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Romsterthe USB Video Class Linux device driver home.02:51
Romsterlists what is supported look at the lsusb output02:51
Romstercompany : model02:52
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cezartks romster it is supported : 046d:0825 Logitech HD Webcam C27004:25
cezarI tried to make vlc mirror the webcam but got an error output04:38
cezarv4l2 access error: cannot open device '/dev/video0': No such file or directory04:38
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cezarI cannot find usb_f_uvc on kernel configuration05:20
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tired890cezar, press / while in kernel menuconfig, it will let you search for modules ;)07:59
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Romstercezar, also be sure your in the video group08:39
dlcusaThe link in the Handbook to the prt-get quickstart manual,, has gone MIA recently.  Does anybody know what is going on?08:41
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Romster is there now but i am not sure where that document is08:44
Romsterdlcusa, what are you trying to do?08:44
Romsterman prt-get and man prt-get.conf is quite informative08:45
dlcusaJust follow the link (but also getting the link in the Handbook working again seems advisable).08:46
Romsterseems it's redirected too
Romsteri think the dev just hasn't finished migrating yet08:50
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dlcusaSo it's a temporary outage--no Handbook revision needed?08:55
Romsterwell it should be updated to the new site. and find out if Johannes is putting up that page again.08:56
dlcusaRight, if still available, only the link needs updating; otherwise, the supporting prose needs editing, too, possibly eliding the link.08:58
Romsteri've already poked those that maintain the handbook09:00
Romstercrux 3.2 is being worked on it'll be updated when that gets released09:00
dlcusaUnderstood.  I'm only impacted because I offered an improvement (#1201) to the Handbook that may make it into 3.2 that references that document.09:03
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cezartks guys sorry delay this the pastebin of make menuconfig12:21
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frinnsthm, anybody have problems unmounting ntfs-3g these days?17:32
frinnstseems umount -f works17:33
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: postgresql: 9.4.3 -> 9.4.418:41
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frinnst <- random open vnc sessions :)19:29
jaegerheh, that's a little freaky19:30
frinnstcool, windows server 2008r2 loginscreen19:32
frinnstanybody tested ext4 encryption yet?19:36
jaegernot I19:38
frinnstseems impossible to find any documentation on how to actually use it19:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: postfix: 2.11.4 -> 2.11.520:17
newbie__ext4 crypto: add ioctl to set encryption policy20:35
newbie__maybe more info is available at their mailing list: Ext4 Developers List <>20:37
newbie__mailing list archive at
frinnstyeah glanced over it a bit, not much luck20:44
frinnstunless i got it horribly wrong it relies on ecryptfs userspace tools20:44
newbie__"One starts by setting an encryption policy (using an ioctl() call) for a given directory"20:55
newbie__here is their pull request git:// , I was hoping to have a glance at their changes in for example fs/ext4/ioctl.c20:56
newbie__and fs/ext4/crypto_policy.c20:58
frinnstI got bored and installed cyanogenmod instead21:10
frinnstnow to restore userspace from backups.. fun fun21:11
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