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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: password-store: relax dependencies, move man-pages.00:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: [notify] net-snmp: updated to 5.7.3. Removed support for tcp_wrappers00:12
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dlcusafontforge download part 2 fails for cidmaps.tgz (see something else missing?00:28
frinnstgithub is shiiiiiiiiiiit at distributing binaries00:39
frinnstbut I see that the real issue is the server00:39
frinnstyou could look around for a mirror and download it manually00:39
dlcusaVery well.00:39
frinnstand copy it to /usr/ports/distfiles/ that you seem to be using00:39
Worksteri have a copy on
Worksterof everything practically and we have a round robin mirror at
dlcusaThe git fontforge/doc/README-unix said to grab "" which downloaded straight-way.00:52
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dlcusaromster, texinfo was not optional for lilypond (see
Worksterthat url worked for me on cidmaps01:26
dlcusaThe fontforge build appeared to be nominal--do you want to see it?01:32
Worksteras long as the sum of the file matched it's fine, and no.01:40
Worksteri've already tested the build01:40
dlcusaWell, I need to call it a day, so I'll pick this up again tomorrow with a remove/reinstall clean slate.01:43
dlcusaI much appreciate your work and support, sir!01:43
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: powertop: Updated version 2.6 -> 2.702:35
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: libidn: updated to 1.3207:49
nwehello :)08:02
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teK___I could have sworn that I pushed the texlive update months ago11:14
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teK___compiling once again :-)11:21
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dstat: took maintainership15:14
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nwegood evening!18:35
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nwehow are you ?18:36
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tired890fine. You?18:42
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tired890whats a good terminal font? I was using Xfce4-terminal which was great, but upon switching to openbox about a month ago, I decided to do a cleanup yesterday and removed all xfce stuff including xfce-terminal.. I installed mrxvt which works fine but I can't find a good font to go with it.. I tried to find what font xfce4-terminal uses by default but couldn't find that info! Don't want to reinstall just for that :D18:55
jaegerI'm a fan of terminus and source code pro/source sans pro18:56
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tired890jaeger, cheers. Is there a pkg where all those fonts can be installed?19:00
tired890prt-get fsearch doesn't reveal much19:01
jaegerxorg-font-terminus is one of them but check the portdb for the adobe (source) ones19:01
retardthere are numerus font packages available in contrib, among them xorg-font-terminus19:01
tired890seems the source pro fonts are only available on nwe and romster repos19:03
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deep42thoughtHi, what's the correct way to generate a .footprint file if I'm just creating the port?19:05
deep42thoughtI simply tried pkgmk, but it returns an empty file19:06
retarddeep42thought: the .footprint file is generated from the built package when it's complete19:07
retardif you get an empty .footprint there is most likely something wrong with your Pkgfile19:07
jaegermake sure you're installing into $PKG in your Pkgfile19:08
deep42thoughtI'll try that :-/19:08
retardfeel free to link it if you run into trouble, i can have a look19:08
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deep42thoughtso the directory $PKG/usr/share/bla will become /usr/share/bla on the destination system?19:12
deep42thoughtah, ok, now it works :-) ... and I don't need to be root to use pkgmk and I don't overwrite my current installation :-D19:15
nwetired890: I have the source/pro font in my repo..19:16
retardno prob, good luck and godspeed19:17
tired890yes I'm testing the terminus font now.. it would make a great "stat" font like for use with conky or such19:17
tired890but not terminal/chat etc19:17
tired890to each his own I guess..19:17
retardit's legible, so i use it19:18
retardi have no strong feelings either way though19:18
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deep42thoughtI get footprint mismatches, because the files belong to root, if I install but to me if I use pkgmk19:21
deep42thoughtShould I run pkgmk as root, too?19:22
deep42thoughtdoesn't seem right19:22
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frinnstyes, or use fakeroot19:22
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frinnst"fakeroot pkgmk"19:22
deep42thoughtwoohoo, now it *really* works :-)19:25
deep42thoughtthanks again19:25
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deep42thoughtgood night!19:41
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onoderawhat are some cool distros to tinker with?20:12
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joacimi just tinker with crux.20:31
joacimwouldn't mind to play around with slackware tho20:31
joacimbeen a while since i last tried that20:32
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onoderaI'm gonna try out freebsd21:00
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onoderawish me luck :^)21:00
onoderabtw what is the best/safest/easiest way of backing my data up to an external disk?21:00
onoderarsync? if so what flags should I use21:01
frinnstrsync --man21:01
frinnstdepends if you want to mirror it or not21:01
frinnst(as in remove deleted files from the target)21:01
frinnstyou might want to check out rdiff-backup21:02
onoderaI use always use -aAXv, but for some reason the copied data is always a few bytes bigger/smaller, why is this?21:03
onoderahmm rdiff-backup looks pretty good21:04
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timcowchipwill linux-4.1.4 work on 3.1?21:09
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onoderatimcowchip: probably21:09
onoderawhy wound't it, I'm using Linux 4.1.0-pf1 atm21:10
timcowchipI'm still on 3.12.2421:10
onoderathere aren't many noticiable improvements imo21:11
onoderathe only nice noticable improvement is quicker wake-up from suspend (3.15)21:11
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onoderaoh and ext4 encryption21:12
frinnstgeez man, upgrade that shit asap!21:18
frinnst23:00 -!- frinnst [] has joined #crux21:18
frinnstthat was me upgrading from 4.1.3 to 4.1.4 :)21:19
frinnstI dont understand people that can knowingly run vulnerable crap21:19
tired890I'm on 4.1.2.. will jump to 4.2 when its out21:19
tired890frinnst, I always thought you were "dont fix it if it aint broken" kinda person21:20
tired890seems you are cutting edge tho ;)21:20
frinnstif its vulnerable, its fucking broken21:20
tired890well, not if one is one a maintained branch21:20
onoderaisn't 3.12 still supported?21:21
frinnstand its impossible to tell what versions of linux are vulnerable to what, since they like security by obscurity21:21
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frinnstyes, but 3.12 is on .45 now21:21
tired890if one is on, say 3.12 and keeps updating as patches come out for that particular version they should be ok no?21:21
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tired890those rapid number changes are annoying I have to  say21:23
tired890in a few years time we will have firefox 10021:23
onoderanah that doesn't look good21:24
tired890I'd say much sooner21:24
frinnstlongterm: 3.4.10821:24
onoderathe next trend is gonna be "program name next"21:24
onoderasee fedora next21:24
onoderafirefox next 1.021:24
tired890I dont understand why wont they simply bump a small number.. they racing google?21:25
tired890I mean the changelog hardly justifies a minor as in x.x.<changehere), let along <changehere>.021:25
onoderabigger numbers look better to most people21:25
frinnstyeah they noticed chrome was popular21:26
onoderaalthough most people probably don't even look at the version numbers21:26
frinnstignoring the fact that early chrome was just more streamlined than firefox21:26
frinnstnow they both suck more or less the same21:26
frinnstyuck: Subject: [Bug 1186748] Switch all builds to Gtk+321:27
onoderamaybe servo will improve things21:27
onoderathe current nightly is already being build with gtk321:28
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Romstertired890, xorg-font-inconsolata-dz22:35
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pitillohey, does someone know how to change default head shown in gitweb?22:55
jaegerthere's no way to do it by default, I believe... you'll need to hack it up a bit23:00
pitilloI'll deep a bit then. Thank you jaeger23:02
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pitillosometime without taking a look... and finally it's done with some calm23:23
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frinnsttek knows i think23:36
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