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tired890it seems a new flash player version comes out every 2 days05:01
tired890in between those two days, firefox throws "prevented the unsafe plugin Flash from running"05:02
tired890whats going on? is it under attack by a group or something?05:02
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teK__no, a provider for law enforcment tools (hackingteam) has been hacked, the flash vulns were used by them to infect target hosts07:51
frinnstfucking insane08:13
tired890if its real the guy has a super visual memory08:16
tired890teK__, I see08:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] chromium: updated to 43.0.2357.13412:02
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onoderaanyone here tried sabotage linux?14:18
onoderait looks a lot like CRUX but has some really cool stuff like musl and libressl and parallel downloading/compiling14:18
jaegerI have not14:21
onoderaIt's not really usable though I think, trying it out now14:23
onoderaI think CRUX is the most minimal you can get whilest still being usable14:23
jawboonodera: linkage?14:23
jawboi'm getting ready to graduate - no job offers yet, so i'm going to have a lot of free time on my hands14:24
onoderathe pkgs are also a lot like Pkfiles14:25
onoderajust some info and build instructions14:25
onodera>rmull, no, i'm working on a distro based on musl libc \> <- this is what i have so far14:35
korichris2: weren't you one of the main devs?14:56
chris2yes, i started it14:57
onoderawhoa that's cool14:59
onoderado you still use it/work on it?14:59
korionodera: he also made ignite14:59
chris2no/no ;)14:59
chris2all my linux efforts concentrate on void now14:59
chris2but i learned a lot :)14:59
tired890Void linux or void (none) ? :P15:06
jawboheh, i've heard of void, never messed around with it though15:07
onoderaI'm using void on my laptop atm15:07
onoderaI like it but I love the customizabilty and easyt package creation of crux too much15:07
jawboyeah after Pkgfiles, everything else is a chore15:09
tired890onodera, ironically I learned more about linux using crux than any other dist15:09
tired890not linux, computing in general15:09
koriain't ironic15:09
koricrux puts you on the customer side of subway15:10
tired890when one reads the crux intro: "for the advanced linux user"15:10
koriwhere other distros just give you a pre-build combo15:10
tired890kori, yup15:10
jawboCrux - "Are you feeling lucky, punk?"15:10
tired890subway is GMO tho15:10
koriI ain't giving up my subway comparison ever15:10
koriafter a couple months of using CRUX I can see its strengths and its flaws15:11
koriI'm not confident enough to break my system just yet15:11
tired890curious, what are its flaws?15:11
koripkgtools being written in c++ and bash is kinda weird15:12
korinot exactly a flaw15:12
korisome packages get stripped way too much imo15:12
korisometimes things are too manual...15:13
koriit's kinda hard to draw the line15:13
teK__it's perfectly fine15:13
teK__pkgmk written in bash _greatly_ reduces parsing overhead and encourages the reuse of parsing facilities15:13
koriI wonder what happened to diverse15:14
teK__that's because of the fact that Pkgfiles are really Shell script snippets15:14
jawboaka shnippets15:14
koriI have this idea for a package manager but I don't have enough programming expertise to implement it just yet15:14
teK__jawbo: heh15:15
koriteK__: I think the fact Pkgfiles in crux are shell script snippets is one of the things that was done real right15:17
korienough to overshadow any other port system15:17
onoderaOne thing that could be improved about Pkfiles is to make the dependecylist and array variable15:17
onoderainstead of a comment15:17
tired890KISS at its best imho15:17
onoderathat way it can be used by scripts more easily15:17
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teK__onodera: true15:45
teK__yet, I wrote a C parser for these fields and it was really a no-brainer :)15:45
teK__prt-get also works with these, pkgmk/add don't have to, that's probably the reason, these fields are not included as shell arrays15:46
jaegerI was planning to merge pkgmk and prt-get into a single tool with my (barely started) pkgutils rewrite and make dep handling a base feature... also automatic discovery and installation of newly-added deps15:50
onoderaI wrote my own deplister/installer and also parsed it, but still15:52
onoderajaeger: got a git or something?15:52
onoderawhere I can follow progress15:52
jaegernot yet, no. Been too busy with other stuff to put any work  into it recently. It doesn't do anything useful yet anyway. The only thing I'd implemented was hash storage for the package database15:54
jaegerNot sure mine would be useful anyway since I'm not a programmer by trade. teK__'s will likely be better once he has time for it :)15:59
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