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cezarhi guys. transmission does not download the torrents any more. this is the paste bin of the settings.json it was perfect before. I use the localhost:9091/transmission/web/#upload after running $sudo transmission-daemon. I made a test and I coulp ping and google.com01:11
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jaegercezar: I haven't used transmission, no idea there. Tried their faq/forums if they have any?01:24
cezarjaeger: I did. I was even suggested to try to ping and as a test and I managed too. I will go on trying. anyway I thank you for your attention01:26
cezarIf I solve I will inform01:26
jaegerGood luck01:27
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timcowchip prt-get update xorg-server02:57
timcowchipNo package 'epoxy' found02:58
jaegercheck xorg-server's deps, libepoxy is a new one02:59
timcowchipah thanks jaeger02:59
Worksterprt-get readme xorg-server03:09
timcowchipthanks romster05:16
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frinnstforgot to put the servers in maintenance mode07:02
frinnst+1700 emails \o/07:02
frinnst+3000 emails. happy monday, co-workers!07:21
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tired890frinnst, curious what servers? 3k auto-generated emails? if customer emails you should be the happiest man ;)08:00
frinnstits from our monitoring thingy08:05
frinnstupdated mysql that logs to syslog. and when one of those shuts down its very verbose and thus a fuckton of emails are generated08:05
frinnstIm supposed to put these in maintenance mode before updating but I usually forget08:06
Romsterat least its from a server and not angry customers08:12
Romsterunless the server emals all the customers and the message is frinnst fucked up on the monitor again :P08:27
frinnstnah, internal servers08:42
frinnstthey pretty much all look like this:
rmullServers can be so rude10:53
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rmullRomster: Any update on the contrib/opus missing footprint items?13:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: opus: fix footprint13:56
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jawborunning crux on pure ssd setup soon. any cause to worry? i've been looking at bechmark tests where they don't start to fail until multiple hundreds of TB written14:54
jawboso i don't think i have anything to worry about14:54
jaegermost users will replace an SSD far before it fails due to writes14:56
jawbothat's what i was thinking after looking at it - i'm still running with /var, /home, /srv on spinning disks for the most part14:57
jawboold habits die hard i suppose14:57
jaegerindeed they do15:05
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rmullOnce you go SSD you won't want to go back.15:28
rmullHow does sourceforge have so many mirrors and yet they can't serve their crap reliably15:30
jawbohaha, because sourceforge15:30
rmullThey've been in maintenance mode for like two days now15:30
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tired890jawbo, just set options in fstab: noatime, discard16:01
tired890these should reduce stress on ssd greatly16:01
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jawbotired890: yeah already did that, but i've never compiled everything on SSDs before16:06
jaegerbarring an unexpected defect you'll replace it before it fails, most likely. even if you don't use noatime/relatime and discard16:07
jawboi also like to do my computing on the beach with totally open internals, how well an SSD do at high tide?16:10
tired890should be fine. put it in a rice bag when you're back home just to be safe16:13
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timcowchipwill 'UUID=3A4948B4370291EB                     /mnt/500Gb     ntfs-3g defaults         0       0' work in fstab?16:18
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timcowchipguess I'll find out...brb16:21
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timcowchip'can't find UUID=3A4948B4370291EB'16:29
jawbotired890: this worked!!!!16:44
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jaegerspeaking of SSDs I wonder if my older samsung 830 is still under warranty. seems to be having problems17:03
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frinnstis that the model with fucked up queued trim firmware?17:15
jaegerI think there were quite a few that do, it might be one of them17:16
jaegersupposedly samsung was releasing a fix last week or this week for that17:16
frinnstyeah, but if you run a recent kernel those features should be blacklisted17:17
jaegerI didn't investigate too closely17:17
frinnstnow to see if 4.2-rc3 will use more than one cpu core..17:39
frinnsthm, nope17:40
frinnstwtf is this all about17:40
frinnsti can *see* 8 cores. but all tasks are run on just the same core17:41
frinnst <- my config if anybody wants to take a look17:47
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frinnstah, there we go18:17
frinnstsilly kernel configs18:17
frinnst <- diff to working conf if anybody's interested18:21
jawboi haven't noticed that before - i'm guessing the CONFIG_RCU_NOCB_CPU was the main offender?18:34
jawboyeah offload RCU callback processing from boot-selected CPUs18:35
frinnstI havent touched those settings since.. hm.. 3.1x?18:35
frinnstalso noticed I had debug_fs=y :)18:36
jawbobeginning in kernel 3.8 it looks like18:36
jawboanyone ever done make randconfig just for fun?18:37
jaegernot I, sounds frustrating :P18:38
jawboalso, i've always wondered, is default make just one CPU?18:38
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frinnstJoy. Emergency patching all windows servers19:16
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timcowchipis polkit or udisk something I need to add to rc.conf?19:56
frinnstpolkit doesnt seem to have a initscript so i'd say no19:57
frinnstno clue on udisk19:57
frinnst(window managers ftw!) :)19:58
frinnstwrong terminal :)19:58
timcowchipken griffey jr used to have a song played when came up to bat19:59
timcowchipit went "hey ho"20:00
frinnst.. lets go!20:00
timcowchipthat's the ramones20:00
frinnstindeed it is20:00
timcowchipError connecting to the udisks daemon: Could not connect: No such file or directory20:04
frinnstdo you have a udisk script in /etc/rc.d ?20:04
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timcowchipsourceforged again :(20:15
korithat's gonna become a thing now, isn't it20:16
frinnstyou could try PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
frinnstbut it's very beta20:16
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timcowchipso what's up with httpup?22:40
jaegerhttp, of course!22:41
timcowchipI pushed some things to my bitbucket repo,. do I need to do anything with httpup to sync it with the prts page?22:42
timcowchipI forgot how and the manual is gone22:43
joacimtheres some info about httpup on the wiki22:44
joacimif thats what you were asking for22:44
jaegeryou usually just have to run httpup-repgen and upload the new REPO file22:45
timcowchipah that was it 'httpup-repgen'22:45
timcowchipthanks jaeger22:46
timcowchiphi joacim :)22:46
joacimhello =)22:46
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