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timcowchipok thanks again jaeger00:00
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Workstertimcowchip, copy gtksourceview to gtksourceview2 and edit the name to gtksourceview2 and change the version to 2.10.500:23
Worksterand change the depends on from gtk3 to gtk200:23
Worksteror is it just gtk i forget00:23
jaegertimcowchip: how now, do you need a copy of the mate-session-manager package or did you get that sorted?00:39
jaegerer, home now. can't type00:40
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timcowchip@jaeger I added --disable-docbook-docs to the Pkgfile and it built without docs01:01
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timcowchipmate works sort of01:06
timcowchipI don't have any icons or a menu01:06
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timcowchipdo I need do that schemas thing?01:15
jaegercouldn't hurt to compile schemas and update icon themes01:20
jaegerfor D in /usr/share/icons/*; do gtk-update-icon-cache ${D}; done <-- something like that01:20
jaegerand glib-compile-schemas /usr/lib/glib-2.0/schemas or whatever01:20
nilpanybody else getting segfaults with firefox 40.0?01:24
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rmullnilp: Yes, we are01:47
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nilpare people on non-crux having issues?01:47
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rmullnilp: I think frinnst was investigating02:23
rmullI don't know whether non-crux are having issues02:23
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jaegertimcowchip: get your icons and menus working?04:01
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timcowchipafter cp /usr/etc/xdg/menus /etc/xdg/menus and cp /usr/etc/xdg/autostart /etc/xdg/autostart, Mate works06:41
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timcowchipmaybe I should 'export PATH=$PATH:/usr/etc'07:00
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: linux-firmware: 2015081409:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: 1.7.48 -> 1.7.4909:25
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.1]: mpg123-32: 1.22.2 -> 1.22.411:21
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timcowchipI just 'emptied the trash' haven't ever done that with Crux before16:36
tired890there is a trash?!16:36
onoderamaybe with some de's?16:39
timcowchipI'm using Mate16:39
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joacimrm -rf .trash?16:50
joacimthat desktop folder is annoying. There's always something that recreates it after me removing it16:51
timcowchipguess that's why its hidden16:53
joacimdesktop folder isnt hidden16:53
timcowchipso as not to annoy people16:53
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timcowchipnothing there about how to permanently get rid of it17:00
timcowchipdconf-editor gets the trash can off the Mate desktop17:16
tired890how is it resources wise..17:19
timcowchipmate-settings-daemon needs to run and PolicyKit Authentication Agent17:21
mechaniputertired890: You mean Mate? Pretty much the same as Gnome 2 was, which is to say *slightly* heavier than Xfce. Gnome 2 was my fave back then, and it prevented me from thinking that Xfce was truly lightweight since the difference was small.17:22
tired890mechaniputer, I see17:22
timcowchipI've got 313 processes running with Mate17:24
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timcowchip262 processes with flwm17:26
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timcowchiponly 183 with fluxbox17:28
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timcowchip195 with wmfs17:30
timcowchipfluxbox ftw17:30
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mechaniputerI use dwm with crux since it compiles fast, and given that I need to compile it anyway, configuring it isn't as annoying as it would be in Debian. With Debian I use Xfce configured to resemble Gnome 2/Mate since Mate wasn't available in Wheezy and switching back would actually be more to get used to.17:47
onoderathat config.h stuff is kinda annoying though17:51
onoderaif you use dwm with a pkgfile your need to update the footprint every time17:52
druid_droidI register my laptop at linuxcounter, I saw that there is 58 registered Crux'es :)17:52
mechaniputeronodera: Yeah, but crux being source based makes it less annoying to use dwm, and it's nice once it's set up.17:57
retarddwm is software meant to be configured through source, so might as well keep the git repo checked out17:59
retardjust gotta replace /usr/local with /opt in config.mk17:59
timcowchipI see on linuxcounter a lot of Slackware users18:07
timcowchipI don't think it represents the real number of users relative to other OS's18:08
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timcowchipmaybe Slackware users are just proud to be counted18:09
timcowchipa lot of dead OS's counted18:11
mechaniputerI haven't updated my Linux Counter info since 2012 apparently. So many changes, but one of my machines hasn't changed or been upgraded.18:12
timcowchipI should register my Slackel installation18:15
crash_i3 is nice too :)18:17
crash_it's what i'm running18:17
timcowchipi3 IS nice18:17
timcowchipI like how you can switch workspaces with a mouseclick on i318:25
timcowchipI have to compile wmfs2 --without-xinerama to do that18:26
crash_yeah mod + 1 as an example is so neat18:26
tired890setting march=native (or manually setting your cpu arch) sometimes substantially increases performance18:36
tired890as in radical jumps of 40-60% !18:36
tired890this is especially the case with AMD's FX (ie bulldozer, piledriver, etc), this includes the APUs as well18:37
crash_but does it apply on intel cpu's too?18:38
crash_the increased perfomance18:38
tired890not sure I only have AMDs, but I reckon it wouldn't hurt18:38
tired890in /etc/pkgmk.conf change CFLAGS -march to native18:39
tired890in my system I have it set to bdver2 (ie piledriver based CPUs)18:39
joacimnative means core2 for current intel cpus?18:40
tired890I don't think so, core2 is for older gens18:40
tired890joacim, you can simply set native and gcc will autodetect it18:40
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crash_i see now at that i native should pick up broadwell for my cpu and the instructions my cpu has.18:41
onoderatired890: there is a patch for the kernel as well18:43
onoderato make it use march=native18:43
joacimtired890: i know about native, it's just that i've never seen anyone use anything more recent than "core2"18:54
joacimlooks like core-avx2 is for me. but i'll just stick to using the default18:56
crash_the default is x86-64 right?19:02
tired890"for me" is the keyword there joacim, yes it depends entirely on your particular CPU19:03
tired890for crash_ , its "broadwell"19:03
tired890it seems the effect is more pronounced in particular CPUs.. maybe because the bd series of CPUs are CMT or something of that nature19:08
tired890I remember reading about a patch for windows also that significantly increased performance on the same CPU19:08
tired890so, ymmv, but it doesn't hurt to have it on anyway ;)19:08
crash_will try that :)19:12
onoderacrash_: yes19:30
onoderafor crux at least19:31
onoderadoes anyone here use wayland?19:49
rmullnot me19:53
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dlcusatimcowchip, Slackware was being used when the counter was announced in 1993.  Lots of early accounts have not been maintained.20:19
dlcusaI switched from Slackware when Debian 1.0^H1 was released.  I just recently switched my primary to CRUX and will migrate my other two soon.20:27
druid_droidjoacim: how are you measuring the performance ? I'm using native flag, there is also some patches for kernel to add specific flags20:29
dlcusaActually, I think I initially registered as a Softlanding Systems (SLS) user--it's been a while.20:32
joacimdruid_droid: I don't. I just use the default settings20:51
dlcusaSome folks are reading this channel--CRUX is up to 61.21:02
dlcusaHmmm...  Seems there's an inaccurate "Using Linux Since" datum for this user:
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dlcusaonodera, you have to mung several of the CFLAGS setting statements in the kernel Makefile, but -march=native and -mtune=native both work.21:38
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: net-snmp: footprint fix22:57
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