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tired890after failing to compile icecat, I noticed firefox 40.0.2 was released a couple of days ago01:05
tired890so I bumped the version in pkgfile and upgraded, so far it hasn't crashed!01:06
tired890but too early to tell I guess.. will be able to see if its really fixed in a day or two01:06
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timcowchipoh cruxbot my cruxbot by walt whitman03:25
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nwegood morning05:02
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frinnstfirefox 40.0.2 just fixes windows stuff07:45
tired890morning nwe07:51
tired890frinnst, I see..07:51
tired890perhaps the change was undocumented :P07:52
tired890anyways, since I reported above, I still have the same instance running..07:52
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frinnstWe have allocated the following prefix of IPv6 address space to your registry se.valvea:08:05
frinnstcool stuff08:05
tired890I thought ipv6 was all about "inherent" security.. but what I discovered..08:07
frinnst... yes?08:07
tired890quite frightening to say the least08:08
frinnst... do I need to ask?=08:08
frinnsttease :-)08:08
tired890hold on let me find the "tutorials" I saw the other day08:09
tired890sent via pm ;)08:14
tired890damn it firefox just crashed08:16
Romsterthanks i was hoping to read that. -_-08:16
Romsteri went back to 39.0.3 since that works for me08:16
tired890Romster, good idea. Will do that08:16
frinnstcan someone with a crashy firefox try this: ?08:26
cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: bash: update to 4.3.4208:53
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: mesa3d: update to 10.6.408:57
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jaegerfrinnst: have you found any way to reliably trigger a crash? I'll try and test it today12:09
Romsteri might try that but i got stuff open and i'm doing things now12:11
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frinnsttired890: only watched a few mins. its all local "attacks" no ?13:21
frinnstspoofing and such13:21
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: openssh: updated to 7.0p114:14
frinnsthm, that had not been pushed?14:15
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rmullI have a symlink loop in /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key16:00
rmullThis is after upgrading openssh and restarting the server16:01
rmull/etc/ssh/ssh_host_key -> ssh_host_key16:01
rmullAnybody else?16:01
frinnstwe generate that key in the rc-script17:17
frinnst/usr/bin/ssh-keygen -t rsa1 -N "" -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_key > /dev/null17:17
frinnsthow old is the symlink?17:17
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rmullfrinnst: Mine is from 2015-01-0618:24
rmullAnd was last changed on 2015-03-0518:24
rmullI do not mind regenerating it in this case, it's just a workstation PC18:25
rmullIs that what I should do?18:25
jaegervery odd that it would be a symlink. If I had to guess I'd guess it's a result of a bad symlink creation that overwrote the target18:27
rmullI'm vaguely remembering something I did a while ago that might have made this my fault18:31
rmullI followed some guide a while back about ways in which to improve the security of openssh18:32
rmullI am trying to locate it to see if there is any overlap with its instructions and my symlink18:32
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rmullHmm... nothing turning up. In any case, if I'm the only one affected, i'll just rerun the post-install and go about my business, thanks for confirming18:34
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frinnstjust remove the file and restart openssh18:34
rmullI get this when restarting: Saving key "/etc/ssh/ssh_host_key" failed: unknown or unsupported key type18:36
rmullThe host keys are all removed18:36
rmullI should just delete all the crap from here18:37
rmullStill same error after removing all keys and .pubs18:38
rmullmy configs are default with a couple of changes not related to keys18:39
jaegercan you run the keygen commands manually?18:39
rmullYes, one sec18:40
rmullWhen I try to run the keygen command associated with ssh_host_key, I get the error about saving: Saving key "/etc/ssh/ssh_host_key" failed: unknown or unsupported key type18:42
rmullAnd the key file does not appear18:42
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jaegerprobably no more rsa1 support18:43
jaegerthis seems removed in the 3.2 tree18:43
jaeger(more specifically no ssh 1 support)18:44
jaegerI could be wrong, though18:44
jaegerthe openssh 7.0 release notes state: * Support for the legacy SSH version 1 protocol is disabled by default at compile time.18:45
jaegerif you're wondering where I got that idea18:45
rmullAre you saying that you get this same error?18:46
rmullThe help output for ssh-keygen lists rsa1 in its available -t options18:47
jaegerI do not; I'm running 3.2 here for testing18:47
jaegeryes, it's also mentioned in the ssh-keygen manpage18:47
jaegerI think the solution is to remove the rsa1 key generation from the init script18:47
rmullI think I agree with that diagnosis - here was some reading on RSA vs RSA1:
rmullThough I'm not sure why rsa1 would be included in the manpages if it is no longer supported by the applicaiton18:49
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rmullI did see the announcement about dropping SSHv1 but leaving stuff in the manpages seems like an unlikely oversight18:50
jaegerPerhaps, but not that the release notes say "disabled by default" rather than "removed entirely"18:50
rmullOh, yes, that's a good catch18:52
rmullAll makes sense to me, thanks for the support18:52
jaegerThe manpage probably should have a note added that says "disabled by default" but I bet it's partial oversight18:52
frinnstahh github:
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cruxbot[core.git/3.1]: openssh: removed RSA1 key generation from init script18:59
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dlcusaI'm updating my firefox to test the crashy fix--failures are unpredictable, though.19:10
jaegergithub can't make people smarter :)19:11
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frinnstdlcusa: what are you testing? ?19:22
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onoderafrinnst: what's the difference between that pkgfile and the crux one?19:47
frinnstIt doesnt use all system libraries but the ones that comes bundled with firefox19:52
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dlcusaIf that's the same link you posted at 8:26, yes?20:35
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nilpprologic, pyqt needs sip to build, also, both of those seem to need updating. I think their download locations have moved.21:15
frinnstdlcusa: yes21:22
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dlcusafrinnist, over an hour now with no incidents, so far, so good.21:43
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druid_dr1idis there a way to get list of dependencies from ./configure ?23:10
druid_dr1idI discover a dependency of a package for accident looking at config.h,23:11
onoderanot that I know of23:16
onoderacheck the pkgs readmes for dependencies, or the arch pkgfile/gentoo ebuild23:16
onoderaor build it and read the errors23:16
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Worksterdruid_dr1id, finddeps packagename23:41
Worksteronly deps that are compiled against23:42
Worksterelse go look up a gentoo ebuild for said package it'll be easier to see the deps it can use23:42
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