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tired890opus fails to update on my system00:26
tired890stops at configure with this error00:26
tired890./configure: 12810: ./configure: Bad substitution00:26
tired890any idea?00:26
jaegergcc 5.x problem00:26
jaegerI have the same, haven't bothered to find a patch/fix yet00:26
tired890jaeger, I see00:27
jaegerwell, I think it's gcc 5, haven't tested it :)00:28
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Worksteroh nuts all that testing todo -_-00:53
Worksteri got to edit a file over putty  using vim and i get a line of garbage00:58
Workstergit diff --pretty=format: --name-status "$BRANCH" origin/"$BRANCH" | sed "s/M\t/ Edit /g; s/A\t/ Checkout /g; s/D\t/ Delete /g" | sort00:59
Worksterand i go to copy it and then it's fine again, wth.00:59
Worksteryeah wth01:05
Workstervim is demented now01:05
Worksteron crux 3.201:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: opus: fix configure for gcc 5.x01:09
Workstertired890, fixed01:09
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timcowchipstill no gvfs bilss01:31
timcowchipeven with jaeger's Pkgfile01:32
jaegertried asking on spacefm forums or irc channel if there is one?01:36
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cezarjaeger: I have fixed the transmission issue. a comma was miss in one line of the settings.json. all is fine again01:44
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jaegercezar: glad to hear it, congrats01:47
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tired890Workster, cheers01:51
tired890Workster, while we're at it, what did you change? I saw that error in a couple of other applications, don't recall which..01:53
Worksterlook at the git diff for contrib01:55
Worksteroff the crux web site01:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gst-plugins-base: 1.4.4 -> 1.4.502:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gstreamer: 1.4.4 -> 1.4.502:48
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nilpanybody had any problems with xorg seg faulting? has some warnings about falling back to old probe method but nothing else looks bad, it worked before lastnight before updating it. i've rebult all xorg- that were installed03:26
nilpokay, got it working, still no idea what was wrong04:41
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timcowchiphttpup sync willy-nilly06:11
timcowchiphttpup sync willy-nilly06:11
timcowchipdoesn't work w/o dbus-launch though06:18
timcowchipso taking it down06:18
timcowchipfinally got spacefm mountshare working06:23
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: thunderbird: remove double deps06:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] firefox: enable gstreamer support.06:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gtk3: updated to 3.16.606:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: dbus: updated to 1.8.2006:26
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frinnstanybody have issues building cups-filters?07:21
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cups-filters: fix build with poppler 0.3409:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: apache: remove old patch14:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mysql-python: remove old patch14:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mdadm: update to 3.3.314:27
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: glibc: removed old makefile patch17:26
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jawbohave you thought about naming the releases?17:48
jaegerwe jokingly referred to one of them as "yay, shark!" but I think that's about it17:55
frinnstnaming releases is for marketing departments to do17:56
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jawboi mean if we're going to have a "Crux Philosophy Page" or something similar on the wiki, next step is naming releases17:58
jawbojust picture the headlines - "Crux 3.2 'Ants in Your Pants' released today!" on distrowatch17:59
frinnstCRUX 3.2 'LACKING BASICS' released today!17:59
jawboCrux 3.3 "Seriously?"17:59
frinnstCRUX 3.2 'no joy' released today!17:59
jawboCRUX 3.4 "Chateau D'If"18:00
jawboha, without basics.... sorry, makes no fun18:04
nwegood evning..18:06
nweI have just reinstalling windows 8... now it will downloading 144 updates.. I wondering how much update it will install after this reboot..18:07
nweand yes I using windows for gaming..18:07
frinnstand windows10 in a week!18:07
frinnstthat will be fun18:07
jaegerI'm running win 8.1 here, not ashamed :)18:08
frinnsti think i'll plan my remaining vacation that week18:08
jaegersome things work well in wine, some don't18:08
frinnstmy windows 7 hostname is "wintendo" :)18:08
jawboi have windows on a separate HDD - shame not found18:08
nwefrinnst: yeah but I must upgrade to win8.1 first :P18:09
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joacimstill on 2k18:34
joacimanything after sucks shit18:34
frinnstthem vulnerabilities...18:37
frinnstbut yeah, win2k was great18:37
frinnstmy last windows OS18:37
joacimmsdos was pretty good too19:00
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jawboi can't believe how much faster compiling using SSD really is21:49
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korijawbo: how much ram do you have21:58
jawbo8 GB21:58
korijawbo: compile in ram21:59
korithe FASTEST21:59
teK__beware firefox compliation :)21:59
jawboyeah, i typically use chromium and i was looking at benchmarks that said chromium needs at least 5GB for compilation22:00
jawboso i was a bit hesitant22:00
teK__it wont break things if tmpfs is full22:02
jawbothat's true22:03
jawbooh and i have a question - any reason not to fsck a disk? i usually have pass set at 1 in fstab22:03
jawbowasn't sure if there was a good reason not to do it with SSD22:04
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jawboodd, chromium is crashing as i open it23:33
jawbo[18955:18973:0725/] RawChannel read error (connection broken)23:34
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retarddo you really think that's odd or are you being facetious23:39
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jawboi think it's odd. are you being facetious?23:57
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