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rmullI'm having trouble mounting a FAT32 SD card03:11
rmulldmesg says: FAT-fs (sde1): IO charset iso8859-1 not found03:11
rmullHowever, I do have the option selected in my kernel, I rebuilt the kernel, and copied it over the old one and rebooted03:12
rmullI've been building kernels for many years so I don't think I screwed it up, but when I gunzip -c /proc/config.gz | grep ISO8859, it says CONFIG_NLS_ISO8859_1 is not set03:13
rmullHowever, it is DEFINITELY set in my menuconfig03:13
rmullCan anyone confirm that they have that option set?03:14
rmullOr does it always show up as not set03:14
jaegerdo you use lilo? did you remember to run it again after installing the kernel?03:29
xeirrrAnother config file should be in your kernel source directory. You may check path/to/kernel/.config03:30
xeirrrIf you still keep that.03:31
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tilmanrmull: /proc/config.gz matches my local .config (i have configured this particular option as a module)05:27
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nwegood morning07:38
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dlcusaSigh. Building qjackctl failed in ld for qjackctl due to undefined reference to XSendEvent.  I need sleep too much to diagnose.  Any ideas would be helpful, though.09:06
frinnstwhat are you trying to do?09:06
dlcusaInstall qjactctl to drive jack setup/startup prior to installing music apps like ardour and audacity.09:07
dlcusaIt's all vanilla 3.1, I'm fairly certain, so I'm puzzled.09:08
frinnstso "qjactctl" fails to install?09:09
dlcusaYes, error in ld -o qjackctl09:09
frinnstcontrib/jack ?09:09
dlcusaYes.  You sound well-rested.09:10
frinnstIm never rested :-)09:10
frinnstbut I need a break09:10
frinnst-- Packages installed09:10
frinnstprt-get: installed successfully09:10
frinnstcan you pastebin the full buildlog someplace?09:10
dlcusaAnd libmng and qt4, too--all successful.09:12
frinnstXSendEvent sounds like something X related. Do you have X installed and running?09:20
dlcusaCorrection--no qjackctl in contrib, it choose romster's.  I need to check if any others of his were used...09:20
frinnstdo you have xorg-libx11 installed?09:21
dlcusafrinnst, see which begins with the packages involved in this phase (in alpha order).09:28
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frinnstnever used jack. Isnt there a daemon that should be running?09:32
frinnstrc.d seems empty09:32
dlcusaNot for the build.  The daemon is optional.09:33
Romsterit's been awhile since i've ran jack09:35
dlcusaMe, too. ;-)09:35
frinnstaudacious cant seem to connect to it09:36
frinnst"Failed to connect to the JACK server; is it running?09:36
frinnstyes it is09:37
dlcusaxorg-libx11 1.6.3-1 and jack is not running.  I've never had it running when installing qjackctl in the past (but those were binaries).09:39
frinnstoh qjackctl was a separate port, thought it was part of jack09:41
frinnst/usr/bin/ld: .obj/main.o: undefined reference to symbol 'XSendEvent' <- looks like the makefile is broken09:42
dlcusaYeah, it's a GUI interface for controlling JACK--not very CRUXy.09:44
dlcusaTime to crash (I think I can still beat sunrise to bed).  I'll check back in with a more functional brain soon.09:58
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Romsternoting wrong with a GUI...10:00
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rmulljaeger: You win, I had been forgetting to run lilo -_-11:22
rmullThank you11:22
Romsteri got in the habbit of running lilo after every edit to lilo.conf11:23
rmullIn this case, no change to the conf because I was overwriting the existing kernel11:27
rmullAnd I've used grub for most of my time in linux, where you don't need to run anything11:27
rmulltricksy bootloaders11:28
onoderaI always used to forgot to run lilo after a kernel update11:37
onoderauntill I learned that the kernel has a make install option11:37
joacimmake install can also run a script of your own design if you use other bootloaders =)11:40
joacimmake install is pretty nice11:40
joacimalmost up there with make olddefconfig11:41
rmullI'll check out make install12:01
frinnstmake && sudo make modules_install install12:02
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jaegerrmull: no problem :)13:13
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jawbo GPack now supports Pkgfile's16:53
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dlcusafrinnst, romster, since SF is still X-(, I've pulled down '' and have started looking at if it's too recent for 3.1...16:58
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Wildefyrtrying to sign up to the mailing list but won't accept my email17:26
Wildefyrah nvm17:26
Wildefyrthere was a sneaky space at the start of the input box, odd17:27
jawbomaking sure you weren't a bot :)17:36
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Wildefyroh hullo jawbo17:44
Wildefyrhow big to make /var I wonder17:54
WildefyrI got only 60gb's to play with17:54
jaegermy /var on this workstation takes up 30M currently17:57
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WildefyrI'll make it 5gb for now18:00
WildefyrI can always change the location of it to be placed on my other ssd later on18:01
jaegerI don't even separate it anymore18:02
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jawboyou monster18:24
tilmanWildefyr: i've been using 200mb partitions for /var with crux for the last 10 years (desktops/workstations only)18:36
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dlcusafrinnst, romster, I annotated with the log for qjackctl-0.3.13, with romster's portaudio pre-installed w/o problem and inserted --enable-stackstrace for your consideration.  Now it fails in make install not finding a locale directory (the package forces the C locale for building, though).  Any thoughts?18:59
dlcusaThe 1at message after the "+ make install" line seems germane: Project ERROR: Use the qmake include with Qt4.4 or greater, on Debian that is qmake-qt419:09
dlcusas/1at/1st/ {dang fingers!)19:09
dlcusaconfigure was happy, though: checking for Qt library version >= 4.4... yes19:19
timcowchipthis is the only source of deadbeef I can find19:25
jawboit was on sourceforge.... but RIP sourceforge19:27
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Wildefyrawh you guys don't offer an .sfs file19:36
Wildefyrunless there's a way to install on to a new partition on an already booted system19:36
Wildefyrlinux system*19:36
frinnstdlcusa: it fails to link. Is there no newer version available?19:39
frinnstoh you get past that now?19:43
frinnstcomment the line containing "rm -r $PKG/usr/share/locale" in the Pkgfile19:44
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jawboWildefyr: can you just mount new part, rsync files over?20:09
WildefyrI have no idea tbh, if I had more exp with crux I wouod probably do that20:11
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timcowchipwhy can't I access sdf1?20:27
frinnstdefine "cant access"20:29
frinnstcant mount?20:29
frinnstfdisk -l /dev/sdf says what?20:29
timcowchipI can mount as su20:29
timcowchip/dev/sdf1              /mnt/500Gb ntfs-3g  gid=users,umask=0000             0      020:30
frinnstso, what error do you get? what options to you pass to mount? what filesystem is it?20:30
timcowchipfrom fstab20:31
frinnstdoes ntfs-3g /dev/sdf1 /mnt/500Gb work?20:31
timcowchipUnprivileged user can not mount NTFS block devices using the external FUSE20:33
frinnstso try as root?20:33
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: sudo: updated to 1.8.14p320:36
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timcowchiprebuild NTFS-3G with integrated21:03
timcowchipFUSE support and make it setuid root21:03
timcowchipdoes '--with-fuse=external' cover that?21:04
jawbocouldn't you just put 'user' in flags in fstab?21:05
timcowchipit is21:06
timcowchip/dev/sdf1              /mnt/500Gb ntfs-3g  gid=users,umask=0000             0      021:06
jaegerone does not simply "access" a giant alien transforming spaceship21:06
jawbono not gid, just "user"?21:07
jawboyeah fstab(5) says you can (never tried that myself though :)21:08
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timcowchip/dev/sdf1              /mnt/500Gb ntfs-3g  uid=chris,gid=users,umask=0022   0       021:46
timcowchipusing 'sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sdf1 /mnt/500Gb' as a mount command in spacefm21:47
timcowchipmounting willy nilly again21:48
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dlcusafrinsst, romster, commenting out that line got it installed and it is now in XFCE's multimedia menu.  I added my UID to the audio group and will relogin and test when I return in a few hours...22:26
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timcowchiplistening to 'the Night Chicago died' on cmus acessing my usb hard drive22:36
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timcowchipbut its not by The Hollies its by Paper Lace22:40
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timcowchipnp problem with write access to my usb hard drive, I can rename it22:40
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