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jaegerrelated -
timcowchipawesome! I gots to get me some of that00:04
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timcowchipdoes audacity-2.1.1 build with its own version of ffmpeg?00:31
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nilpz3bra, shouldn't the zathura-* ports have zathura as a dependency?07:46
z3braI'm not quite sure07:52
z3braas it's more the opposite07:52
z3brazathura depends on zathura-poppler for example07:52
nilphmm, true07:57
nilpbut you can have zathura without the plugins (though it's not useful), you can't build the plugins without zathura07:57
nilpalso, zathura seems to depend on dbus07:59
z3braah, didn't realise you cannot build them08:00
z3braare build dependencies to be listed in the dependency field?08:00
z3braI though it was just for runtime deps08:00
nilpno idea08:02
nilpi would have thought build dependencies would make sense08:02
nilpas it's rather hard to run anything without building in on a source based distro08:02
z3braBut you can run the app without it08:03
z3braas in, you can remove the package safely after building it08:03
timcowchipwhat is parsed by "prt-get depends"?08:04
timcowchipis it the Depends line in Pkgfile08:04
timcowchipI would think everything required to build and run should be in there08:05
nilpz3bra, you can use it without zathura anyway.08:06
timcowchip"Nice to have:"08:06
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z3brafor intance08:15
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z3bra* We list all runtime dependencies except for gcc (libstdc++) and glibc.08:19
z3bra* 'core' contains essential packages for a CRUX system, and our scripts and ports expect the programs provided by 'core' to be installed; this means that08:19
z3bra    + build dependencies provided by core are not listed in the dependency header08:19
z3bra    + run-time dependencies from core which aren't dynamically linked in are not to be listed, either08:19
nilpfair enough, i don't agree but i won't complain.08:21
nilpbut zathura is a runtime dependency of zathura-* anyway08:21
z3braI'll add it08:22
z3brathanks for the notice08:22
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nilpno problem z3bra, for me at least.08:48
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: update to 10.6.309:06
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nwehello :)09:44
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nwetjenare frinnst läget då?14:18
frinnstsom vanligt14:30
DaViruzvem är inte det14:34
nwehehe jobbar du eller har du semester?14:36
nweingen semester inplanerad eller?14:39
koriis it bad that the only swedish words I know are swears14:47
nwekori: hehehe I think thats very common :)15:16
joacimi can teach you how to swear in norwegian!15:17
joacim"jævla svensker!" :315:17
joacimThere's also "svenskefaen". works in any situation.15:17
korijoacim:  that's not very nice :<15:18
kori(assuming it means what I think it means)15:18
nweyay now time to test influxdb and grafana ports and see if everything working as it should..15:19
joacimnot sure if norwegians have anything bad to say about the danes. i guess it is more fun to make fun of the swedes =)15:19
koriare those analogous to jävla and fan?15:21
tilmanservant frinnst position when15:53
tilmangoogle translate <315:53
tilmanit doesn't know tjena? wtf?15:53
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nwethree new ports :) grafana,influxdb,nodejs-grunt-cli =) must update rc-script for collectd so it using SSD :)16:52
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timcowchipxorg-server a rebuild after mesa3d?18:24
onoderaI don't think so18:30
onoderaIf you are not sure just run a revdep18:30
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timcowchipthanks onodera, I'll do 'prt-get update -fr $(revdep)'18:33
rmullrevdep can return false positives18:37
onoderalike nvidia18:37
onoderafor me18:37
timcowchipsyslinux for me18:39
jaegerjre, libreoffice, syslinux are some false positives but usually not nvidia18:55
onoderait always returns nvidia for me19:05
onoderaeven after rebuilding19:05
jaegerare you using a custom nvidia port?19:05
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onoderajust the on from opt19:08
onoderaI'll revdep again just to be sure19:09
jaegerif it's still showing, pastebin the output from revdep -vv nvidia and ldd on the files it reports, if you don't mind19:11
onoderanope no showing anymore19:12
onoderahmm weird, It /always/ used to show before19:12
onoderaI probably did something right :p19:12
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timcowchiprevdep after updating mesa3d gives me syslinux only19:53
timcowchipnice, if I can believe it19:54
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timcowchiprebooted ok :)20:04
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