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Romsteryeah i got my food after burning the bread and had to bloody change 2 slinces of it02:27
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Romsterwrong chat window great02:27
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nwegood morning :)06:37
Romstergood morning nwe08:07
nwehow are you Romster ?08:13
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Romsteri'm good have dinner08:48
paradigmWhen I poweroff, I get "INIT: Switching to runlevel: 6" / "INIT: Sending processes the TERM signal" / "The system is coming down.  Please wait." / "INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel".  Then it hangs.  I'm reasonably sure this is my fault - not a bug report here - but any advice on how to debug this would be appreciated.08:50
paradigmI think it's hanging at the sleep that occurs between killall 15 and killall 908:51
paradigmmagic sysrq stuff still works08:52
Romsterhow odd would it not be ACPI or something missing in the kernel or BIOS?08:52
Romsterat a vague guess08:53
frinnstadd echo's in the rc.shutdown script?08:53
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frinnstI've had problems shutting down when i have rsync jobs running. Seems tricky to kill those08:54
paradigmAdded echo's.  "The system is coming down.  Please wait." / "about to run /sbin/killall5 -15" / "about to run /sbin/sleep 5" / "INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel"08:56
frinnstmaybe some ps ?08:56
paradigmHmm, alright08:56
frinnstjust dump all processes running to screen08:56
Romsterhave you ran rejmerge recently?08:57
Romsterand updated anything related to /etc/rc.d/08:57
frinnsthave any nfs mounts or cifs?08:57
paradigmI've not tried rejmerge, I'll do that08:57
paradigmNo nfs or cifs, but I do have some other weird filesystems that could be coming into play.  I'll try manually unmounting those before /sbin/poweroff08:58
Romsterumount -a should do the job it's part of the shurtdown process08:58
Romsterunless you don't list them in fstab08:59
frinnstbut not if the filesystem is busy with some zombie process08:59
Romsterthat's true08:59
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: grub: updated footprint09:23
frinnstis grub1 still usable?09:40
frinnstlovely. current office temp: 29.4C09:48
onoderaIt's gonna be 37 C here this week09:54
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newbie__frinnst: really? table fan on?10:41
newbie__humidifier + table fan10:41
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frinnstfloor fan, makes it bearable11:46
frinnst29.1 now11:46
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frinnstawesome, ERP program prints ms-sql sa and password in the error log in clear text12:58
frinnsthow the fuck are any ERP vendors still in business?12:58
jaegerIt's amazing how many pieces of commercial software do stupid stuff like that still12:59
frinnstalso, all clients need direct sql access12:59
frinnstits interesting that that wasnt mentioned when those assholes sold their product to our customer12:59
prologiccommercial software? you're kidding right?13:00
prologicwhere I work our general manager just sent our of our dev sensitive private api keys for a 3rd party service over unsecure email13:01
prologicso we could store it in our repo13:01
frinnstheh, searching through github for api keys is fun13:09
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xeirrrwill 3.2 be released in this month?13:52
xeirrrI see pkgs in core nearly ready13:53
frinnstprobably not, no13:59
frinnstits too hot to work on crux :-)13:59
prologicYou Europeans are wusses :P14:01
prologicIt's get in the high 40's here in our summer14:02
prologicand you're complaining only at 35?14:02
DaViruzbut we're used to -25 in the winter14:04
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onoderaI'm not lol14:09
jawbopssh, you're Celsius numbers are weak14:11
jawbowe're in the 80s or 90s :)14:11
jawbothat's more than twice your 4014:12
jawbofahrenheit ftw14:12
prologicget with the times man14:14
prologicimperial is outdated :P14:14
jawboI find your lack of faith disturbing...14:21
prologicfaith in what? :)14:24
onoderajawbo: they may be weak but the are logical :)14:27
jawboyou will all succumb to the Dark Side14:27
jaegerI'm watching the empire strikes back despecialized edition right now, good timing :)14:28
jawbohehe, the one where Han shoots first?14:30
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jaegerthe despecialized editions are supposed to be as true to the originals as possible14:32
dlcusaI publicly shared  12:58-13:09 on Google+ not long after the LF had shared with the CRUX mascot front and center. :-)14:34
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frinnstholy fuck germany, the robots are taking over16:26
frinnstcool project prologic16:48
joacimfailed cyborg16:52
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prologicfrinnst, thanks :)21:08
nwehey prologic  :) how are you?21:13
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prologicgood good21:24
crash_got a new laptop this week, and crux is going on it this weekend i hope :) a Lenovo G50-80 broadwell i5 cpu. but a realtek wifi and i suppose it needs linux-firmware to work?21:47
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frinnstprobably, yes21:48
crash_frinnst: did you had a warm day today? i had a hot day here in BorĂ¥s, it was not fun to work outside today.21:50
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