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tired890I manually updated my virtualbox port to 5.0, updated md5sum and checked pre/post they seem version independent00:32
tired890I ran into an error and after searching around it seems I need GCC 4.9.2+00:32
tired890any of you made a port for a recent gcc version? I'm hesitant to do a manual port update to a later GCC on crux as the compiler is essential to getting ports working in the first place00:34
jaegerIf you're bored you could use the 3.2 toolchain00:36
tired890jaeger, are there any plans to update gcc to 5.x ?00:39
tired890I'm just wondering.. I think for now I will go back to the older virtualbox..00:39
jaegerin 3.200:40
tired890when that comes out will one be able to "sysup" to 3.2 or need to boot into a CD/USB upgrade?00:41
tired890no idea since 3.1 was my first crux install :)00:41
jaegerthe media upgrade is the supported option. You can do the other but you're on your own :)00:41
tired890also how do I switch to 3.2 toolchain on my current 3.1 box ?00:42
jaegerget the toolchain ports from the 3.2 git branch and build them on your 3.1 system00:42
korihere's where the GIT DRIVER comes in hand00:43
koriI'd just have to edit that to 3.2, then sync, and then rebuild00:43
tired890kori, thanks for the useful tip00:44
koricheck it out00:44
korithat might be the useful part for you00:45
korioh shit I just realized how easily crux could pull off rolling release now00:45
korivia branches and shit00:45
tired890so that will basically update my core ports to 3.2, right?00:45
koritired890: aye00:46
tired890jaeger, kori any eta for 3.2 ? Not in a rush but just wondering´┐Ż00:47
jaegernone yet, no00:47
koritired890: ain't a core dev00:49
korijust a power power user00:49
tired890cool. your efforts are appreciated all :)00:49
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tired890kori, I get an error when trying to run ports -u01:07
tired890in /usr/ports I renamed core.rsync, and put core.git01:08
tired890content matching your screenshot (apart from branch being 3.2)01:08
tired890upon doing ports -u I get:01:08
tired890Updating collection core01:08
tired890fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git01:08
tired890fatal: invalid diff option/value: --pretty=format:01:08
tired890fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git01:08
tired890fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git01:08
tired890Finished successfully01:08
koritired890: you need to remove /usr/ports/core01:09
koriand I assumed you meant /etc/ports there01:09
tired890ops, yup /etc/ports/core.rsync01:09
tired890mv'd core dir and its cloning now :)01:10
tired890thanks for tip01:10
tired890silly its stated in the page you posted (existing repo) :P01:10
tired890I need coffee01:10
tired890alrighty sysup into 3.2 core hope nothing breaks!01:11
jaegeryou might want to build the toolchain first01:14
tired890jaeger, is there a meta package for all toolchain ports ?01:16
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jaegernot as far as I know but it's not a big deal01:16
jaegersomething like binutils -> gcc deps -> gcc -> glibc -> gcc01:17
tired890gcc, binutils, what else?01:17
tired890great thanks :)01:17
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jaegerinsert binutils before the second gcc, probably01:18
tired890jaeger, so I start with prt-get update `prt-get quickdep gcc` ?01:23
tired890then glibc > binutils > gcc ?01:23
jaegerafter binutils, yeah01:23
tired890<jaeger> insert binutils before the second gcc, probably01:24
tired890bintils twice (-fr) ?01:24
jaegeryeah, build it twice. might not be strictly necessary but can't hurt to be careful with the toolchain since it can break everything01:24
tired890got it01:25
jaegerif you're being thorough, build glibc-32 after glibc as well01:25
tired890will do01:25
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Romstertired890, be sure to install gperf and dash before updating eudev and bash02:32
Romsterthe later will remove the symlink /bin/sh and break pkgmk otherwise02:32
Romsterbut not that strictly needed on this sysup it's not gonna break on glibc unlike previous crux version changes.02:33
tired890Romster, I'm compiling gcc still02:34
Romsteradd dash gperf while you wait02:35
Romsterin another terminal prt-get depinst gperf dash02:35
Romsterit'll get in before gcc locks the database on pkgadd02:35
tired890gperf installed02:36
tired890dash installed just now02:36
Romsterthats if you did prt-get sysup02:36
Romstercool so now when you update bash it wont break02:36
tired890no I'm updating the toolchain first as instructed by jaeger02:36
tired890I use zsh02:36
Romsterbe sure dash did install it might say /bin/sh is already on the system just force install dash02:36
tired890but yeah for pkgmk it doesn't matter ;)02:37
Romsteryeah but dash is used for libtool configure now in crux 3.202:37
Romsterbeing faster02:37
Romsterbash is still needed for some things and /etc/rc...02:37
tired890looking at that text file makes me think I should've dd'ed my / partition02:37
jaegerIf you really go off in the weeds you can always reinstall packages from the 3.1 ISO and start over02:38
Romsterif all fails boot the iso and cd to core ports and for p in * do pkgadd -u -r /mnt02:38
Romsterand reboot and try again02:38
Romsterfor p in *; do02:39
tired890ouch gcc failed on second compile02:39
Romsterpkgadd -u -r $p02:39
jaeger-r needs a path02:40
Romsteractually i built 3.2 already i'll upload the core ports tired890 then you can pkgadd -u those02:40
Romster-r /mnt02:40
tired890Romster, I think dash messed things up02:40
Romsterah damn it sorry02:40
tired890the compile stopped when I installed that02:40
Romstertired890, ah yeah retry..02:40
Romstersorry forgot it would do that...02:41
jaegerthe build process was using it at the time02:41
tired890no I like to compile with march=native02:41
Romsternot thinking of that -_-02:41
Romstergcc wont benefit much from ==march=native02:42
tired890that was a response to <Romster> actually i built 3.2 already i'll upload the core ports tired890 then you can pkgadd -u those02:43
tired890thanks for the offer though02:43
Romstertired890, you can at least install 3.2 then force rebuild if your really stuck02:43
Romsteri'm gonna upload the packages anyways just in case it's useful for anyone02:43
Romsterbe on soon02:44
tired890Romster, those steps in the txt file, will sysup do those with a fresh git pull of 3.2 core ?02:47
tired890I'm only doing the toolchain first, once done I will do a full sysup02:47
Romsternope but this crux 3.1 to 3.2 wont break02:48
tired890I dont follow02:48
Romstercrux 2.8 to 3.0 was gonna break and i think 3.0 to 3.1 might of broke too and you had todo those steps02:48
Romstercrux 3.1 and crux 3.2 tool chain hasn't got any breaking ABI changes02:48
Romsterbut some upgrades can02:49
Romsterthat's when you need all them steps to bootstrap02:49
tired890will rebuilding my kernel with 5.1 make any difference?02:49
Romstera tiny bit perhaps.02:49
Romstermay as well02:49
tired890will let you guys know how it all goes02:50
Romsterand don't forget make modules_install and lilo if you use lilo02:50
tired890yup. cheers :)02:50
Romsterand of course don't forget and bzImage02:50
tired890yes I update the kernel frequently ;)02:50
Romsterjust doing a sysup on core-3.2 then uploading02:55
Romsterreally though march on gcc wont do much only on the first run then it gets changed on bootstrap02:55
Romsterif you really want gcc to take note of CFLAGS do this in the Pkgfile02:56
Romstermake BOOT_CFLAGS="$CFLAGS" bootstrap02:56
Romsterat your own risk02:56
Romsterit may and probably will fail if you do exotic flags02:56
tired890I see02:56
Romsterin mysterious ways02:56
tired890for now I think I'll just rebuild the kernel when gcc is done, then do a sysup and see how it goes from there02:57
Romstersoemtimes you could rebuild an entire system with a dodgy toolchain and later find out it's broken02:57
Romsterthe entire lot of packages02:57
Romsterjsut for the warning ^02:57
Romsteri've been there,02:57
tired890I hope after all this virtualbox 5.0 will compile!02:59
tired890besides updating the package file and md5sum, and passing -if to prt-get02:59
tired890is there anything else to note? I already locked the port so it wont be updated back to older version03:00
Romsterjust use pkgmk -uf in virtualbox/pkgmk03:09
Romsterit'll update the footprint03:09
tired890thanks buddy03:35
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tired890what a letdown04:34
tired890after all those upgrades, virtualbox built successfully .. BUT04:35
tired890upon starting it a msg pops up:04:35
tired890failed to create the virtualbox COM object.. terminating.04:35
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tired890so I gave up on virtualbox 5.0, unlocked the port and did a ports -u09:16
tired890md5sum and Pkgfile updated back to older version09:16
tired890now I do an update -fr but it wont start saying it needs gcc 4.x09:17
tired890** gcc version 5.1.0 found, expected gcc 3.x with x>1 or gcc 4.x with 0<x<10!09:17
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frinnstso, there's a reason why 3.2 is not released yet and why we keep a stable toolchain for each crux release :)09:31
tired890frinnst, hah. what can I say.. I merely wanted to try out the claimed "optimizations" that vbox 5.0 has.. compile failed.. had to update gcc..and other stuff ended up doing all core09:39
tired890now virtualbox 5 wont run and the logs dont give any hints..09:40
tired890wanted to get better performance, now can't run it and I wont go back to 3.1 today.. too many compiles for one day09:41
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tired890but I get your point, and fact is I appreciate a stable consistent base09:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: geany: updated to 1.2509:51
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: geany-plugins: updated to 1.2509:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dotconf: fixed md5sum10:24
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dxlr8rmore a general linux question, but maybe you know. I have wondered a long time if it's possible to take a background jon (from for example ctrl - g) and but it into a screen... like "screen fg" except that that doesn't work :)19:15
dxlr8rwould have been so cool!19:15
jaegermight be possible with something like
dxlr8rthx :)19:20
rmullThere have been a number of little projects throughout the years to make this possible19:30
rmullI ended up just using test -z "$TMUX" && (tmux attach || tmux new-session) in my shell login19:31
rmullWhere TMUX is the path to tmux19:31
dxlr8ryeah, should probably run more stuff in screen/tmux by default19:33
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