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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: zsh: remove memory allocation checks for compatibility with glibc 2.2211:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium-pdf: remove port12:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: freerdp: trim footprint12:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: clang: 3.6.1 -> 3.6.212:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: gdb: 7.8.2 -> 7.9.113:01
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: spice-protocol: test commit13:06
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: spice-protocol: test commit 213:09
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Spoofingsorry guys, how soon /usr/ports/opt will work?13:22
Spoofingoh wait.13:23
teK__retry. should be fixed.13:23
Spoofingworking now, lol13:23
teK__Romster: you too13:23
teK__it's magic ;)13:23
Spoofinggood luck13:29
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onodera1hm why am I onodera114:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: zsh: increase release15:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: texlive: 20140525 -> 2015052316:35
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frinnst1) paus netflix 2) do stuff 3) resume netflix16:54
frinnst3 seconds in, netflix stops and asks "are you still watching?"16:54
retardaahh, i see your problem there16:55
retardthe issue lies in using netflix16:55
retardi suggest watching content stored in files instead16:55
tilmanthis retard is really smart17:00
retardthe most radical thing you can do these days is store content in files17:01
retardthere's an app for that17:08
frinnstim watching star trek tos - never seen it before17:25
frinnstI really dig the fighting scenes17:25
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onodera1retards nick always makes me laugh17:45
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timcowchipmate-sensors-applet Pkgfile
newbie__hm trying to install crux using libvirt, trying to connect to it for installing, how to do that? cant seem to use virt-viewer18:25
newbie__its on a server without GUI18:25
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jaegerperhaps from a remote machine with virt-manager installed?18:25
timcowchipafter doing prt-get update -fr mate-panel "Hardware Sensors Monitor" can be added to panel w/o reload error18:28
timcowchipcould this be added to ?18:31
jaegerIt shouldn't be necessary. What was your error?18:32
timcowchipno error18:34
jaegeryou just said "without reload error"18:34
timcowchipwhen I built and installed it, it wouldn't add to the panel18:34
timcowchipthen I rebuilt the panel18:35
timcowchipnow it works fine18:36
timcowchipmate-sensors-applet isn't in your repo, could it be added?18:36
jaegerIt will be at some point, yes18:37
jaegerprobably with 1.1018:37
timcowchipthankk you :)18:37
newbie__jaeger: thanks!18:40
jaegertimcowchip: is where the testing ports are currently18:42
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jaegernote that the httpup file in that repo isn't updated, this is just testing so far18:44
onodera1(you can use the git driver to update too)18:46
timcowchipok I'll test 'emthanks19:01
timcowchipudisks2 \o/19:07
timcowchipadds a disk sensor to mate-sensors-applet19:07
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timcowchipmate-applets error: configure: error: Stickynotes explicitely requested but dependency not found21:01
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timcowchippluma still needs gtksourceview-2.0? :(21:04
jaegeruntil the MATE folks officially move to GTK3, yes21:10
jaegerit's still "experimental"21:10
timcowchipis Stickynotes a gtksourceview-2.0 thing?21:11
jaegerprobably, it has some highlighting, etc.21:12
timcowchipboth pluma and mate-applets built with gtksourceview=2.021:25
timcowchiptime to log into Mate-1.1021:25
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timcowchipso its the same thing with icons and menus as 1.821:27
timcowchip$ $PATH21:28
timcowchipbash: /bin:/usr/bin:/opt/bin:/usr/etc:21:28
timcowchipdoesn't seem to work for /usr/etc/xdg/menus or /usr/etc/xdg/autostart21:29
jaegerI take it you're not using /usr/bin/start-mate21:30
frinnstwhy do you have /usr/etc in your *path* ?21:31
jaegeryeah, that's odd as well21:31
timcowchipI thought it would pick up menus and autostart21:32
jaegerIf you use start-mate it will, the PATH won't affect that21:32
timcowchipso edit /usr/share/xsessions/mate.desktop21:32
jaegerwhat? no21:33
timcowchipExec=mate-session to Exec=start-mate21:33
jaegerno, don't mess with the .desktop file, just run start-mate in your .xinitrc21:33
jaegerlike the readme says21:33
timcowchipmy .xinitrc is 'exec $1'21:34
timcowchipI use slim21:34
jaegerchange it to "exec /usr/bin/start-mate"21:35
timcowchipI like to log into wmfs or flwm sometimes21:35
jaegerwell, then you'll need to configure the XDG vars elsewhere21:35
timcowchipI could ln -s /usr/etc/xdg /etc/xdg21:37
timcowchipor the other way around21:38
jaegerif you like21:39
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frinnstwhat would symlinking xdg do?21:43
jaegerthe default XDG vars look for /etc/xdg, but usually in crux things get left in /usr/etc21:44
jaegerI use to move the xdg stuff in gnome to /etc but someone complained bitterly about it back then21:44
frinnstwell if it doesnt work keeping it in /usr/etc I dont understand why someone would complain21:45
frinnst"fuck you, it works this way - make it break!" ? :)21:45
jaegerIt does work21:46
jaegerit just isn't the default21:46
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jaegerI wouldn't mind if we did away with /usr/etc entirely, myself21:50
frinnstme neither. i dont use it for anything21:50
timcowchipsounds good to me21:50
frinnstthough i think some of my ports install crap there21:50
timcowchipblue submarine theme is nice :)21:51
timcowchipI have used Mate on Arch Slackware Fedora and Debian but this is the 1st time I can set the 'Home' location in the clock applet and have it persist thru logout and reboot21:55
jaegerThere are a LOT of ports that use /usr/etc so it wouldn't be trivial21:58
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