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elderKHey guys, is it safe to bump the GCC version up to 5x?00:16
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jaegerIt's doable, if you want to, but not officially supported00:33
jaegerif you don't need it in a hurry you might wait for crux 3.200:33
Worksterbest thing to do fire up a vm or docker container update gcc, depinst all your ports you use see what builds and what fails00:37
elderKHow about 4.9? :)00:49
elderK5.x seems kind of experimental.00:49
elderKSee, someone's committed a version of VirtualBox to contrib that won't build with <4.900:50
elderKAs for 3.2, oooooh, shinies!00:51
elderKHow far away is it? :)00:51
jaegernot sure exactly but we're making good progress on it00:51
elderKAwesome :D00:51
Worksteri have a ton of things to do for 3.200:54
jaegerhrmm, unfortunate that sepen would commit a virtualbox port that won't build properly00:55
Worksterif it builds with core/gcc it's not a problem00:55
elderKIt doesn't build with core/gcc.00:57
jaegerreferring to the virtualbox 4.3.26 port?00:57
jaegerwill test it00:57
elderKThank you00:57
elderKTo do with: no_instrument_function00:58
Workster i do have that already built on 2015-05-31 15:1201:01
elderKHow in the heck did you get it to build?01:02
elderKIs your GCC patched?01:02
Worksterdepinst virtualbox01:02
elderKI just did: sudo prt-get depinst virtualbox01:02
Worksteryou are up to date with sysup?01:02
Worksterand no revdep issues?01:02
Worksterand you need kernel sources in /usr/src/...01:03
Worksterthat docker container is a little out of date doing sysup first01:03
elderKOnly thing that revdep prints is inkscape.01:04
Worksterwell that need rebuilding then but that wont affect vbox01:05
Worksterreally like how fast revdep is now.01:06
elderKOut of curiosity, what's the difference between env X=Y cmd and X=Y cmd01:07
elderKBtw, guys, I was thinking of starting a little project awhile ago.01:08
elderKusing sqlite or something.01:08
elderKso that prt-get actions like dependent, depends, etc, were super-fast.01:08
Worksteri think it's just some shells need env to set a var like ksh?01:08
elderKWould anyone here find that at all useful?01:08
elderKman env shows it as a commnad o_O01:08
elderKbut yeah, I figure exactly what you said, Workster01:08
Worksterprt-get cache ; prt-cache deptree xorg01:08
elderKooooo cache sounds nawesome!01:09
Worksteranytime you edit Pkgfile or ports -u run prt-get cache01:09
Worksterthen use prt-cache everywhere01:09
elderKWhat's the accepted way of making it so 32bit builds use the already-downloaded source from a 64bit build?01:10
elderKI figure prt-get.conf somewhere01:10
Workstereh set a distfiles source in /etc/pkgmk.conf01:10
Worksterbut be warned it'll be pain on them nameless github files01:11
elderKSame problem:01:11
elderK                 from /mnt/common-storage/ports/contrib/virtualbox/work/src/VirtualBox-4.3.26/src/VBox/Runtime/common/alloc/alloc.cpp:34:01:11
elderK/lib/modules/4.0.5/build/include/linux/compiler.h:201:29: error: can't set 'no_instrument_function' attribute after definition01:11
elderK static __always_inline void data_access_exceeds_word_size(void)01:11
Worksterand anywhere else that 2 or more ports use the same source filenames but the files are not the same01:11
elderKMaybe my kernel's too modern?01:16
elderKSEems I'm not the only one, either as this listing looks an awful lot like Crux builds:01:17
elderKWorkster: What kernel are you running?01:18
elderKAnd did you apply any patches / changes to VBox' source? Particularly, IPXE?01:19
jaegerI'm building on 3.12.24 on my build env VM but it'll be a bit, it's doing dependencies01:20
Worksterbuilding gcc 4.8.5 so it was on 4.8.4 when i built it last01:27
elderKI'm just creating a quick'n'dirty patch01:28
elderKIt's possible there could be something in my kernel configuration causing this.01:28
Worksteri'm still on 3.18.1101:29
elderKI'm on
Workster 11:29:39 up 126 days, 13:38,  3 users,  load average: 5.37, 5.67, 4.0601:29
Worksterjust haven't bothered to bump it yet01:30
elderKYup, in the kernel01:32
elderKEverything > 3.3, apparently.01:32
elderKwhich makes no sense as you're 3.1801:32
elderKI'll downgrade to 3.18, see what I can learn :)01:33
elderK(BTW, big thanks for helping me out guys)01:33
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elderKOkay, 3.18 is a no go too02:01
elderKWorkster: You're 3.11, right?02:02
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elderKAh, thanks.02:03
koriwait, how do I recompile all packages relating to ssl again?02:14
koriI always forget the command.02:14
korirevdep is faulty here02:16
koriI meant that other prt-get command02:16
elderKprt-get dependent?02:17
elderKor dependents02:17
koriyes! thanks02:17
elderKnp :)02:18
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elderKIt builds fine with 3.18.1102:44
elderKSo somewhere between 3.18.11 and 3.18.20, something changed in the kernel that breaks VBox build.02:44
elderKProbably that no_instrument stuff02:44
elderKThank you both for your help :)02:45
jaegerit built fine with 3.12.24 as well for reference02:47
elderKI think I'll just stay on a lower version kernel rather than hike up the GCC version...02:48
elderKI feel that downgrading my kernel is less dangerous than upgrading the compiler :P02:48
elderKI mean, the patches used in the current core/gcc package work for 4.9.302:49
elderKJust... hmmmm02:49
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elderKHey guys, what do you use for frequency scaling / control?02:53
elderKAtm, I'm just handling it via /sys/02:53
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elderKDo you guys use like, cpupower or i7z or whatever?02:53
elderKcpufreq-utils doesnt seem to work very well anymore.02:53
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onoderafrinnst: Hi, did you find out what causes the ff crashes yet?10:53
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frinnstno, it will probably take a while since I have trouble reproducing it at the moment12:37
keitarohello, anybody installed qt4 in the last time?12:41
frinnstsemi recently12:41
frinnstdoing a build now12:41
frinnstwhats the problem?12:41
keitaroi always get seg faults12:42
frinnstduring build?12:42
frinnstor runtime12:43
keitaroyes, but if i remember correctly not always the same error12:43
keitarowant to install virtualbox12:43
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keitarook, build failed again, but with a different error as last time
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frinnstalmost looks like your toolchain is broken13:09
frinnsti'd suggest you rebuld gcc if you can13:09
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keitarothx, i will try that13:16
rmullkeitaro: Might also want to run a memcheck. Internel compiler errors are not fun.13:48
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keitarormull: i think i did that already, can't quiet remember, have the problem several weeks and only on the qt4 build13:58
keitarothe laptop still needs work on several ends, but everythink that didn't stopped me from using it i just ignored14:01
keitarolike broken framebuffer consoles after i close X and no backlight control on my screen14:01
rmullWhat CPU?14:02
rmullfwiw when I was having this problem (on a Via Nano CPU) I couldn't solve it, but I set up ccache to reduce overall frustration14:03
rmullThe segfault would happen during long builds, usually, but I went way overkill with cooling and it didn't seem like it was a heat issue14:03
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tired890speaking of segfaults.. alsamixer seg faults!15:31
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frinnstI have that too at work15:35
frinnstuse -g to workaround it for now15:35
frinnst(black & white)15:35
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tired890frinnst, that worked. cheers16:23
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timcowchipother than order of appearance in prt-get.conf what determines preference over packages with the same name from other collections20:02
timcowchipI'm reading
timcowchipCollection  Name       Port      Installed20:04
timcowchipmate        gvfs       1.20.2-1  1.24.1-120:04
timcowchipmate        libnotify  0.7.6-1   0.7.6-220:04
jaegerorder is all, I think20:05
timcowchipwill mate eventually move fro 1.8 to 1.10?20:05
jaegeryes. I'm testing the mate 1.10 ports already20:05
timcowchipgonna do it then20:06
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onoderafrinnst: I'm pretty sure the crashes are youtube related20:53
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frinnstnot my crashes20:57
frinnsthavent had a crash here at home for over a day now :/20:58
frinnstyou could try to rebuild firefox without --enable-pic21:04
onoderawhat does that do?21:10
frinnstmemory magic, think it stands for position independent.. code? or something21:14
onoderahave you build your ff with it? why would this fix it?21:17
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timcowchipFix document syntax or use --skip-validation option?21:52
timcowchipsed -i -e 's:$(XMLTO):$(XMLTO) --skip-validation:' man/Makefile.am21:54
jaegerdocbook is such a piece of crap, heh21:55
jaegerdid you make sure to run the post-install script for docbook-xml?21:55
timcowchipI enabled scripts awhile back21:56
timcowchipI'll re-install docbook-xml21:56
timcowchipor install it, that is :P21:57
timcowchipnope...same error21:59
jaegerI can't say I'm really all that surprised, docbook is a pain in the butt22:00
jaegeryou could try the skip-validation option if you like22:00
jaegerI'll test mate-session-manager's build here too22:00
jaegerhrmm, built fine for me for what that's worth22:01
timcowchipI'll add  sed -i -e 's:$(XMLTO):$(XMLTO) --skip-validation:' man/ to the Pkgfile22:02
jaegerlooks like I have a customized docbook-xml port on my system. I don't remember when I created it but I imagine it was because of one of those errors22:02
jaeger if you want to take a look22:05
timcowchipI did 'sudo prt-get update -fr docbook-xml' with
timcowchipsame error22:35
timcowchipI edited the mate-session-manager Pkgfile
timcowchipthe change shows up in the Makefile, but same error still22:36
jaegerhow odd22:36
jaegerI can build a package for you when I get home if you like... my workstation here is on the 3.2 toolchain22:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: net-snmp: footprint update for 3.222:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: net-snmp: cleanup22:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: Merge branch '3.1' into 3.222:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: dstat: changed manpage location22:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: net-snmp: removed post-install, added pre-install. use ssd for init22:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: net-snmp: removed post-install script22:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: Merge branch '3.1' into 3.222:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: Merge branch '3.1' into 3.222:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker: 1.8.122:45
timcowchipok thanks @jaeger22:46
jaeger'wtf' pretty much sums up docbook validation22:47
frinnstrelax to this:
jaegerhaha, nice22:49
frinnstthey have legends too:
timcowchip--disable-docbook-docs works f' documentation22:58
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timcowchipNo package 'gtksourceview-2.0' found?23:29
timcowchippluma depends list gtksourceview and its installed23:30
jaegerdoes /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gtksourceview-2.0.pc exist?23:31
timcowchipthere is a /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gtksourceview-3.0 but no 2.023:33
timcowchipis that a conflict?23:35
timcowchipcan I add a PLUMA_LIBS line to ./configure?23:37
timcowchipcome to think of it I had to update the gtksourceview footprint when it installed23:40
timcowchipbut it still lists usr/lib/pkgconfig/gtksourceview-2.0.pc23:41
timcowchip@jaeger can you paste usr/lib/pkgconfig/gtksourceview-2.0.pc's contents somwhere so I can roll my own?23:44
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jaegersorry, still at work so AFK off and on. gtksourceview-2.0.pc would be installed if gtksourceview is built against gtk2 rather than gtk323:54
jaegersounds like yours is built against gtk323:54
jaeger is the .pc file but if it's missing you're probably missing the library, too23:55
timcowchipthanks :)23:56
jaegerwhat version of gtksourceview do you have installed? Did you install it before adding the MATE repo?23:56
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jaegerthe gtksourceview in opt is 3.14.x so that's probably what happened there23:56
timcowchiprebuilt it against gtk223:58
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jaegerMATE's gtk3 support is still experimental but maybe when they release 1.12 it'll be the default23:59
jaegerAFK, driving home23:59

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