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rmullRomster: Bunch of files missing from the opus footprint:
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dxlr8rnever had any problems with all my virtualized cruxes00:42
dxlr8rand custom linux kernel 400:42
dxlr8rknow that doesn't help you though tired890 :P01:05
dxlr8rI never did anything exciting, I ran sysup and no troubles. don't remember what order, think I've done in several orders actually :P01:08
dxlr8rbut probably a good idea to sysup before new kernel. so I guess I always do that since that sounds right to me01:09
jaegerI've done plenty of installs in virtualbox and vmware and even a few in qemu, no problems resulting in "illegal instruction" errors01:13
rmullI had some illegal instruction issues when my CPU was a Via Nano, and I chalked it up to being an obscure processor with possible quirks01:32
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timcowchiphey jaeger01:36
timcowchiplong time01:36
timcowchipgues what I am trying to install again01:37
rmullWindows XP01:37
timcowchipbut, "Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount root fs"01:38
jaeger99% of the time that means you're missing support in your kernel for your disc controller or your filesystem, or basic scsi disk support01:38
joacimI had my finger on TempleOS01:39
timcowchipit looked like the default .config file already had it01:39
jaegerIt does have a lot but best to double check01:41
timcowchipok, thanks jaeger01:44
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tired890rmull, speaking of windows XP:
tired890nostalgic I must say02:52
tired890dxlr8r, I will reinstall crux and do a sysup first then..02:53
retardmisses the sound effects of the nagscreen about creating accounts02:55
retardit's supposed to go cling-clong-clang02:55
retardi nlited the shit out of the install disc to remove most of the crud though02:55
retardand integrate drivers and updates02:56
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Romster cities04:35
Romsterruns on linux too04:36
Romsterif you're into simulation games04:36
Romsteri'm requesting songs too <<04:38
Romsterlivestreamer --hls-segment-threads 3 --hds-segment-threads 3 --ringbuffer-size 24M -p mpv best04:38
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: thunderbird: readded alsa-lib to deps09:08
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tired890even with a fresh install sysup fails.. (updates a few and then fails on majority), are there particular ports that I need to update first before performing a sysup ? besides curl and wget09:53
Romstertired890, just use the method i linked to the other day10:03
tired890Romster, cheers10:11
Romsterlet me know how you go10:17
Romsteri just did a sysup on 3.2 a few days ago and that worked fine10:17
tired890I think an easy (cheap?) way to implement a priority system in prt-get is to simply have an integer value in the pkgfile, where each port is assigned a priority value.. say any port that has no dependant ports will get a priority of "8", say firefox! no ports depends on firefox, hence it has the highest number. Then ports like libgmp is, say priority "2", gcc is "4"..10:46
tired890when doing a sysup, prt-get will see all ports to be updated, and go form ports with highest priority (ie lowest digit, in example above starts with libgmp) and work its way up until it reaches firefox (with 8)10:47
tired890is this a viable implementation for prt-get's update sequence?10:48
frinnstprt-get does upgrade the deps first - as long as they are listed10:52
tired890yes but deps themselves sometimes need a particular sequence in which to be upgraded.. hence priorities10:53
frinnstbut stuff arent always listed. If they were, all ports would list glibc as a dep for instance10:53
frinnstor make, etc10:53
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dxlr8rif this is a general problem it should be addressed12:12
frinnstits not12:13
frinnsttired890 has some other issue with his vm12:13
dxlr8rgood to hear it's not a general problem :)12:14
frinnstand you are not supposed to use the 3.2 branch. its not released yet for a reason12:14
dxlr8rahhh, didn't know he did 3.212:14
frinnst3.2 + libressl that broke shit. then a virtualbox vm of 3.1 with strange issues12:14
dxlr8ri have never had problems with vbox, with stock kernel or my self compiled 4+ kernel12:15
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: linux-firmware: Updated to 2015052712:18
tired890frinnst, this is not related to 3.212:22
tired890my main system (my PC which is running crux with core 3.2) is running just fine actually12:23
tired890however, when I compile some software for work, I got many issues (related mostly to gcc 5.2)12:23
tired890so to simplify things, I decided I will make a stock crux 3.1 (ie with the stable toolchain, with openssl not libressl as in my main system)12:24
tired890the purpose of this VM crux, is to just compile software.. as i didn't want to go through gcc headaches12:24
tired890the issues with priorities are in the VM crux, after a clean install, doing sysup fails because prt-get doesnt upgrade the ports in the right sequence12:25
frinnstNo, thats not why you have strange failures12:25
frinnstim 99.9% sure of that :)12:26
tired890hence why I recommended the priority mechanism above, for example one can simply assign priority values to packages listed here based on which needs to be installed first:
tired890frinnst, oh..12:26
frinnstbut you dont have to worry about sysup'ing the toolchain12:26
frinnstyou dont need to rebuild everything because you upgraded from gcc 4.8.4 to 4.8.512:27
frinnstand if you could pastebin some buildlogs from your vm that would be useful12:30
tired890frinnst, I wiped my VM, and did a reinstall. Now I'm updating glibc (step 7 of Romster 's link above), and so far 0 errors12:31
tired890when (if?) I stumble upon an error I will post logs.. so far seems to be going fine!12:31
Romsteri'm watching12:31
frinnstthe only thing that has changed in glibc during 3.1 are a few security patches12:33
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Romsterthat guide was more when i was majorly changing the tool chain12:44
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: thunderbird: additional dep cleanups13:20
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dlcusafrinnst, earlier you wrote "but stuff arent always listed" about Pkgfile Depends:, which is a fact.  However, that causes dependency hnadling to make assumptions that lead to bad builds.  Can't some middle ground be found to prevent the bad assumptions?15:33
dlcusaI guess I'm thinking of facility identifiers that are shorthand for one or more optional packages that collectively provide some facility that othe facilities and packages may depend upon.15:37
frinnstbut core is core, we cound on everything in core being installed15:38
dlcusaxorg is not core.15:39
frinnstand if something in core breaks it's a bug15:39
frinnstMaybe im missunderstanding it or something. but I dont see the problem15:40
frinnstan example perhaps15:40
dlcusaMaybe I'm misunderstand the situation. I thought depends exists to ensure get-prt can cause the installation of xyzzy to succeed when optional non-core plugh is not installed.15:43
dlcusa..upon which xyzzy depends to build/run.15:43
frinnstyes, the deps are there to make sure you can install the port15:45
frinnstbut I dont understand what the problem is15:46
dlcusaIs it a bug when prt-get quickdeps builds a list that is incomplete?15:47
frinnstprobably, yes15:49
dlcusaMeaning a Pkgfile somewhere needs a package added to its Pkgfile's Depends: line?15:50
dlcusaBut there is resistance to making Depends exhaustive, particularly because Depends content depends on what is either already instaled or soon-to-be installed.15:52
dlcusaDepends are all about what must be installed aforehand to install any non-core package without errors.15:55
dlcusaThis is why Debian's dependencies are so complex, to ensure what is needed is ready at build/install time--it's a complex problem.16:02
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dlcusaThat cairo rebuild I needed the other day--is that a bug because quickdeps did not require cairo to be rebuilt after gobject-introspection?16:14
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dlcusaI'll allow that's an unfair example because gtk3 made the bad assumption about cairo's dependency relationship with cairo, but it demonstrates the complaxity issues.16:29
dlcusas/with Cairo/witk gobject-introspection/16:30
dlcusasorry about all the typos/grammatical issues--I am not well today. :-(16:31
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timcowchipprtget sysup could take a while on my machine :)17:13
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timcowchipI got 2 more gb's ram though17:16
timcowchipmy kernel panic was due to grub.cfg trying to mount #ROOTDEVICE again17:18
timcowchipchanged it to /sda3 and it worked17:18
frinnstdlcusa: thats because new deps were added during the 3.1 lifecycle17:18
frinnstand we dont have a good way to to pull in new dependencies during sysup17:19
frinnstand also because some ports (wrongly) assumes things17:20
timcowchipwhen I try to open in dillo or links, I get "Forbidden You don't have permission to access / on this server."17:22
frinnstworks for me17:23
frinnst(with elinks)17:23
timcowchipI thought maybe I need to update ca certificates17:24
dlcusafrinnst, that rationale sounds similar to the non-automatic installation of start-stop-daemon in 3.1 which still trips some folks up.  I'll be happy to report issues with builds failing due to missing depends if that is helpful.17:33
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dlcusaWould a readme document to complement the release notes with important post-release changes be indicated?17:45
nwegood evning!17:48
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tired890evening nwe !18:04
nwehow are you guys?18:12
frinnstdlcusa: please do. either contact the maintainer directly or file a bug18:13
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jawbohey all19:48
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timcowchipso if I ' prt-get remove xorg-xf86-video-ati' while mes3d is building, do I need to rebuild it?23:28
timcowchipI was removing packages I don't use so prt-get sysup would'nt take so long23:29
timcowchiplike who needs firefox when you've got elinks23:30
onoderaI do :p23:31
timcowchipfirefox takes 18 hrs to build on my atom23:34
Worksteri provide binaries at
Worksterneed to check if there up to date again23:36
timcowchipI did check and they seem to be outdated23:39
timcowchipI'll check again when you've had time to upload some newer ones23:40
timcowchipthanks :)23:40
timcowchipI need to update almost all of my ports23:42
timcowchipI got rssguard, juffed and qterminal to build with qt5 on KaOS23:44
timcowchipthought I'd try to update their ports to qt5 for Crux23:45
Worksteri'll do a new one for firefox23:51
Worksterqt5 should be current23:51
timcowchipthanks again23:52
Worksterit's okay, it's semi-automated with a few commands23:55

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