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frinnstGPU Accelerated Windows1/1 OpenGL (OMTC)15:54
frinnstahh, free drivers15:54
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tired890aw man system broke again after a sysup16:27
tired890thats it I'm wiping it clean and back to trusty 3.116:27
tired890I have a separate partition for home,16:27
joacimwhats the problem?16:28
tired890so besides backing up the usual .conf inside /etc, anything else I need to backup before wiping the root partition and doing a reinstall ?16:28
frinnstwhy would you *wipe* / ?16:28
frinnstjust boot from the 3.1 iso, "upgrade" the packages and rebuild those that complain via revdep16:29
joacimi dont believe anything is so broken it cannot be fixed by a simple pkgadd16:29
frinnstit never is16:29
tired890I think its about time I reinstall crux? won't that give me a cleaner box ?16:29
tired890I see16:29
joacimi think i've used the same install since the 2.4 days16:29
onoderaa seperate home parition is so awesome16:29
tired890onodera, yes mine is separate16:30
onoderaI like how even more complex programs liek firefox rememebr everything16:30
frinnstmy old install died with my old / disk16:30
tired890so I mount the 3.1 iso and pkgadd everything ?16:30
onoderaah I hive all my dotfiles backed up too16:30
onoderawith a symlink script16:30
frinnstbefore it died it was once a slackware 8 installation :-)16:30
frinnsttired890: yes16:31
onoderatired890: you can probably use setup to reinstall everything automatically16:31
frinnstyou might want to try the "setup" and the upgrade option. not sure if that will work though16:31
jaegertired890: ease of recovery aside, I'd recommend fixing it instead of reinstalling simply to learn more16:31
tired890jaeger, good call. Its more the frequency of breaking rather than figuring out a specific issue.16:32
tired890see now, when I try to open firefox I get:16:32
tired890XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/lib/firefox/
tired890/usr/lib/ symbol h_errno, version GLIBC_PRIVATE not defined in file with link time reference16:33
tired890Couldn't load XPCOM.16:33
frinnstrebuild glib16:33
tired890so I did a revdep and found a few, one of which is cmake16:33
tired890I try to rebuild cmake but it fails with:16:33
jaegerthat is the clue in that error message16:33
jaegerfind out which package owns it and start there (glib as frinnst says)16:34
frinnstor brute-force it with # prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)16:34
jaegerthat won't teach :)16:34
tired890frinnst, that will rebuild my entire system including contrib/opt/etc16:35
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tired890upon doing prt-get fsearch <name of clue>, I get no results16:35
tired890do I need to put exact file name for fsearch to find it?16:35, yes16:36
tired890eg: prt-get fsearch libgio (or libgio*) doesnt find it anything16:36
tired890frinnst, ah, go it.16:36
tired890alrighty I guess I'm staying with 3.2 then.. perhaps once I get it sorted this time I will stop using sysup and just update individual ports (if needed in the first place)16:38
tired890until I hear the good news about 3.2 final and then my good friends, sysup :)16:38
onoderaa lot of ports will need to be updated :p16:41
onoderasome ports do not work with dash being the default sh, a stimple SHELL=/bin/bash will work but still16:42
onoderaand of course the man page locations.16:42
tired890onodera, perhaps by that time will try to do a wipe of / and a clean install without any reference ;)16:43
tired890no handbook no man pages :D16:43
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tired890ping Romster16:45
tired890in your pidgin pkgfile16:45
tired890there is this line:16:45
tired890--with-system-ssl-certs=/etc/ssl/certs \16:46
tired890I don't have that in my system (I switched to libressl)16:46
tired890do I just remove this line or is there a proper way to fix it in my case?16:46
frinnstyes, dont use libressl16:47
tired890I was under the impression it was a drop-in replacement..16:48
frinnstor contact whoever maintains that port to install that dir16:48
frinnstor generally fix the port16:48
tired890frinnst, what port? libressl ?16:48
onoderatired890: /core/ca-certificates should provide that file16:49
jaegerit provides cert.pem rather than the /etc/ssl/certs dir16:50
tired890do I update the pidgin port to point at the .pem ? or is it a different format ? I don't have the old file so I can't compare!16:51
jaegerI don't know which setup pidgin expects... check the source/docs or try both, maybe16:52
jaegeror if it's working, don't worry about it16:52
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druid_droidHi, how I clean older distfiles ?17:17
druid_droidI also have one problem updating php-gd don't find gd.h under /usr17:20
druid_droidsorry, I have not installed libgd17:21
onoderadruid_droid: doesn't it that doe automatically17:22
onoderaeither way, you can alsways use pkgmk -c17:22
tired890druid_droid, u can use prtwash17:23
tired890myself I just go manually to my work dir and flush it every now and then..17:23
druid_droidthanks, onodera I was thinking pkgmk -c removes also current sources17:23
onoderayeah I just rm * every once in a while, I have good internet though, so no real need to keep distfiles17:23
druid_droidwow prtwash is removing lot of stuff from ports17:30
druid_droidfor example, contrib/dev86/dev86-copt.patch17:30
druid_droidI will remove everything he complains becouse I think if I do ports -u everything will come back17:31
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onoderadruid_droid: that's because the dev86 port is broken, contact the maintainer17:33
onoderade patch is not listed in source like it should be17:33
onoderanow I look at it, the patch doesn't even get used17:33
onoderaso it doesn't really matter17:34
jaegerthat is why prtwash removed it17:36
jaegerit's still in the port but not referenced by source=()17:36
frinnsthow much do you remember from 9 years ago?17:46
frinnst;a=commitdiff;h=a087e5e5e4bddee70c2278ea1ce2a2274a97cfcc <- :)17:47
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tired890what is a proper way to migrate my system to a new disk? say I have a 500GB disk.. that I now wish to replace with a 1TB disk.. doing a dd will not be ideal.. how do I migrate my existing to make use of all the extra space?18:23
jaegerI'd recommend clonezilla and gparted18:24
jaegerboth of which can be booted from a CD or USB drive18:24
tired890jaeger, will look those up. Cheers18:24
jaegeron the other hand you could use dd ify oulike18:24
jaegerif you like, too18:24
jaegerclonezilla will do it more efficiently, much faster18:24
tired890jaeger, using dd will copy everything right? including partition sizes and etc18:25
jaegeryes. so will clonezilla18:25
jaegeryou then fix it with gparted18:25
tired890oh.. I thought those were specialized tools. So DD my partitons over to new disk (either dd or clonezilla) then resize with gparted ?18:26
tired890jaeger, there is resize2fs18:28
tired890any experience with this? Can I use this combo? (dd + resize2fs)18:29
tired890wish I had lots of free disks (space) I'd experiment myself.. hence looking for other's experiences..18:30
tired890alright, for the lolz, I'm dd'ing my entire disk to a USB drive, then will attempt to boot from my laptop! hope that works :D18:34
jaegertired890: you would use parted (or fdisk) and resize2fs, yes18:36
jaegerbasically, you do this:18:36
jaeger1) clone disk (with dd, clonezilla, whatever)18:36
jaeger2) resize partition (with parted, fdisk, whatever)18:36
jaeger3) resize filesystem (with resize2fs, etc.)18:37
tired890jaeger, I see.18:37
tired890I thought 2 and 3 did the same thing..18:37
tired890jaeger, for now my plan is:18:38
tired8901. Clone disk to USB.18:38
jaegergparted and other tools can probably make it look like one step to you but underneath they do both18:38
tired8902. Attempt to boot from USB.18:38
tired8903. If 2 succeeds, dd USB to local disk.18:38
tired8904. resize with parted + resize2fs18:39
tired890I reckon I might be missing a few kernel modules since I'm doing this from a desktop to a laptop..18:39
tired890hopefully nothing major18:39
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jaegerbooting from usb is sometimes a rather odd project but won't hurt to try18:40
tired890jaeger, one thing I need to make sure of.. if I boot from USB and it succeeds (ie live crux!), can I safely DD the live system over to my laptop disk (hence getting a system identical to my desktop in no time - configs need polishing of course)18:42
tired890you reckon that'll work? I'm doing it now (at cloning to USB stage now..)18:42
jaegernot while it's live, certainly18:43
jaegerin general that should work, though. as you say, configs will need polishing. kernel config might need changes18:43
jaegerdepends on the hardware18:43
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tired890jaeger, cool. I will let you know how it goes. Cheers :)18:43
jaegergood luck18:44
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Worksteri recommend ddresuce in place of dd23:45
Worksternever know how many bad sectors could be lurking23:46

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