IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2015-07-17

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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: flash-player-plugin: ->
jaegerjust die already, flash!02:37
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korijaeger: it kinda did02:45
korias chrome and firefox are now BLOCKING it02:45
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jaegeryou can still click to allow the plugin to run, though02:48
jaegerI've been running without it for about a week at work02:48
jaegerprobably will uninstall it at home soon, can watch twitch streams with livestreamer and mpv if I need to02:49
Romsteri wish02:49
Romsteryeah i use livestreamer and mpv for twitch02:49
Romsterjust some stuff is jerky in html5 still despit a GTX750 Ti graphics card and vdpau02:50
Romsterdon't know why.02:50
jaegerworks fine on my GT610 at work, the 750ti should smoke that02:50
Romsternvidia bianry blob being crap or xorg or what02:51
Romsteryou would think it would smoke it02:51
jaegerwell, I should clarify - livestreamer+mpv works without any slowdown for me on the 610... windowed html5 youtube video has a small performance hit while fullscreen is smooth02:51
Romsterit's fine until i run like 20 other things02:51
Romsterflash is perfect with 20 others things going02:51
Romsteryeah windowed html5 has some stuttering here too02:52
Romsterlivestreamer+mpv is flawless02:52
Romsterhas to be X and compositor or something.02:53
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koriI stopped using flash a year ago03:02
koriwhen I switched to FreeBSD03:02
korinot because I wanted to, but because it's not available03:03
koriso I learned to make do and I never installed flash again03:03
korimpv helped tons03:03
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tired890hence why I was trying to sort out mpv (modified the port for 0.9.2) and then mpv took an arrow to the knee04:42
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tired890now forced to use mplayer04:43
koritired890: what happened?04:45
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tired890mpv seems its running on a 2mb GPU , struggles/choppy.. yesterday I let it run for a minute and my entire system froze!04:47
koritired890: what backend?04:48
korithe backend you pick is very important!04:48
koritired890: no, I mean04:50
koriopengl-hq, vdpau04:50
tired890oh you mean output driver04:50
koritired890: try opengl-hq04:50
tired890but vdpau works super smooth on mplayer04:50
tired890ok will try that now anyway04:51
tired890kori, same unfortunately04:52
koritired890: what port are you using?04:52
tired890my port, 0.9.2. However yesterday when I noticed the issue I went back to contrib's original 0.9.0 and the problem was still there04:53
tired890note mpv was working just fine two days ago04:53
koriI don't know if it'll make a difference04:53
koribut try04:53
tired890so something during my transition to core 3.2 / gcc 5.1 and recomiling all those packages that affected it I reckon04:54
tired890kori, trying that now..04:54
tired890kori, same..04:58
koritry recompiling ffmpeg maybe?04:58
kori┐('~'; )┌04:58
tired890I did!04:59
tired890I recompiled xorg, vdpau..etc04:59
tired890ok recompiling now04:59
tired890same :(05:02
tired890I kept recompiling stuff yesterday05:03
korithat's one thing I really dislike about CRUX05:03
korithere's no easy way to recompile a whole tree of dependencies in an easy manner05:04
tired890now I try to open the exact same file (a 1080p mp4) and it plays silk smooth (mplayer says using decoder ffmpeg, using output driver vdpau)05:04
tired890so if mplayer is using the same components, and its fine.. we can isolate this to mpv, correct?05:04
koriis mplayer statically compiled?05:05
tired890mplayer is using 4% cpu.. so that tells me vdpau is working as it should05:05
tired890kori, that depends on the port.. its stock05:05
koritired890: ldd $(which mplayer)05:05
tired890kori, got a long list of libs pointing to /usr/lib05:06
korithen it's not statically linked05:07
koriso the problem is mpv05:07
tired890kori, what gcc version do you have on your box?05:07
tired890kori, strangely during configure (the .waf script that comes with mpv) it successfully detects vdpau, ffmpeg and all that..05:08
tired890gcc 5.2 is out for 3.2, time to upgrade, again!05:09
koriI wonder if using the git driver by default for 3.2 is asking for too much05:10
tired890do I need to compile gcc first, then binutils, then gcc again ?05:12
koriI think so yeah05:12
tired890yes jaeger said so .. I thought jumping a minor version wouldn't require it..05:13
korichicken scheme is COOL05:20
kori>(require-extension mpd-client)05:20
kori>(play! (connect))05:20
tilmancan you quote what jaeger said exactly?05:20
koritilman: 1 sec05:21
tilmankori: yeah, cause no other language can create really high level bindings o_O05:21
koritilman: I actually meant to send that to another channel but I'll just roll with it05:21
korijaeger something like binutils -> gcc deps -> gcc -> glibc -> gcc05:22
tilmanwhat i find intriguing about chicken scheme is that it compiles down to c05:22
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koriI just realized how differently I act depending on the channel05:22
tilmanhe's talking about a full toolchain upgrade though05:23
tilmanyou can just go from gcc 5.1 to 5.2 without touching libc or binutils05:23
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tired890tilman, thanks05:23
tilmanwell, *SHOULD*05:23
tilmani didn't actually try it05:24
koritilman: for future reference, the surprise and such was meant to be tongue-in-cheek05:24
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tilmankori: good, i was thinking you're a noob ;p05:24
koriehhh nahh05:24
tilmanalso i used to work on xmms2, so mpd-drooling is a trigger for me05:24
koriI've actually never used xmms205:25
korimpd was supposed to be light but in a recent release it started using boost05:25
koriUGH. boost.05:25
tilman"when your build is too fast'05:25
koriI have a great processor05:25
koriIt's an intel i5 3570k05:26
koricompiles most stuff very fast05:26
tilmanboost doesn't care05:26
tilmanstill slow05:26
koritakes 40 minutes05:26
kori40 fucking minutes, I know because I kept track of it05:26
koriapologies for the cursing05:26
korialso, firefox doesn't compile on 4gb of ram anymore05:27
korisince 37.0 I believe05:27
koridoesn't that scare you?05:28
tilmanthe ongoing javascript apocalypse scares me05:28
korithere was a funny comic05:28
kori1 sec05:28
tilmanit scares me that an article about "api design" on r/programming is about _web apis_ :'(05:28
tilmanyeah, i've seen that one05:30
koritilman: also, what devs do I have to annoy to make them test whether the git driver can be used by default in 3.205:30
tilmantime to find a corner to cry in05:30
tilmanwhat's the benefits?05:31
koriit's a billion times faster than httpup05:31
korisupports branches05:31
tilmanthe default repos use rsync though, not httpup05:31
koriy'all use git for the ports, so you can sync them already05:31
koritilman: it's a million times faster than rsync05:32
koriwithout hyperboles, I can finish a port sync at least 10 times faster than if I were using rsync and httpup05:32
tilmanextra disk space required?05:32
tilmangit in core doesn't sound great05:32
tilmanfuck off ;p05:32
korioh come on a lot of things use git nowadays05:32
koriand you could remove httpup from core so you're saving that space05:33
tilmangit depends on python05:33
tilmanpython in core? ugh05:33
tilmanwhich in turn needs sqlite05:33
korigood point05:33
kori(It's still probably worth it even though python sucks)05:34
tilmannot sure if introducing a "git-light" port in core would be a good alternative ;))05:34
koritilman: you should take a look at our repo sometime05:34
tilmanpython is good if you want something better than sh but lighter than c/c++/...05:34
koriin all modesty, our repo is probably the most interesting CRUX repo so far05:35
tilmanwho the hell still uses bitchx05:36
koriI dunno05:36
korisomebody asked me to port it so I did05:36
koriit was easy enough05:36
korioh it still uses sourceforge05:36
korithanks tilman for the bug report05:37
korieven if it was indirect and unintentional05:37
tilmanis that infinality stuff (fontconfig etc) worth a look?05:37
korihell YES05:37
koriit makes font rendering SO much better you have no idea05:37
korialso our repo is currently git-only05:38
koriI tried to make it as interesting as possible so it'd catch the attention of the main devs05:38
korithere's a bunch of cool packages05:38
korithat other users in can't really see05:39
korisome packages that were a pain in the ass to port too05:39
tilmanwondering if you shouldn't call the port just "fontconfig" though05:40
tilmanis changing name because of some patches (even big ones) a good idea? not sure05:40
korithe thing is, fontconfig-infinality needs fontconfig05:40
koriit doesn't overwrite the files, just adds new ones05:40
korifontconfig-infinality-ultimate I'm not sure05:40
korionodera ported that and I haven't installed it05:41
tilmanah i didn't notice05:41
koriwe have two branches05:41
tilmanone of those fontconfigs should say freetype, right?05:41
tilmani'm looking at master05:41
koridon't think so05:41
korithere's freetype-infinality-ultimate05:41
koriwhich does replace freetype05:41
tilmanstarting git commits with "*: " is a bad idea btw05:42
tilmanlooks like ass, and you shouldn't have to use bulleted lists at all05:42
tilmanVCS system that have atomic commits want you to not commit a list of shit in one go05:42
koriit's a rare occasion05:42
koriand it's meant to be (all ports):05:43
tilmandon't care, this wisdom needs spreading05:43
koriit's not documented in the standards05:43
koribecause it's not supposed to be done, but sometimes it needs to be done05:43
koriYEAH we even have standards05:43
tilmanholy carp05:43
korilike come on I think the repo deserves some more visibility (somehow)05:43
korireal PROFESSIONAL PORTING WORK going on in here05:44
tilmantbh i'm not quite sure why it's the most interesting repo? ;p05:44
tilmandepends a lot on if $people use the software you ported05:44
tilmandoesn't it?05:45
koritilman: it's because it contains some software that isn't ported in other repos because honestly they're a pain in the ass to port05:45
koriand a lot of people use them05:45
korineovim, blender05:45
korihonorable mention to libressl (libressl IS interesting)05:45
tilmantrue, i remember blender to be annoying to package =)05:46
tilmanseems the situation has improved though05:46
koriI did neovim, I maintain it, and I shit you not05:46
koriI had to make 8 other ports05:46
tilmanneovim huh. i thought they are fixing all the things and it's now the best software in the world because portable code sucks and we don't like vim anymore05:46
koriit's more like05:47
koriold cruft sucks and neovim handles bug fixes better?05:47
tilmanand ofc they had to fork for that05:47
korithey HAD to05:47
korithere's a couple posts05:47
koriin regards to why neovim is "better" than vim05:48
koria common complaint is that bram is very conservative when accepting patches05:48
kori> A couple of months after my disillusionment with Vim, Thiago de Arruda submitted a similar patch. It was likewise rejected. But unlike me, Thiago didn’t give up. He started NeoVim and created a Bountysource for it.05:49
koriso yeah there's that05:49
koriforking was necessary05:49
koriI started using neovim because it was marginally snappier than vim05:49
koribut now it has some legitimately cool features05:49
koriand some neovim-only plugins that are only possible because they forked and cleaned up the codebase :P05:50
tilmani followed the stories, but i'm still not convinced05:50
koriasync :make for vim05:50
koriwell, neovim05:50
tilmantotally not convinced about that libuv move either05:50
tilmangotta run to my soul crushing job05:50
koriaye bye05:51
tired890in other news, gcc is still compiling..05:51
koritired890: is gcc ever not compiling?05:51
koriif you really stop to think about it05:52
tired890as in, gcc 5.1 is compiling gcc 5.2 ;)05:52
koriexcuse my lameness it's 2 am and I'm maintaining crux packages05:52
tired890I'm reading the neovim article you posted05:53
tired890software drama is always a good read05:53
koriit is, isn't it05:54
koriyou know05:55
koriever since I switched to CRUX, my overall level of happiness with my computer increased05:56
korithank you, CRUX team05:56
tired890kori, likewise, thank you indeed crux team05:56
korifor making a not-that-great-distro-but-still-better-than-the-others-because-linux-sucks-if-you-really-think-about-it05:56
korinah I kid05:57
koriCRUX is great for what it is but I wish it was that tiny bit better, you know?05:57
tired890as in automated rebuilds for entire dep trees?05:58
koriI meant mostly git driver by default, libressl and a cleaner package manager but I guess that includes rebuilds for entire dep trees yes.05:58
koriit's the tiny things...06:00
koriLike forgetting the footprint, for example.06:00
tired890speaking of footprints, whenever I copy over a port from contrib or so (say mplayer) and update the version, I simply delete .md5sum and .footprint and just do an update. Good practise? I mean I understand the security risk of someone hijacking the connection and putting a rouge tarball.. but generally for quick dirty updates any effect on system?06:03
korikeep md5sum, delete footprint06:03
koriand DO NOT06:04
korikeep stray packages06:04
Worksterkori> there's no easy way to recompile a whole tree of dependencies in an easy manner <- yes there is06:04
Worksterprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xorg`06:04
koriI figured it was easier to reinstall my whole system because of the amount of stray packages that weren't being updated06:04
Worksteror any other port06:04
koriWorkster: God bless you06:04
koriWorkster: ACTUALLY06:05
korithat won't work06:05
tired890kori, stray packages?06:05
koriWorkster: I need a list of packages that depend on openssl, for example06:05
koriand then a list of packages that depend on those packages06:06
koriand I want to recompile all of those06:06
Worksterprt-get dependent openssl06:06
koriwell, I need the entire tree with that logic06:06
Worksterprt-get update -fr `prt-get dependent openssl |cut -d' ' -f1 |xargs`06:06
Worksterbut that wont get stuff that depends on openssl that is not listed on depends on:06:07
Worksterprt-get update -fr `revdep`06:07
tired890that comes in handy a few times I must say06:07
Worksterwill find anything ABI broken and recompile06:07
koriI heard the CRUX package manager tools were getting rewritten06:08
koriis that true?06:08
korihaving one solution would be great06:08
Worksterif you're flat out stuck remove all the built packages, and rebuild the entire package list06:08
Worksterthat way you don't need to use -fr06:09
tired890prt-get update -fr `prt-get listinst`06:09
koriWorkster: the thing is06:09
koriI need to recompile all the things that depend on openssl06:09
Worksteror rm the packages then prt-get update `prt-get listinst`06:09
korior, in my case06:09
koriand then recompile the things that depend on things that depend on libressl06:09
Worksterremove openssl06:09
koriI did remove openssl06:09
Worksterpkgrm openssl ; prt-get depinst libressl ; prt-get update -fr `revdep`06:10
Worksterjob done06:10
korirevdep is so slow06:10
Worksterbuul shit06:10
Worksterit's been rewritten in C06:10
tired890kori, on your i5 ?06:10
koriit still is slow06:10
koritired890: yep06:10
Workstertakes 1 minute and 22 seconds on my pc06:10
Worksterof around 800 packages06:10
tired890revdep gives false positives sometimes though doesn't it06:11
Worksteromg you wasted more time asking and dicking around that that time06:11
Worksterthan that*06:11
tired890kori, possibly slow due to slow HDD06:11
Worksteronly false ones are from binary packages06:11
Worksterupdate prt-utils06:12
Worksterthe new revdep is in C06:12
Worksteryou might be using the old shell one.06:12
koristarted revdep 5 mins ago06:12
koristiiiiiiiiilll running06:12
koriand nope, Workster06:12
Workstershould of been done...06:12
tired890kori, I finished in less than a minute..06:13
Worksterguess your hdd is slow i did do it off a SSD06:13
tired890but then I dont have much on my system..06:13
koriI wonder if there's some recursive06:13
korigoing on06:13
koriin my setup06:13
kori┐('~'; )┌06:13
tired890workster and I both do it on SSD06:14
tired890thats a huge factor06:14
koriyeah I have an HDD06:14
Worksterroot takes little space, i wanna put home on a ssd for some stuff.06:15
Worksterlike steam data files, browser database06:15
Workster$ time revdep06:17
Workster    1m38.788s06:17
Worksteruser    0m39.636s06:17
Workstersys     0m28.609s06:17
Workster1 min 38seconds06:17
tired890revdep  0.48s user 2.13s system 35% cpu 7.402 total06:17
Workster pkginfo -i |wc -l06:18
tired890pkginfo -i |wc -l06:18
Worksteri have a heavy system06:18
Worksterless than a minute cool tired89006:18
Worksterold one took many minutes06:18
tired890about half your packages though06:19
Worksterso spindle hdd is still a bottleneck06:19
tired890no its THE bottleneck06:19
tired890I must say.. an SSD will make a 5 years old PC relevant again today06:19
tired890in terms of general computing06:20
tired890not gaming or stuff like that..06:20
Worksterjust lots of I/O is better on SSD06:20
korifaster I/O*06:20
tired890Workster, what fs are you using on SSD ?06:20
korilots of I/O is probably going to get your SSD KILLED06:20
tired890kori, noatime .. and newer SSD have trim implemented in hardware.06:21
tired890most SSDs come with 5 years warranty, samsungs pro series comes with 10 years06:21
tired890so do all the I/O you want06:21
koriwhat about your data though :<06:22
tired890just dd off to a normal HDD every few weeks..06:22
tired890my SDD is only 120GB06:22
tired890takes a few minutes to mirror an entire image06:22
tired890so finally I settled on mpg123 running in gnu screen for my radio streaming needs!06:23
korido you use screen for anything else?06:23
tired890gave up on a good light gui audio06:23
korithat screen session, that is06:24
tired890kori, remote ssh sessions06:24
tired890thats about it06:24
koriit's probably better to use dtach06:24
tired890why ?06:24
koriit only detaches06:24
kori(and attaches)06:24
tired890thanks for tip06:26
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tired890kori, so did you recompile everything to use libressl instead of openssl ?09:59
Romsterdoes libressl break anything?10:08
Romsteror is a drop in replacement10:08
frinnst"Windows Update encountered an unknown error."10:14
frinnstsooooooooo helpful10:14
frinnst <- adorable10:15
frinnstwhy do people use this crap?10:31
tired890because it comes pre-installed on PCs?10:38
frinnstthese are servers..10:38
tired890because the company is running all sorts of M$-based services?10:39
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retardvoat runs on iis :^)11:01
frinnstso in reality they never were exposed to a ddos attack? :)11:16
koritired890: yeah11:17
koriRomster: it's pretty much drop in11:17
korihaven't broken anything for me so far11:17
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tired890kori, which port lib did u get libressl?11:28
koritired890: our own11:29
tired890kori, do you mind sharing the commands you used to remove and rebuild all dependant pkgs, was it Romster's suggestion? (for future reference)11:33
koritired890: I did it manually11:33
korithere's this rodeo you have to do11:34
koriif you're switching initially11:34
koriyou need to download the wget source, compile libressl, install libressl, compile wget, compile curl, and then go and compile the rest11:34
tired890oh dear11:35
koriit's kinda annoying.11:36
tired890kori, after I do the ports you mentioned above manually, can I then do: prt-get update -fr `prt-get dependent openssl` ?11:36
tired890I mean will they autodetect libressl ?11:37
koriyeah it's a drop in replacement11:37
koriI said pretty much earlier because we've had some packages that needed special handling but not anymore (maybe)11:37
tired890I see you have a post-install script to map to libressl11:38
tired890removed openssl too soon11:42
tired890can't download libressl11:42
korimount the iso11:43
tired890I reinstalled openssl11:43
tired890will download libressl first this time11:44
onoderatired890: that's why you first need to download the wget/libressl sources before removing openssl11:44
onoderayou can use pkgmk -do for download-only11:44
frinnstdont remove openssl ffs. edit /var/lib/pkg/db and rename openssl to libressl and just upgrade the libressl port11:45
tired890frinnst, much more elegant I must say11:46
onoderaeh never knew about that11:46
frinnstbut please dont file any bugs with libressl installed :)11:47
teK__why not :-)11:48
onoderaI didn't ran into any problems when I used it11:48
teK__should be compile-time only, because they mostly removed crappy parts of the API, right?11:49
tired890frinnst, just to be sure, I only need to change openssl (found at line 51992) to libressl ?11:49
tired890I already downloaded kori 's libressl port11:50
teK__but the boot process is highly optimized^Wstreamlined because they use systemd D:11:50
onoderarandconfig   - New config with random answer to all options11:50
onoderaI should make my kernel with this11:50
tired890frinnst, upon trying to update libressl it says not found, how do I force re-reading the db ?11:51
frinnstpkgmk -u fails?11:52
frinnstthe db is not cached11:53
tired890frinnst, upon issuing pkgmk -u, libressl was built11:57
tired890but when installing it failed: libressl not previously installed11:57
tired890kori ?12:39
tired890I'm updating manually, now update -fr on curl failed, it says:12:40
tired890configure: error: one or more libs available at link-time are not available run-time. Libs used at link-time: -lrtmp -lssl -lcrypto -lssl -lcrypto  -lz12:40
tired890did you have this error ?12:40
koritired890: recompile rtmpdump12:41
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korisee, this is where recompiling whole dep trees would come in handy12:41
tired890kori, that worked.. but rtmpdump ?! isnt that for video and such?12:43
koritired890: curl depends on rtmpdump for rtmp support12:43
koriit might be12:44
koriI'm not sure12:44
tired890ok I've removed openssl, installed libressl and recompiled wget and curl12:44
tired890now will do prt-get update -fr `revdep`12:45
koriand you're golden, yeah12:45
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Spoofinghalow. I <3 CRUX12:52
tierd891hi Spoofing12:53
koriSpoofing: hello, I love CRUX too12:53
*** tired890 has quit IRC12:55
Spoofingi'm blogging, writing notes about crux and linux.. you can visit (my hostname) web-site :). and sorry, i'm from RU.12:58
koriSpoofing: distinctively suspicious13:00
Spoofingsorry if it looks like spam. nope.13:01
koriSpoofing: kinda looks like web 1.013:02
korionly everything is in russian13:02
onoderalink pls13:04
tired890the solution to why openldap won't build on my system13:08
tired890so do I pass CPPFLAGS in pkgfile?13:08
tired890pointers appreciated13:08
onoderadoesn't 'CXXFLAGS=flags make' work?13:09
jaegertired890: you can pass CPPFLAGS, yes. That's how I worked around it13:16
tired890jaeger, do I do this from the Pkgfile or my enviornment ?13:17
jaegerthe Pkgfile13:18
tired890write the command pls, I need to insert it right before ./configure, right?13:18
tired890no, I mean pass it to configure13:18
tired890jaeger where do I place  the CPPFLAGS ? note that openldap fails at configure checks.. if I pass it to make it won't make a difference since the check for berkley itself needs to have the -P flag..13:24
jaegertry export CPPFLAGS= before configure or CPPFLAGS= ./configure13:25
tired890export CPPFLAGS="-P" worked! cheers13:27
onoderaxport CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -P" is maybe better13:28
tired890onodera, yes :)13:28
*** jdolan has joined #crux13:34
tired890oh man virtualbox failed and now it wont compile with gcc 5.2 (after it was compiling with 5.1)13:42
tired890man sometimes.. these ridiculous checks are not at all necessary13:42
*** Spoofing has left #crux ()13:43
tired890oh well, I extracted virtualbox, modified the configure file again to accept 5.2 and recompressed it and now its building13:55
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tired890at long last revdep returns nothing!14:00
*** tired890 has joined #crux14:03
*** Workster has joined #crux14:15
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: sudo: updated to 1.8.1417:03
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*** jdolan has joined #crux17:47
jawbough, the dreaded Missing chars for String to Fontset conversions17:54
jawboUTF-8 why you hate me?17:54
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tired890I have a package that checks for openssl and fails at configure.. I'm guessing its doing some manual checking and wont take libressl.. any tricks I can use?18:56
*** jdolan has joined #crux19:07
*** onodera has joined #crux19:18
onoderahi, I updated my kernel and now my nvidia stopped working19:18
jawbosounds like somebody's got a case of the mondays19:19
onoderaI already recompiled my xorg-server and nvidia, also used gl-select use xorg/nvidia19:19
rmullonodera: You need to rebuild nvidia after a kernel update19:19
onoderaI've had this exact same problem before but I forgot how I fixed it :/19:19
rmullDid you rmmod the old module and modprobe the rebuilt module?19:19
onoderathat's the problem, when I modprobe nvidia it says that the module is not found19:20
onoderabut it's in /lib/modules/$kernelversion/extra19:20
rmullRun 'depmod' first19:20
rmullthen try modprobe19:20
onoderayou are awesome19:21
*** onodera has quit IRC19:21
rmullI have a feeling that it would be better of the port would do that for you19:21
*** onodera has joined #crux19:21
rmulljaeger: What do you think about the nvidia requirement of manually calling depmod? It doesn't suggest it in the README or post-install19:22
onoderanah it doesn't19:22
onoderaI fixed it like this last time too19:22
onoderaafter lots of googling on my phone :p19:23
jawbois 8GB RAM enough to compile most ports? i'm thinking about compiling on tmpfs, not sure how big to make the disk19:28
rmullRomster will be able to let you know for sure, but that sounds fine - firefox would be the one to try19:52
frinnsta tmpfs will probably use 50% of your ram - 4gb20:35
frinnsti've had space problems with 50% of 16gb20:35
frinnststuff like firefox, qt etc will struggle20:35
onoderaI build in /tmp/ and have 16gb ram20:39
onoderawill tmp use all of the 16gb or is it limited?20:40
*** pejman has quit IRC20:40
tilmanyou can limit it20:42
onoderais is limited by default?20:42
frinnstusually 50% or something20:42
frinnstbut its thin prov iirc20:43
frinnstso it will only claim what it needs20:43
*** pejman has joined #crux20:44
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*** pejman has joined #crux20:44
frinnstunless im wrong :>20:45
tilman50% of phys. ram is the default size20:45
onoderawhere can i change it?20:46
frinnstat mount20:46
frinnstmount -o <something>20:46
frinnstman mount will explain it better than ,e20:48
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