IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2015-07-27

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timcowchipCrux default browser
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: exim: update to 4.8607:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: imagemagick: update to 6.9.108:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: pure-ftpd: update to 1.0.4208:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: mysql: update to 5.6.2608:01
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tired890so I sent my PSU for RMA due to coil whine which I couldn't take (corsair AX850)08:51
tired890they came back with: sorry that model is no longer available(?!) .. however we will be happy to replace it with AX860 (850 to 860) given you "top up" the price to match it?!!!08:52
tired890the "top up" price is USD 2608:52
retardcaveat emptor08:52
tired890I figured since I will have a sealed brand new unit I will sell it..08:52
retardthat shit would never fly here08:52
retardconsumer laws08:53
tired890yes I figured.. but I have another PSU anyways and thought having a sealed unit (as opposed to RMA fixed) will be easier to sell.. which I intend to do08:55
retardi'd probably just ask for the money you spent back in your shoes, but hey08:56
frinnstheh, who's responsible for this?
tired890not sure I get that one retard08:56
tired890the unit is 3 years old..08:56
koriIt's 5 am and I'm about to do some dumb shit08:56
korifrinnst: z3bra08:57
tired890kori, take it easy mate08:57
tired890frinnst, do I download this08:57
tired890your firefox build should just play it no?08:57
z3brafrinnst, that was me08:58
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koriits pretty cool08:58
frinnstoh you're the one that posted it to reddit :)08:58
frinnstwas surprised when you did pkginfo08:59
nweargh, building influxdb-ports is annoying..09:00
nwehow hard would it be...09:00
korinwe: you think that's annoying?09:03
koriI'm about to try and build icecat09:03
koristatically linked against musl09:03
korihow's that for an annoying build?09:03
koriboost is the most annoying thing I've ever built09:03
tired890how is it going with iceCat?09:05
korinot going at all haha09:05
tired890I consider myself a purist so if I could run that I surely would switch from firefox09:05
koriwell, I am using icecat right now09:05
koriport there09:06
koritired890: romster also has it compiled09:06
nwekori: it´s more that I get go install outside root location..09:06
tired890do addons and such work (namely adblock pls)09:06
koritired890: use ublock origin09:07
tired890kori, yes I'm using it now09:07
tired890need to compile with march=native09:07
tired890so will use the port ;)09:07
koricool cool09:08
korithe musl plan isn't working09:11
korinevermind that HA09:11
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z3braIt killed me when I realised how much patching you need to get everything to compile with musl09:13
z3braEven "reliable" tools like iproute2 and such09:14
Romsteri want my 2 minutes and 20 seconds back.... frinnst09:20
frinnstblame z3bra!09:20
DRLonghey @frinnst, thanks for your help yesterday.09:21
DRLongi went back to openbsd until i get a better understanding of crux's implementation09:22
DRLongi do love the speed, wow, is it fast.!09:22
RomsterDRLong, pretty much linux from scratch with Pkgfiles and a BSD style init layout09:23
retardopenbsds lack of unicode support disappointed me09:24
DRLongyou would think i would be right at home coming from openbsd09:24
DRLongthere is still quite the learning curve09:24
z3braRomster, have a good laugh today09:25
DRLongwhat do you guys think of slackware? Its been around awhile09:25
z3brayou'll win 5 minutes of life :)09:25
retardopenbsd has amazing documentation09:25
z3braso that you can watch the vid again09:25
z3braDRLong, slack is nice, but the cult behind it is... odd09:25
Romsternot really had a stresful day09:25
DRLongi agree the documentation is awesome.09:26
DRLongAre there any websites for Crux howto,wiki and overall info other than their main site09:27
prologicArch Wiki is generally very useful09:28
prologicand typically a lot of the information therein can apply to CRUX09:28
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prologicmostly because Arch was/is a clone of CRUX in many ways :)09:29
Romsteryeah crux documentation is lacking big time09:31
DRLongprologic, does the wireless information from Arch apply to Crux?09:32
kori(I poked y'all but no response yet. I can contribute documentation!)09:32
Romsterpoked where?09:32
z3braRomster, anyone can edit the wiki?09:33
z3braor you need an account of some sort?09:33
Romsteri made a semi-done install guide for newbies on crux. the main handbook is a mess.09:33
prologicRomster, we don't really need any :)09:33
Romsterz3bra, the user side yes09:33
prologicDRLong, *almost* anything should - yes09:33
Romsteryeah yeah typical james...09:34
koriprologic: need what?09:34
prologicThe *only* things that don't apply are systemd related09:34
prologicand obviously pacman (their package manager)09:34
DRLonghey romster, where can i find said newbie guide?09:34
prologicmost Arch PKGBUILD files can be borrowed almost directly with a few minor modifications09:34
koria big problem is that CRUX's documentation is all over the place09:34
korion the website09:34
prologicmostly stripping away the crap09:34
Romsteri got it on my google drive09:34
DRLongwilling to share?09:34
koriDRLong: what do you need?09:35
z3brakori, what do you need?09:35
DRLongdocumentation for setting up wireless09:35
z3brathere is the handbook, and the wiki09:36
koriz3bra: no, I mean09:36
koriI don't need documentation09:36
prologicif you guys don't like the documentation that exists os much09:36
z3braDRLong, check this09:36
prologicdo something about it09:36
koribut for example, some help pages09:36
prologicdon't whinge about it :)09:36
koriprologic: I mean, I'm trying09:36
koribut I can't create an acct09:36
DRLongi've read the wiki for setting up iwl3945 and tried applying making modification of course09:36
prologicI've offered to host another wiki of ssorts if that makes it easier09:36
koriso I have to come here and bother you09:36
prologiceveryone does Markdown tehse days09:36
Romsterwhy don't we setup markdown on ?09:37
prologicand everyone has a Github account09:37
koriyeah markdown is great09:37
prologicno I mean leave as it is09:37
prologicit's fine09:37
prologicI can setup as a github repo09:37
koriit's not fine, prologic09:37
prologicso you can all edit it's content09:37
korijust saying09:37
z3brawhat's ?09:37
prologicwell you would have to vet it across the existing crux devs/maintainers09:37
prologicI'm not against improving crux.nu09:38
Romsterhat is this a fork attempt... why not ont eh site it is part of crux.09:38
prologicbut there are "other things" to consider09:38
koriI can see both sides of the coin09:38
prologicz3bra, a domain I happen to own :)09:38
z3braI see09:38
z3brawhat do you plan on using it for?09:38
koribut then again, the vet part with all devs/maintainers is why I chose to roll the 6c37 without that much consideration for upstream except for keeping in line with the filesystem layout09:38
prologicno idea :)09:38
z3bra(not sure it's grammatically correct)09:38
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kori6c37 repo'09:38
prologicall I'm saying is this09:39
prologiclink to from crux.nu09:39
prologicit's a wiki afterall. I can add the link09:39
prologicthen make it easier for users like you to contribute to new documents09:39
prologicin markdown or whatever09:39
korithat's fine I guess09:39
prologicusing Github09:39
prologicyou could even use rst too09:40
prologicif you're so inclinced09:40
prologicthe kind of setup I'm talking about would actually support both09:40
Romsterprologic, have yo even talked to the crux devs about it?09:40
prologicthen no-one need complain of having to setup yet another account (who doedsn't have github accounts?)09:40
koriI'm not a dev but as an user I'd rather have a clean up of the website09:40
prologicand you can edit to your hearts content09:40
korifrom the user side, there appears to be some cruft around09:40
prologicRomster, why would I need to?09:40
koriold pages, incomplete pages...09:40
prologicit's not in conflict with crux.nu09:40
prologicjust trying to help :)09:41
prologicI have to admit (tbqh)09:41
prologicI don't like the wiki engine we use09:41
z3braRomster, are you not a crux dev?09:41
prologicit's syntax is well umm crud09:41
korithe separate website idea is good09:41
prologicI tend to write a lot of Markdown/reStructedText thse days09:41
Romsterlets make all these otehr domains and pont to them... than to fix up the site itself.09:41
koribut consider merging it into as fast as possible09:41
prologicso writing wiki is kind of counter prductive09:41
DRLongromster, are you in charge of the crux website?09:42 really needs a serious face lift09:42
Romsterz3bra, honestly i don't know i'm a member but not a core member09:42
DRLongif so, thanks.09:42
Romsterno i am not DRLong09:42
z3braI see09:42
prologicone of the reasons I"m saying to do it seraptetylyu09:42
prologicis there is a lot of value in itself09:42
prologicand historical content09:42
prologicwe can't just go nuking it09:42
prologicit is what CRUX is and always will be IHMO09:42
prologicbut there's nothing wrong with a suppliementary site that accompnises it09:43
Romsternow i never said anything about nuking it...09:43
prologicwell when I see things like "the handbook is a mess"09:43
prologic"the wiki is a mess"09:43
prologicI assume it'll all be rewritten and restructured :)09:43
prologicit is the tendency of most to rewrite things from scratch afterall09:44
koriNUKE EVERYTHING :D /s09:48
koriprologic: there's a couple dead links09:49
koriand then some outdated info09:49
korithat's all that needs to be fixed really09:49
z3braI do agree that the wiki's syntax is odd in the markdown era we're living in09:49
z3braBut there are some useful links in there!09:49
korithere are!09:50
z3bralike this:
prologicso let's fix the broken links09:51
prologicand fix the outdated content09:51
prologicis it really that hard? :)09:51
z3braI should subscribe to the ML09:51
prologicI'd do it myself; but I'm afraid I don't know what youy're reerring to09:51
prologicas I almost never refer to the wiki really09:51
Romsteris it really that hard to have a guide that is easy to follow for new users.09:51
prologicI haven't for some no. of years09:51
prologicmostly because most (if not all) of CRUX is really just other software09:51
prologicCRUX itself is quite simple09:51
prologicany experience user will come to realize that after a while :)09:52
DRLongthanks for the hope prologic09:52
prologicdefine "new users"09:52
prologicnwe users to UNIX/LInux09:52
DRLongim a new user09:52
prologicnew users to CRUX with backgrounds in other UNIX/LInux systems09:52
Romsterthat is stragiht frward and not give 20 million options for the novice. that is willing to learn more. but is overwhelmed with all the jumping around in the handbook09:52
prologicif it's the later; there are tonnes of other well written and better maintained documents around the web09:53
prologicthat all apply to CRUX too09:53
prologicat least we port the same software09:53
Romsterlike waht size do you sugest the partitons to be.... installing setup to get xfce or kde or e17 in a working state.09:53
prologicisn't installing CRUX just; pop CDin; partition disk; format, run setup; setup-chroot and compile kernel and setup grub?09:53
prologicIHMO the hardest part of CRUX for any user is the goddamn kernel09:54
Romsterthen what09:54
prologicbut that's hardly CRUX's fault :)09:54
prologicwhat else do you want?09:54
prologica flying pony? :)09:54
DRLongi agree, one really needs to know ones hardware to get the kernel just right09:54
prologicand the point I'm trying to make as well is this09:54
prologicyou *really* need to understand the software you want to install and use09:55
DRLongi think this is where most people flounder09:55
prologicthere is no simplistic/novice gudie for everything that exists09:55
prologicand we shouldn't write it either09:55
prologicwe'd be duplicating what's already out there09:55
koriI need more people that are willing to do dumb shit for the sake of novelty and possibly a nicer experience but at the end of the day I'm glad the CRUX dev team isn't dumb like me09:55
prologicthat's why I mentioned the Arch wiki09:55
DRLongprologic, agreed.09:55
Romsterwy should i fucking bother wasting my fucking time09:55
prologicvery valuable information that *does* apply09:55
retardi find the crux tools are well written, simple and nice09:55
retardread the source09:55
retardit's right there09:55
Romsterretarded pricks that think everything is fine as it is.09:56
prologicif anyone read my mailnig list post on UNIX Philosophy you'll understand where I'm coming from09:56
prologicCRUX's website might suck a bit and the wiki might be a bit outdated09:56
koriI hate the unix philosophy09:56
Romsteri read that yeah i agree with that.09:56
prologicbut there's more of a lack of effort on the part of users/maintainers that have access to it :)09:56
Romstera bit is a understatement09:57
prologicCRUX itself is quite simple and easy ot use09:57
prologiconce you *understand* the software you are using09:57
z3brabut there are a lot of tools09:57
z3brathat you might not be even aware of09:57
prologicand almost none of the are CRUX tools :)09:57
prologicthey are general UNIX/Linux tools09:57
z3bratake prt-utils09:58
retardboth the tools that are part of the base distribution and the additional tools you can install are described quite clearly in the handbook09:58
prologicbunch of shell/perl scripts09:58
prologicI think I only use prt-wash :)09:58
z3brabut still crux tools09:58
prologicnot very many though tbh09:58
prologicfew scripts in prt-utils - yes09:58
prologicpkgutils itself (the low level package manager)09:58
prologicand prt-get09:58
z3brathat's a lot of tools09:58
z3braI barely used 3 of them09:59
prologicretard, agreed09:59
z3braand don't know the others09:59
prologicthey are well documented09:59
prologicwith very good man pages09:59
prologiceven for those in prt-utils09:59
z3brayeah, man pages are great09:59
Romsterwhat does that have todo with the website09:59
retardclear, concise, and nice09:59
prologicI don't think there is anything in CRUX that is not well documented09:59
z3brabut, they're not well "advertised" I think09:59
prologicretard, I agree09:59
prologicit is09:59
korialso, to the crux dev team09:59
prologicthe handbook I find is actualyl well written and organized10:00
koriwe should talk more10:00
prologicwho said it wasn't?10:00
DRLongover 400 packages romster. thanks10:00
koriwe as in you, the devs, and us, 6c3710:00
onoderaYeah the handbook is pretty good10:00
Romstersomeone has to do it. packages. i'll prune a few i don't use now though or give some away.10:00
koriwe do the dumb shit so you don't have to10:00
onoderathe wiki on the other hand feels kinda outdated and messy10:00
koriand we're surprisingly good at it10:00
prologicDRLong, don't take any of this as discouragement :) Learn the software; CRUX itself is very simple; we're here to help :)10:00
koriRomster: contact us10:00
koriwhen you do10:01
koriwe can always pick them up10:01
Romsteractually i got something else you might like kori10:01
DRLongthanks prologic, a good debate is whats needed now and then10:01
prologicwell so far I don't really see a clear direction with this one :)10:02
prologicI think if the wiki is outdated and has broken links10:02
prologicsomeone needs to pick up that and run with it and fix them10:02
prologicwhat's that saying that goes "if you swa it fix it?"10:03
onoderaNOT LOOKING10:03
prologicperhaps an alternative idea10:03
retardprologic: i don't have github account, btw10:04
prologicperhaps the crux devs/maintainers could be convinced to setup a which could be pointed at a github pages siste10:04
retardand i'm not getting one :]10:04
prologicpowered by something like Pelican ( a static blog/site tool ) that supports wiki, rest and markdown10:04
prologicretard, yeah there are folk like you :)10:04
prologicalbeit; rate :P10:05
z3braprologic, I don't like github for wiki10:10
z3braIt require having a github account10:10
z3bracan't we go with an in-house solution?10:10
Romsterwhy this fascination with github10:11
Romstersure github is cool and all...10:11
retardwe have a wiki10:11
z3brafacebook for devs10:11
Romsterbut shit so is every other service out there...10:11 is it's own enterty it hosts everything itself in a simplistic way10:11
koriRomster: because github is the largest10:11
koriI don't support a move to github10:11
koriby the way.10:11
korieven if I'm a huge github user10:12
Romsterwhats the saying.. putting al the eggs in the same basket10:12
koriothers may not be10:12
onoderagithub is SJW infested10:12
korisee: retard10:12
Romsterhave zero control what github does.10:12
onoderathey removed a projects because it's slogan was "offensive" (it was something like webm maker for retards)10:12
Romsterhave all the control in the world on crux on crux.nu10:12
korionodera: that may not have been the reason, by the way10:12
Romsteralso isn't it neat the entiore site is running crux? and does not require forums and git hosting elsewhere? or even wiki for that matter.10:13
retardi think the existing wiki is fine10:13
retardmight benefit from more active users, but .. eh10:13
Romsterall i think is content needs reviewing fixed up. and the site needs a little bit of a face lift.10:14
onoderaI think the website looks really good10:14
retardi agree with onodera10:14
onoderareally mminimal and easy on the eyes10:14
Romstergo look at any other distros site then see how elinks looking ours is -_-10:14
retardand a nice, logical set of links10:14 DOES need a face lift10:14
koribut it doesn't need a super face lift10:15
koriinto bootstrap facestretching levels10:15
korijust some slight touches here and there10:15
korinot much10:15
koriits fine for the most part, the website design10:15
Romsterexactly... and more active people on the wiki.10:15
Romsteri shoudl eb doing more but hell look what i do now...10:15
korialso, that stupid fucking penguin is starting to annoy me more than it was a couple months ago10:15
koriit's so cute but still10:15
Romsterto me it's drunk10:16
retardi think the site is an excellent expression of what crux is about10:19
DRLong /part off to work10:21
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koriwoah what was that10:22
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retardi'm sorry, i didn't recieve that test10:24
retardyou'll have to try again10:24
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Romstersome part of the internet dropped off the radar.10:31
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onodera /join #bsd12:17
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tired890defector ?14:16
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onoderamaybe lol14:24
onoderait has a few ports related things crux doesn't have, like dependecies with pkgmk (or make for freesbd), and makefile options14:26
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z3braDo you guys think a "default" build() function could be added to pkgmk14:31
z3braOr it sounds like a bad idea?14:31
z3brasomething that would check for ./configure and run it, run make/make install with sane values14:32
z3bralike --prefix=/usr, DESTDIR=$PKG and such14:32
z3braso that making Pkgfile would be even easier in some cases14:32
retardi don't think i see much value in it14:32
z3braI didn't expect much from a retard so that's fine14:33
retardi learned to make packages by looking at other packages, and when i need to make another one i start with one i've already made14:33
z3braYeah I have templates too14:33
z3brabut wouldn't it be simple to just set 4 variables, and be done with it?14:33
onoderaz3bra: the thing I like about crux pkgfiles is that there are no curstom functions14:34
z3brathis is not a custom function14:34
z3brathis is a default one.14:34
retardmy experience is that almost every package needs some degree of customization14:34
onoderalike gentoo has emake and econfigure and tons of other things I don't really understand, pkgfiles are just plain pure basg14:34
z3braI can't count the number of packages I have that are just14:35
z3bra./configure --prefix=/usr14:35
z3bramake DESTDIR=$PKG install14:35
z3bra+ cd $name-$version and other things14:36
z3braall build functions are the same14:36
z3braand it's around 40% of the things I package14:36
z3braI think it could make the port creation even simpler14:37
z3bra(don't get me wrong, I love the current Pkgfile format)14:37
z3brasopmething around those lines:
frinnstsounds very bad IMO14:54
frinnstwill cause all sorts of troubles14:54
frinnstuse prtcreate if you're lazy14:54
z3brayeah I already use templates and such14:55
z3brabut I was just wonderring if this options has already been discussed or not14:56
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: pmwiki: update to 2.2.7816:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: ocaml: update to 4.02.316:34
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: stunnel: update to 5.2116:34
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rmullz3bra: Here's a patch to prtcreate that will let you pass a path to a custom template file:
rmullfrinnst: Any desire to include this in prt-utils?17:02
z3braI already wrote my "own" version of prtcreate17:03
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z3brawhich will use templates and an interactive prompt to create a default Pkgfile17:04
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z3brabut thanks :)17:04
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rmullI'm working at a new place and their existing body of sourcecode is a disaster18:18
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: harfbuzz: updated to 0.9.4218:36
jawboi thought i saw where harfbuzz had hit 1.018:39
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frinnstyes, keeping crux on 0.9.x is an evil conspiracy!18:40
jawboi KNEW i saw a black helicopter fly around my house when i accessed crux.nu18:40
jawboalthough it looks like 0.9.42 == 1.018:43
joacimfrinnst is secretly a lizardman18:44
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jawboheh, someone updated it to 1.0.1....19:23
jawbothrough vigilance we have avoided tyranny! the devs want to keep us down (on version 0.9.x), but i say to you fellow users, ARISE and UNITE. WE DEMAND HIGHEST VERSIONS AND WE FIGHT FOR FREEEEEDDDDDDOOOOOMMMMM19:24
*** ileach has joined #crux19:36
timcowchipso does everything dependent on harfbuzz (pango libass fltk harfbuzz-icu) need rebuilding?19:54
timcowchipthen what about everything dependent on pango libass and fltk?20:02
timcowchipoh good20:04
tired890hi gents20:05
tired890besides the kernel, is there any software that requires a reboot on a linux box?20:05
frinnstdepends, but generally not20:06
frinnstunless you need to think about SLA; reboots are a good thing every once in a while. to make sure crap still boots :)20:07
tired890file update fails.. (file-5.24.tar.gz) none of the download links work..20:13
teK___use our mirror in pkgmk:
tired890teK___, is there a setting somewhere where I can put this to be used universally by prt-get ?20:15
tired890oh well.. I modified the Pkgfile and it updated successfully, cheers teK___20:19
jawboi guess you would want to reboot too if you introduce any new hardware drivers, but i guess that's the kernel20:21
teK___tired890: no no no20:22
teK___use this:20:22
teK___% grep MIRROR /etc/pkgmk.conf20:22
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*** timcowchip has joined #crux20:37
*** DRLong has joined #crux20:42
*** Workster has joined #crux20:48
timcowchiphi workster :)20:54
*** dougl has joined #crux20:58
z3braHi jaeger! Just a quick notice to ask for an updated port for ffmpeg, which is now in version 2.7.2 (against 2.5.2 in the ports). Thank you!21:01
jaegerI'm not the ffmpeg maintainer but thank you for the polite request. :)21:02
*** gb00s has quit IRC21:06
*** BitPuffin|osx has joined #crux21:08
onoderasome kind of "mark as outdated" function in the portdb would be really nice21:11
*** Feksclaus has joined #crux21:26
timcowchipmy crux desktop is the coolest f'n thing I've ever seen
nilpthat is pretty damn cool21:39
timcowchipthanks :)21:40
z3brammmh, sorry about that jaeger :)21:40
z3braIt must be late too late for me ^^'21:40
z3bradamn, romster is off21:41
*** nilp has quit IRC21:48
jaegerz3bra: no worries21:51
jaegerhey, a familiar wallpaper :)21:51
frinnstis that a vm or a tiiiiny screen?21:54
frinnst15" crt ftw?21:54
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: git: 2.4.6 -> 2.5.021:55
timcowchipwmfs2 tint2svn21:57
joacimdon't make fun of tiny screens. still rocking my 14"21:58
joacimonly goes up to 800x600 tho21:58
timcowchipgood for dosbox games21:58
joacimdosbox is for scrubs. still rocking my 486dx2 here21:59
joacimi wish i could find a cool computer like that. got nothing older than a pentium here22:00
jaegerwonder if my 50mhz sparc lunchbox could run dosbox well, heh22:01
joacimfind only pentium 4 and athlon xp/64 stuff in e-waste bins22:01
*** Romster has joined #crux22:48
onoderaRomster: hi, z3bra asked if you could update ffmpeg23:03
onoderafrom 2.5.2 to 2.7.223:03
Worksterthat's a massive jump...23:03
Worksterwhen i've had coffee :)23:03
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timcowchipoh no, not ffmpeg23:23
timcowchipjk :)23:24
*** onodera has quit IRC23:34
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timcowchipcdogs on dosbox
timcowchipI usually do fullscreen, but couldn't use scrot then23:58
*** Lukc has quit IRC23:58

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