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frinnstyou dont need to install any deps with gst-plugins-bad00:21
frinnstunless you want schroedinger support00:22
frinnst might work00:24
teK__Before MS Exchange, Microsoft's mail servet was MISS PIGGY, a PDP 11.00:31
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mechaniputerHeh, I recently salvaged an 11/73! Fun machine, wonderful instruction set.00:55
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Romster whole domain is dead...05:07
Romsterdruid_droid, PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
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nwegood morning!05:53
koritoo bad it's not a good evening to me05:54
korijust had to cold reboot05:54
korimy luks headers were fscked to death due to user error05:54
koriall my data is lost :)05:54
korithat HDD at least05:54
korinot ALL of it05:54
koriI've learnt a valuable lesson though: don't encrypt for fun05:54
Romsterback up your luks header you nit.05:56
koriRomster: now I know that05:56
koriit's too late tho05:56
korithe header wasn't damaged05:57
koriit was the keyholes05:57
kori...which doesn't matter05:57
Romsteryeah recovery is impossible now.05:57
koriyeah idc too much05:57
koriI had disposable data on that hard drive05:57
koriit's data I can recover05:57
koriit'll just be a pain in the ass05:57
Romsterseriously do make backups of the data and of the Luksheader05:57
Romsteryour porn collection <<05:58
koriof music05:58
korito be precise05:58
koriorganized, with cover art...05:58
Romsterouch that's some....05:58
koriwell to be fair it was flac so it doesn't translate to a billion tracks05:58
koriserves me right for pirating05:58
Romsteroh well at least you can get it again05:59
Romsterunlike family photo's05:59
koribut I'm considering signing up for spotify05:59
koriI mean05:59
koriI don't have access to a good audio setup anymore...06:00
koriand I'm becoming morally opposed to pirating kinda slowly06:00
kori(and then there's this fscking thing that happened)06:00
Romstereh just buy the stuff you really like after finding it06:00
koriI can't afford it yet06:00
korispotify, though06:00
koriI can probably afford.06:00
koriI feel this mix06:03
koriof sadness and relief06:03
Romsteralso net radio there is clementine06:03
nwenow have I added an backup of my luks-header..06:06
korinwe: good on you bud06:07
nweyeah, and sad for you that ju lost all stuff :(06:08
korioh fuck no spotify is compiled against openssl06:11
koriexcuse my vocabulary06:11
korioh nevermind06:13
korijust had to do a couple symlinks06:13
nwekori look at my spotify-libs..06:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: schroedinger: fix source and url06:47
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Romstertimcowch1p, x407:51
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tired890I just did a sysup09:35
tired890I came back and saw this09:35
tired890last sysup was a day or so ago!09:37
tired890was there a core package update that triggered a rebuild of all ?09:37
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juetired890: you should _not_ use the 3.2 branch09:41
tired890jue, long story .. but to summarize: I wanted to try virtualbox 5.0, but it needed a newer gcc.. one thing led to another and I found myself with 3.2 (core only)09:57
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: lighttpd: 1.4.35 -> 1.4.36, fixes CVE-2015-320016:20
teK___thx frinnst16:20
frinnsthm, isnt it installed by default?16:42
frinnst "results": [16:42
frinnst        "All packages up to date"16:42
frinnstoops, wrong window16:42
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DRLonghello all16:47
DRLongmay i ask a question, please?16:48
frinnstdont ask to ask :)16:48
teK___don't ask to ask. just ask.16:48
DRLongi have read the manual and have the lates crux up and running16:48
DRLongi have the n-6200 wireless card by centrino but can't find any firmware in contrib16:49
frinnstcontrib/linux-firmware doesnt supply it?16:50
DRLongon an older maching i have iwl3945 working great but would like wireless on my new maching16:50
teK___also: did you check using ?16:50
DRLongi am unable to find it16:50
DRLongno teK, i did not know about that resource16:50
frinnstdmesg should tell you what the filename of the firmware is16:50
frinnstiwlwifi-6000-4.ucode ?16:51
teK___as a last resort: copy the linux-firmware port and adjust it to provide the firmware you need16:51
frinnstFound in /usr/ports/contrib/linux-firmware: /lib/firmware/iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode16:51
teK___(by running prt-get fsearch iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode)16:51
frinnstcontrib/linux-firmware supplies everything available from the official repository16:51
DRLongI suck!!!!!16:51
DRLongthanks @frinnst16:52
frinnstheh, did you get it working? :)16:52
DRLongi did not look in linux-firware16:52
frinnstno worries. glad it works (?)16:52
DRLongi will in about 3 hours, lol16:53
DRLonghey @frinnst, my linux-firmware directory is empty16:56
teK___after running sudo prt-get install linux-firmware?16:57
DRLongdamn, i really do suck!16:57
teK___take your time,.. no worries16:58
DRLongi need to leave before i embarras myself any further16:58
teK___dont worry16:59
DRLongi was told by another channel that you guys were really tough on newbies16:59
teK___which one? #archlinux? :>16:59
DRLongi'd rather not say. allowing myself to return...17:00
teK___do NOT worry, you are free to join channels and use software as you like ;)17:00
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frinnstI can probably be unpleasant when Im in a bad mood :)17:00
teK___no no17:00
DRLongok, the directory is now populated, thanks again.17:01
frinnstyou should make sure you build the driver as a module, btw17:01
frinnstotherwise you might run into some race conditions when the kernel loads  the module before a filesystem with the firmware is available17:02
DRLongok, will do17:02
DRLongi come from the openbsd world17:02
DRLongtrying to used to linux17:02
teK___we had two (I think) maintainers who also maintened stuff for openbsd17:02
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DRLongteK, i need to untar the packages in linux-firmware i assume17:04
teK___you have to pkgadd /some/path/linux-firmware#....tar.gz17:05
DRLongok, thanks17:05
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teK___i.e. install the package. OR run prt-get install linux-firmware17:05
teK___it will to everything for you17:05
frinnstor you can use prt-get - make sure contrib is enabled in both /etc/prt-get.conf and that the repo is enabled by moving /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive -> contrib.rsync17:06
DRLong@frinnst, i did all that in the beginning, thanks17:07
DRLongcontrib is working17:07
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timcowchipis webkit dead?19:15
timcowchipor just old19:15
korino it's just fat19:15
timcowchipI konw it takes forever to build19:16
timcowchip2014-10-13 20:54:21 GMT the latest nightly build19:19
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DRLongHey @frinnst, i am unable to install iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode19:39
DRLongplease point me to the documentation to explain adding firmware. I am unable to locate anything but the example in the wiki19:40
DRLongI have enabled contrib and am able to install packages from this repository19:41
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DRLongi can see the package but when i issue prt-get install iwlwifi-6000-4.ucode "Package not found"19:43
jaegerthe package name is linux-firmware19:45
DRLongduh, forehead slap!19:46
jaegeronce linux-firmware is installed the iwlwifi-600-4.ucode file will be in /lib/firmware and the kernel/udev should find it automatically next time the module is loaded19:46
DRLongawesome, thanks again. you guys are awesome. but i won't let the secret out19:47
koriDRLong: what secret19:48
DRLongtha you guys don't actually eat newbies19:49
DRLongit worked, yeah19:50
kori(that's actually arch linux)19:50
korijk I've never been to their channel19:50
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onoderais there any reason to use curl over wget with pkgmk?21:20
frinnstthis would make you crap your pants:
teK___reminds me of
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