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xveehow can i force crux to rebuild xorg? removing and attempting to force update just reinstalls the package without recompiling04:47
pitilloyo xvee, delete the package and it'll be rebuild04:56
nwexvee: use prt-get update -fr04:56
xveei have, but it seems to just install the package without recompiling. i've tried removing the program and installing as well as the update04:57
xveekeep getting the xauth argv 1 bad display name in add command04:58
xveexorg-xf86-video-intel install drivers for the i915 correct?04:58
Worksterprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`05:17
Worksterrevdep should be enough though and prt-get readme xorg-server05:18
Worksterxvee, ^05:18
xveeill try it out05:19
Worksterreally prt-get update -fr `revdep`05:22
Worksterand do the stuff in xorg-server README05:22
Worksterfixes most if not all issues05:23
xveeill run the revdeop if the quickdep doesn't resolve the issue. i'm fairly sure its pixman thats causing the problem, but ill have a better idea once this is done. as a side, i did rebuild the kernel, so i know its not that05:29
xveeoh man, just read the read me -- the moment the system booted, i did a sysup and immediately installed xorg-server06:11
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Worksteri made that REAME for a reason06:16
xveei was unaware. ill figure it out. thanks06:17
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Romsterwith a sysup at the end it says in it's own section: packages updated with readme08:00
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frinnstwe havent pushed any recent xorg-server updates that break abi, no?08:44
pitilloI bwlive you are right09:42
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frinnstuh-o seems like a new flash 0-day vuln is out and about11:45
frinnstrarely recieve advisories from CERT-SE11:46
teK__somewhat related:
frinnstflash-player-plugin fix: edit $version to
frinnstor uninstall :)12:02
frinnstim running flashless at home for about a week now. feels lovely12:02
nwefrinnst: bw¨k12:07
nwefrinnst: how are you doing with sites as youtube....12:08
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teK__I set chromium to click to play12:11
teK__nwe: there's youtube-dl. I often do mpv `youtube-dl -g`12:12
frinnstI use gstreamer with firefox12:14
frinnstlooking to incorporate that to future opt/firefox ports12:14
teK__how is gstreamer better than mpv/mplayer?12:18
mikelfrinnst: media source extensions support in recent firefox seems a lot better than it used to, no more audio dropping out, etc.12:19
mikelupside of not running flash and using MSE support instead: annoying autoplaying videos don't work anymore, although click to play would also help that12:20
joacimfrinnst: i've been going flashless since 200612:30
joacimsince before apple made it cool12:30
joacimnwe: youtube has a really nice html5 player. lots of sites have that now12:31
joacimthere are ofc sites that still "invest" in flash tho12:36
joacimlike nrk. their brand new internet tv service depends on flash12:37
teK__current tweets about hacking team are comedy gold :O)12:37
teK__ < thegrugq> HackingTeam starts to learn that OPSEC and plausible deniability means NOT HARDCODING YOUR NAME IN YOUR MALWARE
frinnstmikel: i still had some issues, but yeah. its better12:38
frinnsthaha tek13:01
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-xf86-video-ast: use bzip2 archive instead of gunzip13:04
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-rendercheck: 1.4 -> 1.513:04
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Romsteri found those two with my version sorting diff.13:40
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tilmandidn't adobe want to stop providing flash plugin binaries? didn't they want to only provide chrome plugins?16:05
onoderaI think they did16:06
onoderathe binaries just receive security updates16:07
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dxlr8rflash can suck it :P16:44
frinnststill required for work16:50
frinnstfucking vmware :(16:50
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dxlr8rdoes vmware require flash?17:12
dxlr8r(no experience with vmware, uses virtualbox)17:12
tilmanfrinnst: wtf?17:20
jaegervmware's vsphere web client uses flash, yes17:21
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frinnstalso vmware vshield (or whatever its called these days)17:59
frinnstusually crashes firefox on the first attempt18:00
nwegood evning18:06
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dxlr8rgood evening :)18:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] flash-player-plugin: updated to
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