. I bought this to get SI support into crux :)18:02
ThePubmy mac mini came with an hdmi to vga converter.. with this years mac mini apple even took that way.  you're expected to hook it directly up through hdmi I suppose.18:02
frinnstold card was a 575018:03
tilmantired890: turns out my pitcairn xtx is in the same boat... pitcairn xt was rhd 779018:03
tilmanand probably won't be stable/usable/fast until fuck knows when18:04
frinnsttime for a manly drink to celebrate the weekend18:04
frinnstpear cider!18:04
jaegersome of the aftermarket GPU coolers are awesome these days. my MSI 970 is silent even under load18:05
jaegerbuilt the entire machine to be as quiet as possible. uses that MSI "twin frozr" cooler, noctua fans, sound dampening stuff18:05
tilmannoctua <318:06
tired890yup noctuas are nice18:06
tired890I hope AMD doesn't change the bracket for AM418:06
jaegerI replaced the fractal design fans that came with the case with noctuas and the cooler had one already (nh-u12s)18:06
jaegerthey're awesome18:06
tired890then a single CPU cooler will go over, what? 4 CPU gens?18:07
tired890at least going with amd has its perks ;)18:07
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tired890tilman, I see you are the packager for openbox.. when you have time mate:
tired890it compiles smoothly without issues, I have it running and it makes the fact that openbox uses xml for its menus irrelevant18:43
tired890I had mine setup with this gui in a few minutes ;)18:43
tilmani don't do the openbox thing anymore18:44
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tilmani have converted to the spectrwm18:44
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joacimjaeger: my gigabyte r9 290 is too damn loud :S20:26
joacimloudest card i've ever owned20:26
joacimafter the gtx 260 i had from xfx.20:26
joacimthink i should've bought the one from sapphire instead.20:27
jaegerI haven't used a gigabyte card in a while but they have some of the worst coolers of the current generation20:29
jaegerthough "worst" only means a few dB20:30
joacimit is actually quiet when i kill the middle fan20:30
jaegermaybe just a bad fan bearing or something?20:30
joacimthe middle fan is just as loud when i use a different fan in its place20:30
tired890my card is gigabyte!20:30
joacimdoesnt help switching them to a different pwm connector either20:30
jaegerproblem with the mount?20:31
jaegeror the cooler casing or something20:31
joacimthink the placement just means there'll be a lot of noise from airflow20:31
joacimthink wind noise20:31
joacimthe middle one doesnt cover much of the heatsink either20:32
joacimthe card thermal throttles a lot too. have to move the power thingy in the catalyst control panel down by about 10% to keep it from throttling down all the time20:34
joacimi like the chip and drivers. don't think theyre as bad as people say, but the cooler could be a lot better20:34
jaegerperhaps it could be replaced without too much money spent. I don't know what kind of aftermarket GPU coolers there are these days20:35
jaeger,3671.html for example20:36
joacimnot sure if that fits in my mATX case20:37
jaegerno idea there. it appears to be 320mm for what that's worth20:37
jaegerI should take a picture of my current case setup, haven't done that recently20:37
joacimthey'll all fit, but i'd like something smaller than 3 slots =)20:38
jaegerheh, fair enough20:38
joacimthere are brackets for closed-loop cpu coolers, but those dont keep the vrms cool20:43
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joacimalpenföhn coolers are a little too big too =)20:43
joacimthose would probably be hotter than stock in my system =)20:43
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