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tired890I locked a port03:51
tired890prt-get lock smplayer03:52
tired890but upon doing ports -u it will still sync the port03:52
tired890I wish to keep my changes..03:52
tired890does lock mean it will only NOT update the port but still sync ?03:53
jaegeryou might want to copy it to another location that doesn't get updated by a ports driver and add that first in prt-get.conf03:53
tired890ah. cool03:53
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tired890jaeger, one more thing pls. Upon closer inspection it seems virtualbox 4.3 (the one that was working before) will compile just fine with gcc 5.1, the issue is only with the configure script check that prevents it from proceeding03:54
tired890now I will unpack the archive, modify the configure file and repack it03:54
tired890is this the best/only way to do that ? passing --with-gcc to configure via pkgfile doesnt seem to make a difference03:55
tired890I have to change the numbers in the configure script itself (ie unpack/repack/update md5sum)03:55
tired890feedback appreciated..03:56
jaegeryou could patch it, that'd be easier than making a new tarball or whatever03:56
jaegerlots of ports do that03:56
tired890can you name one? (so I can see what the patch files look like)03:57
jaegergrep turns up a lot if you look for patch in /usr/ports, try bash for example03:58
tired890jaeger, cheers04:00
tired890upon creating my own dir for modified ports, I see that prt-get no longer lists ports in contrib04:39
tired890I take it if prt-get detects the same port in 2 different directories it will use the non-default dir ? or is it based on date modified?04:40
tired890ops, I mean that prt-get lists the port as found in my own dir, not the one in contrib.. (the one in contrib is not listed at all)04:40
jaegerit's based on the order of the prtdir options listed in the config file04:48
jaegerfirst match wins unless you start playing with the preferhigher directive04:49
jaegeractually, I haven't used that so maybe I'm wrong there... but the order matters04:49
tired890jaeger, it seems to be the other way if thats the case04:50
tired890because my dir is the last04:50
tired890and when I do prt-get info virtualbox, it shows mine not the stock in contrib04:50
jaegerhrmm, no idea there04:51
tired890brb reboot04:51
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frinnstmother fucking ipsec dsgiujakslf07:56
frinnstwhy the fuck doesnt all ipsec "capable" devices support the same things?07:57
Romstertired890, the order in prt-get.conf is important for prtdir entries08:00
Romstertired890, put your personal repo below the main ones and contrib08:01
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tired890frinnst, because they have different capabilities, certain devices can't encrypt/decrypt certain algos fast enough so they don't offer them as an option in the first place10:18
tired890Romster, thanks. my repo is in the last line10:19
tired890however when I do prt-get info virtualbox, I see the path shows my repo10:19
tired890even though the official (contrib) repo is higher in the list..10:19
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frinnstthen explain why some vpn appliances only allow fucking short PSKs?10:42
frinnstand then explain why you only can use ike1 in some of them10:43
Romstertired890, also if you set "preferhigher yes" you'll get funky issues depending which is higher version it'll prefer it.10:46
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tired890frinnst, that happens when an employee is underpaid/overstressed. And/or the employee is clueless/careless.12:00
tired890Romster, thanks for the tip buddy. I did not change preferhigher, I just added my repo12:00
tired890then copied over the target ports and modified them12:01
tired890now when I do prt-get info <port> it always shows mine not the stock..12:01
tired890I assume if prt-get info <port> gives repo1, then prt-get depinst will also install from repo1 right? It not random in that aspect.. right? :P12:02
Romsteryeah it'll install from that repo1 if it's info foo is in repo112:23
Romsternot so sure what you did12:23
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: evilwm: update to 1.1.117:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] apache: update to 2.4.1617:42
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nilte2I get error when i try to install polkit, anyone knows why? thanks18:59
jaegerdepends on what the error is19:01
nilte2after the frist start i try to install it19:03
nilte2i install xorg and after xfce and polkit19:03
nilte2prt-get install xfce419:05
joacimit'd help if you could pastebin the log. it should be in /var/log/pkgbuild.19:06
nilte2i will try it, thanks for your help19:14
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frinnstanybody tried 4.2-rc2 ?20:08
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.1.220:16
jawbooooh, what does merge branch 3.1 into 3.2 mean?20:24
jawbo3.2 out soon? parties to be thrown?20:24
jawbodrinks to be had?20:25
frinnstbut yes on the drinks20:26
frinnstdrinks are always to be had20:26
jawboi can drink to that20:29
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pidsleyfrinnst: seems to work well here.
pidsleywhy do you ask?20:39
pidsleyi usually stick with lts kernels, but i have not built a new one recently20:40
joacimsodapop i hope20:41
frinnstcurious since 4.2 only uses one cpu core for me20:42
joacimyou need crux professional20:43
rmullCrux Enterprise(tm)20:43
jawboCrux FasterThanLight Edition20:44
pidsleyfrinnst: seems to use all four cores of my core2quad20:46
pidsleyyou are using the same config you always use?20:47
frinnstwell, more or less obviously20:49
pidsleyi just copied my 3.14.25 config and rebuilt20:50
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] jre: update to 1.8.0_5121:17
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