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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: u-boot-tools: updated to 2015.0707:03
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: kbd: update to 2.0.307:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: hpcups: update to 3.15.707:22
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tired890I'm trying to recompile mpv with an explicit option: gnutls support so it will play youtube videos over https09:16
tired890to do this I need to make a simple change before the build starts, I need to:09:17
tired890echo --enable-gnutls >> ffmpeg_options09:17
frinnstit doesnt autolink ?09:17
tired890how do I do this inside the Pkgfile ?09:17
tired890no it has to be specified manually09:17
tired890its not passed in configure options09:18
frinnst echo --enable-gnutls >> $/SRC/path/to/ffmpeg_options09:18
tired890frinnst, pls look at the Pkgfile for mpv (contrib), its under a build() function, should I put the echo command right before build ?09:19
frinnsti guess running is something like configure ? i'd put it in the ffmpeg_options asap09:19
frinnstso either before or just after cd $name-$version09:23
tired890it must be after, if before then the file will be created outside the working (src) dir, right?09:24
tired890for now I unpacked the source and will compile it manually, want to see this "ffmpeg_options" file is auto generated (and needs to be modified) or its its just a file I'm supposed to create.09:24
frinnstno. $SRC is / (more or less) and the tarball will be extracted to $SRC/$name-$version usually09:25
frinnstBut if you're used to do it manually. Do it in the same order in the Pkgfile09:27
frinnstgod I hate github tarballs..09:28
frinnstv0.9.0.tar.gz or whatever.. useful name09:28
tired890frinnst, thanks for tips10:03
tired890I did finally get mpv to play youtube videos, and I see output driver is vdpau (hw accel) but its very choppy10:03
tired890even if I leave it buffer for a while then play it seems as if the player struggles10:04
tired890but when I play a local hd file its smooth :/10:04
Romsterecho that to the file after it's generated that file and before build10:09
Romsterbut really no configure option10:10
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tired890I just had the system crash on me for the first time on 4.x10:12
tired890I just found out even local files struggle to play10:13
tired890I recompiled ffmpeg and a few video apps..10:13
Romsterglxinfo |grep 'direct rendering'10:14
Romsterrun that10:14
tired890first thing I did,10:15
Romsterok 3d is fine10:15
Romsteryou in the video group?10:15
tired890yup ;)10:15
Romsterand revdep is fine?10:15
Romsterlove the new revdep speed10:16
tired890openldap shown by revdep10:16
tired890not related to video10:16
Romsterneeds rebuilding though10:16
Romstereven if not related.10:17
tired890it gives some silly error10:17
tired890checking for db.h... yes10:17
tired890checking for Berkeley DB major version in db.h... none10:17
tired890configure: error: Unknown Berkeley DB major version in db.h10:17
tired890this was like this long ago, at which time the video was just fine..10:18
Romstertry bumping 2.4.40 to 2.4.4110:19
Romsteron open ldap10:19
Romstersepen needs to bump openldap10:19
tired890same error with .4110:20
tired890bumped and -if -im10:20
tired890stuck same place (configure never completes)10:21
Romsterok i'll take a look at that10:21
tired890after my system crashed (no response to either mouse or keyboard) I hard-reset the PC. Upon booting up I saw: Crond (ERROR) syslog(ERROR) or something10:22
Romstera core bump of db must of broke the version string parsing10:22
tired890where can I see logfile for system services startup? Romster10:22
Romster/var/log/messages i guess10:23
Romsterlastlog maybe too10:23
tired890the last log is dated July 13 !!10:24
tired890have I been hacked?!10:24
tired890perhaps they are using my GPU to mine or something thats why it can't play vids10:26
Romsterarch and gentoo don't even enable https in bundled ffmpeg for mpv10:27
tired890problem is firefox doesnt have html5 HW accel. playing videos on youtube is slow/choppy10:28
Romsterthat's about to change soon10:28
Romsteri'm working on gstreamer so frinnst can include it in opt10:28
tired890hence why I looked at mpv, which can play youtube vids directly (and hence benefit from vdpau accel.)10:28
Romsterotherwuise atm there is romster/firefox-gst10:29
Romsterfirefox-gst also uses vdpau10:29
Romsterone in opt wont but it will if you install the port.10:29
Romster=======> Building '/var/ports/packages/openldap#2.4.40-2.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.10:31
Romsterprt-get: installing openldap 2.4.40-210:31
Romsterworked just fine...10:31
tired890oh dear10:32
Romsteralso you might have more entertainment on twitch than just youtube.10:32
tired890Romster, I recompiled the prts I modified, I went back to stock contrib11:27
tired890the performance is still very poor11:27
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tired890there is one variable that I can think of:11:27
tired890the recompiled ports (back to stock) are done with gcc 5.111:27
tired890could this be a factor?11:27
tired890I doubt it though, as the poor performance is seen on both mplayer and mpv.. which makes me think its something shared between the two.. ffmpeg?11:28
onoderatired890: I missed the convo, but I'm also using 5.1 and mpv works just fine11:34
tired890onodera, I pretty much undid most of the changes I did to my system I don't know why everything is super choppy.. I'm contemplating hardware failure11:36
tired890but its unlikely I think its just some DRI component or something that needs a recompile or such11:36
tired890changing video output drivers makes no difference11:36
onoderaprobably your video driver?11:36
onoderadid you run gl-select?11:36
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tired890vdpau (during compile mpv detects it fine) and opengl etc all very choppy11:36
tired890onodera, no I dont have it installed..11:37
tired890onodera, installed and ran: * xorg gl/glx is selected11:38
tired890I'm using opensource radeon driver so that should be fine..11:39
tired890will try  rebuilding xorg-server and mesa3d.. dont think that'll make a difference but why not..11:40
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frinnstdoes vdpau work in, say, mplayer?11:59
frinnstand do you have libvdpau installed ?11:59
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tired890mplayer is working smoothly now12:12
tired890there is something strange.. a core package: start-stop-daemon was not installed!12:13
tired890thats why crond and sysklogd did not start at system start up12:13
tired890am I safe to assume this is because of core branch being changed to 3.2 ?12:14
frinnstyes, 3.2 assumes start-stop-daemon is installed12:20
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tired890frinnst, thanks. I thought I was being hacked12:38
frinnstyou should also make sure you have gperf installed12:39
tired890package gperf is installed12:39
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tired890I'm surprised though.. how could mpv crash my system? I mean I'm running it as a normal user12:58
tired890a process in userspace should not be able to do that right?12:58
tired890or could it be because it was using vdpau (hardware acceleration) and the kernel driver is buggy and hence crashed the system?12:59
frinnstpossibly. or some other hardware thingy13:02
frinnstimpossible to say without a trace13:02
frinnstwhat card do you use?13:02
tired890amd 270x13:05
tired890radeon driver (open source)13:05
frinnstthat sounds new'ish13:06
tired890according to this table the radeon driver supports hardware 2D and 3D acceleration:
frinnstwhat family is that from?13:07
frinnstah, nevermind. found it13:07
tired890heck, it was working just fine (I mean mpv), after a few compiles and such it just barely plays, like its struggling .. CPU usage is 1 or 2% only though13:07
tired890Southern Islands13:08
tired890frinnst, mplayers plays the same videos (and using vdpau) just fine! I'm a bit relieved to find out its not a system-wide issue.. but just can't figure out what changed.. mpv was very smooth earlier today!13:09
frinnstI have a si card too13:09
frinnstsounds like there is some mpv suckage then13:09
frinnstI use mplayer for a reason :-)13:09
teK__I am unable to play a video with mplayer while chromium is running13:09
tired890I use it too.. but mpv plays youtube hd vids13:09
teK__been that way for some weeks noew :\13:10
tired890mpv just seems new with a clean code13:10
frinnstnvidia tek?13:10
teK__dmesg says something about GPU halted, bug info yadda yadda13:10
teK__should report that some time :)13:10
teK__I think I have GPU accel. enabled in chromium, though. It's marked as experimental13:11
teK__mplayer could use an update, too..13:11
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frinnstare you still on crux 3.0 btw? :)13:14
rmullGood morning #crux13:15
rmullAnyone here from france/italy? I am going there on vacation soon13:15
tired890morning rmull13:15
tired890ping Romster13:16
tired890can I have the pkgfile for your firefox-gst pls ?13:17
tired890and any associated patches..13:17
tired890thanks frinnst13:19
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Romsteri said it's in romster/ but frinnst made a better one13:30
Romsteri need to finish these changes and commit13:30
Romstergonna break some stuff of mine13:30
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: bindutils: updated to 9.9.7-P114:03
onoderaany chance libressl will replace openssl in 3.2?14:20
onoderawe have a working port in
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onoderacan anyone please update opt/p5-xml-parser from 2.41 to 2.4415:11
onodera2.41 is from 2011 and doesn't work with newer versions of perl15:12
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frinnstcontact the maintainer or file a bug15:32
frinnstno plans to replace openssl15:33
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onoderagcc 5.2.0 has been released17:31
onodera(bug-fix release for 5.1.0)17:31
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jawbomd5sum is off in zsh pkg18:00
teK__upstream must have changed the source18:27
teK__maybe sf added some fine advertising :o18:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: zsh: update md5sum18:28
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: git: 2.4.5 -> 2.4.618:30
chris2which url do you use? i see same hash as from jun 518:50
chris2i just fetched and got e6759e8dd7b714d624feffd0a73ba0fe18:52
jawboi just used the one in Pkgfile, i'm at work or i'd give you the exact one18:53
chris2same for
chris2so this sounds weird to me18:53
jawbothis is the one from Pkgfile18:54
chris2i tried ufpr. tenet. and tcpdiag. and got e6759e8dd7b714d624feffd0a73ba0fe from all18:55
chris2do you have a log which mirror you got?18:55
jawbono, i'm at work, but i can provide later18:56
jawboteK__ updated it so perhaps you could see what he got as well?18:56
chris20103b909e19ca9c6497a7ae696c16480  zsh-5.0.8.tar.bz2.418:56
jawbohaha, well that explains a lot18:57
jawboi would advocate getting off sourceforge as much as possible anyhow18:58
jawboDisaster Recovery mode requires Javascript?18:58
chris2use the url then :)18:58
chris2its kinda slow tho18:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: llvm: 3.6.1 -> 3.6.219:06
jawbowell teK__ i guess you'll have to revert, sorry for the noise :)19:11
korigotta love libressl updates19:12
korineed to recompile EVERYTHING19:13
chris2void linux now has the two latest libressl versions so we can update incrementally :P19:14
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dlcusaBuilding 3.1 opt/gtk3 fails in configure looking for cairo-gobject [].  All depends installed according to prt-get depends.19:58
newbie__hi, is there any live crux image? this is booting from usb/cd into a live system without installing?19:59
jaegeryou might try cruxex. it's unofficial but advertises itself as live -
frinnsti'll take a look dlcusa20:01
dlcusaMuch appreciated, sir.20:02
frinnstwould you mind post your list of installed packages to a pastebin?20:05
frinnstI suspect you have something installed that tries to pull in cairo-gobject20:05
frinnst(pkginfo -i)20:05
dlcusafrinnst, annotated.20:11
frinnstcan you rebuild cairo and try again?20:18
jawbonvidiafb and nvidia don't play nice with each other20:20
jawbothat is for sure20:20
dlcusafrinnst, working on it...20:23
frinnstno worries. Its late here. Will look at it tomorrow20:26
jaegerjawbo: they never have, unfortunately20:30
jaegeryou can use vesafb or efifb and nvidia, though20:33
jawboyeah i was just checking vesafb out20:34
jawbonew computer just built, finally had a chance to sit down and install20:34
jawbonever done much with nvidia gpus20:34
jaegerWhat did you build? If you don't mind me asking :)20:35
jawbono problem, budget build, old one was getting long in the tooth20:35
jaegerJust curious, I enjoy building computers and planning builds20:36
dlcusafrinnst, it's clearly building this time.  I guess depends are dicey when installing lots of packages at a time.20:36
jawboi5-4590, 8GB RAM, geforce 960, 1TB HDD with 120 SSD, and shiny new case20:36
jaegerThat's similar to one of my builds :)20:37
jawboyep, i love it, only spent ~65020:37
jaegeri5-4690, 8GB RAM, GeForce 760, 240GB SSD, BitFenix Prodigy case20:37
jaegermini-itx form factor but holds full-sized GPUs, kinda neat20:38
jawbonice, mine's the CoolerMaster N60020:38
jawboplenty of room, three Usb headers on the front20:38
jaegerI've heard good things about the N600 and N200, don't have experience with them myself20:38
jawbothey're wonderfully roomy, the storage cages are bizarre though20:39
jawbothere's the standard two or three slotted one for 3.5" drives, but they are little slots all over the case for 2.5"20:39
jaegerthat seems to be more popular now since SSDs can sit anywhere20:39
jawbounder the optical drive slot, side of the panel, behind the motherboard20:40
jaeger <-- an example of the behind the motherboard :)20:40
jaegerphanteks enthoo pro case20:40
jawboholy HDD slots batman20:41
jawboi love those cable management openings though20:41
jaegeryeah, more than I needed... but I did need the 3 5.25" slots for my hotswap drive bays20:41
jaegerthat's my NAS/ESXi server at home20:41
jaegerbought it for the cable management and ease of working, it had good reviews20:42
jawbooh very cool! i've wanted to build a NAS box, but need a little more discretionary income :)20:42
jaeger <-- same from the front20:42
jawbovery nice20:43
jawboit's the first time i had built one in four or five years, it gives you an itch doing it again20:44
jaegerI've built a few recently, I probably have too many machines20:46
jawboyou can't have too many if you're using them all :)20:46
jawbobut finding a purpose for each one is the tough part20:46
joacimgetting a new server here20:47
jawbodetails man20:48
joacimbuilding a list on pcpartspicker for you20:49
jawbosubmit it for judgment20:50
joacimcouldnt find ecc ram on their site20:52
joacimso i picked a random kingston pair20:52
joacimthink i overdid it on the ram tho =)20:52
jawbooverdid it? i would put twice that if it's a server at least20:53
joacimhome server20:53
jawboyeah for $312 that's nice20:53
jawboyou could even virtualize a bit20:53
jawboi'm assuming you have storage already?20:53
joacimalready have the psu, and the case is about 120 dollars20:53
joacimplanning on getting 2x 4TB drives, and then another two when if i need more room in the future20:54
joacimand a cheapo xeon upgrade in a few years. when they're cheap on ebay20:55
jawboit's wild that just ten years ago, i got a computer with 120 GB storage and thought i could put the world on that hard drive20:55
joacimi was annoyed because i had to burn tv shows and such to dvds all the time .S20:55
joacimnow i just buy another hdd20:55
joacimdont know how much ram linux software raid needs. raid120:56
joacimcurrent setup is just a single drive. barely uses any memory.20:56
joacimguess i can just throw some virtual machines and a minecraft server on there if i need to use more =)20:59
jaegerI've got a xeon e3-1230 I'd like to sell but that's probably not convenient for us, heh20:59
jaegersupermicro x9scm-f motherboard20:59
joacimwas thinking about supermicro, but nobody sold any miniitx boards here21:00
joacimasrock rack might be good tho =)21:00
joacimhow much is postage to europe for a padded envelope?21:03
newbie__depends where you are sending from.21:03
frinnstdlcusa: good to hear21:05
dlcusafrinnst, that was a short night. ;-)21:05
frinnstyeah I suspect you had cairo installed before gobject-introspection was pulled in. when gtk3 configure ran it detected gobject and assumed cairo was linked against it21:06
dlcusaI gather there's intention to kake port's dependency handling more comprehensive (but not by 3.2)?21:06
joacimone of these boards would be sweet21:07
jaegerI've used pcengines' WRAP and ALIX in the past, they were solid21:07
joacimthat 64-bit cpu seems convenient21:08
joacimnot too expensive either.21:09
frinnstnot that much21:17
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: Revert "zsh: update md5sum"21:39
frinnst <- popcorn time!21:43
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joacimbuying those for my network21:44
frinnstyeah our DCs cables does introduce a lot of static on the networks. better upgrade21:46
joacimyou'll need audiophile cable stands21:47
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dlcusaand all done rebuilding!  There were a few changes needed from quickdeps' rebuild|install list, plus the cairo rebuild on the way, but for the most part, automated!21:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.46 -> 1.7.4722:40
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mesa3d-32: 10.6.1 -> 10.6.222:42
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jawboyay, nvidia is purring along nicely - thanks for the port22:47
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jawbois there a way for pkgmk to skip downloading source files?22:56
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jawbooh, nvm, if there's already a downloaded tarball, it doesn't redownload22:58
jawbothought it would22:58
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