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timcowchipshould I try to build firefox?01:23
koritimcowchip: how many GB of ram do you have?01:23
korithen no01:24
timcowchiphow many do I need for chromium?01:24
timcowchipso yes to chromium?01:25
koriyes, sure, why not01:25
timcowchipthanks kori :001:26
timcowchipI mean :)01:26
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jawbobuild all of it03:06
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: deco: dropped09:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: deco-archive: dropped09:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: nvclock: dropped09:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: nvdock: dropped09:05
pitillokori: you can give a try to ff too with enought swap09:14
pitilloprobably 12-16G09:14
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xeirrrHello. Do we have a accurate date to release 3.2? ^09:22
pitillodon't think so09:25
Romsteri have ff already built09:31
Romster and chromium09:32
pitillohere I have it built with 1Gb of ram Romster in the cb2... currently updating to 39.0.309:32
Romsterand you need like 12GB to build firefox possibly more09:32
Romsteryeah but you have swap09:33
Romsteri got 8GB ram and more swap over ssd and 4 hard disks as raid0 for higher bandwidth and ipos09:33
pitillosure... 16Gb here... 36h to build it... no time to play with lower swap09:34
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joacimthat sounds like a lot. does it really need that much?12:16
joacimbuilt fine for me on a system with 8GB RAM a year ago. took 20 minutes12:16
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Romster30-45 minutes usually12:19
Romsteryeah used to in 8GB unless it's reduced now.12:20
Romsteri just have a really high number so i don't ever run out.12:20
Romsterpkgmk on /usr/ports/work type tmpfs (rw,relatime,size=33554432k)12:20
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ileachHi there .. is there any way  to get libreoffice working with newer versions ob libgnutls .. it complains about wich is  way older then the current package12:44
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teK___I downgraded gnutls to 3.3.. explains why this works for me[tm]12:53
onoderaRomster: why relatime?12:56
onoderaisn't noatime faster?12:57
Romstermight break builds this is in ram...12:57
Romstermake depends on the time of a file being recent12:57
onoderaoh I didn't know13:03
onoderabrb fixing my tmpfs13:03
onoderaoh because it's ram it shouldn't really affect speed right?13:04
ileachHi teK.. hmm yeah maybe I downgrad..  but I thought  maybe there is an easier way  because the latest gnutls includes an whatever the xx part means13:05
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onoderaRomster: does this look okay:13:20
onoderatmpfs /usr/pkgmk/work tmpfs  defaults,rw,relatime,size=12G 0 113:20
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Romster0 013:40
Romsteryou don't need to fsck tmpfs13:40
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timcowchipchromium finally built :)17:19
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timcowchipgot to add:17:21
timcowchipexport GOOGLE_API_KEY="no"17:21
timcowchipexport GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_ID="no"17:21
timcowchipexport GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_SECRET="no"17:21
timcowchipto /etc/profile17:21
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teK___Not even cheapish, if you factor in the effects of inflation19:34
teK___-> nice19:34
onoderafrinnst: lol19:34
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