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tired890virtualbox 5.0 is out!07:47
nwegood morning08:24
nwehow are you tired890 ?08:27
tired890fine thanks. you?08:27
nwenice to hear, I´m fine thanks.. so what are you doing this morning then ?08:27
tired890customizing my openbox to make it easier to use, keyboard-bindings and such08:28
nweoh nice :) wanna share a screenshot later ? :)08:28
tired890now with a fresh reboot my system uses about 150mb :)08:28
tired890sure I'll make one now hold on08:29
nwesweet :)08:30
tired890wanted to show the menu I customized so I installed scrot and used delay function for screenshot08:36
nwelooks nice and clean :)08:36
tired890yes.. I was on xfce which I quite liked. but then after an update it was acting up and looked messy.. tried reinstalls, flushed configs etc. I gave up then first tried pekwm.. while it was nice it was a bit odd08:37
tilmanartwiz bringing back oold memories ;]08:37
tired890finally settled on openbox and quite like it08:37
nwetilman: back too late 90 :)08:38
tired890html5 video performance is very poor08:44
tired890I reckon no hardware acceleration is enabled08:44
tired890is HA available with the prop. AMD drivers?08:44
tired890anyone using that?08:44
tired890flash is quite fast though but it seems now youtube is defaulting to html508:45
tired890I installed all the good/bad/ugly plugins but still (with 1080p vids its unbearable when using html5)08:46
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tired890in firefox, make sure about:config media.fragmented-mp4.ffmpeg.enabled is set to true!09:11
tired890I have all non-windows items blue09:11
Romstertired890, be sure to depinst gstreamer-vaapi-compat09:12
tilmantired890: not sure what you mean by "non-windows items"09:12
Romsterit'll greatly speed up video play if your hardware sports it09:12
tired890Romster, prt-get isinst gstreamer-vaapi-compat09:12
tired890package gstreamer-vaapi-compat is installed09:12
tired890you just need to adjust some flags in firefox it seems (of course in addition to all the ugly/bad/etc gstreamer plugins)09:13
tired890still I see its not as smooth as flash unfortunately09:14
tired890could it be the opensource radeon drivers are incapable of providing HA for web browsers? vdpau works nice in mplayer with barely any CPU util09:17
tired890who was it that was using radeon driver here? was it your frinnst or tilman ? can you play 1080p html5 on youtube smoothly?09:17
tilmandon't think html5 video in youtube works for me at all09:18
tilmancan you link an example?09:18
tired890this should take your full browser screen and play in full hd09:20
tilmandoesn't play for me ("an error occured")09:21
tired890thats reassuring.. back to flash for now then.. hopefully firefox 60 or something will have sorted this out09:21
tilmani don't know if enabling flash these days is a good idea though09:21
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gstk`mpv youtube-url` works too assuming you have mpc :)11:07
gstkIts uses youtube-dl for this11:08
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onoderahow can I force to overwrite files with pkgmk?14:04
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joacim-f probably14:07
frinnstnot with pkgmk, with pkgadd you can force with -f14:08
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onoderaah ty14:11
frinnstbut make sure that another port does not claim to own that file. since removing that port would remove that file too14:15
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jaegertired890: <-- I'm able to play 1080p html5 video on youtube with this build16:12
jaegertired890: not using amd/radeon drives but it works on intel and nvidia16:41
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: git: 2.4.4 -> 2.4.518:38
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newbie__tilman: if there is a need for flash one could use this
newbie__one can also add/remove from mozilla/plugins directory.20:16
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rmullI always get a kick out of seeing an update to core/ed21:14
rmullLooks like the last update doesn't have any actual code changes - just whitespace and documentation21:15
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frinnstits already perfect!21:50
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rmullIt's the standard, after all23:17
koriyeah well does it compile against musl?23:28
koriand uclibc? and all the other super tiny libcs?23:28
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rmullkori: That's an interesting question. I've never tried23:39

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