IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2015-06-27

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xveesup guys03:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups-filters: update to 1.0.7014:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: geeqie: fix dependencies14:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: apache: improved rc script14:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.4114:03
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: fcron: show pid in status message14:03
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cezarhi guys what tools would I need for a webcam have not used before and I need it now22:55
cezarit is a Logitech, Inc. Webcam C27022:56
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onoderacezar: probably a kernel module23:10
onoderaif it doesn't work ootb23:11
cezartks onodera23:11
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rmullalmost all webcams are supported by the UVC stuff in the kernel23:49
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