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druid_droidfirefox dont appear on dwm, but is playng a nice song from youtube, cant give a pkill :1(01:30
koridruid_droid: it's on workspace 901:48
Worksterpkill -9 firefox01:58
druid_droid:) done,02:07
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tired890say one needs to quickly duplicate a bootable USB stick.. now this usb stick only has 32GB but only 8GB used.. if we are copying the content over to a USB stick that is only 16GB in size..02:55
tired890then I use this:02:56
tired890dd if=/dev/sourceStick32GB of=/dev/targetStick16GB bs=14M count=100002:56
tired890do you reckon this will make an identical copy? It would if data is stored "sequentially".. but if its random..02:57
jaegerno guarantee that way. you should shrink the FS first02:57
tired890will see how it goes. cheers03:00
jaegerany reason you can't just put both sticks in and rsync the data?03:02
jaegerafter that (or during, even) copy the boot sector with dd03:02
tired890jaeger, thats a great idea03:07
tired890so I go about doing that by first formatting the second drive the match the FS ?03:07
tired890then copy the data over with rsync03:07
tired890finally dd'ing over the first <how many?> sectors to make the copy bootable ?03:08
jaegerFor an msdos partition table, 446 bytes03:09
jaegerbs=446 count=103:09
tired890I see03:10
jaeger512 would copy the partition table as well but since the disks are not the same size, just copy the MBR03:10
jaegerIf whatever you're booting cares about the UUID of the partition you might have to alter it after the fact but it depends on what's there03:12
tired890jaeger, actually its just a win7 install for work03:16
jaegeris it bios or uefi?03:17
tired890win7 gives random errors booting from a USB 3 stick (even when booting from a USB2 PORT)03:17
tired890hence I'm dd'ing the data to a USB2 stick03:17
jaegerok, that process should work if the data on the disk isn't at fault03:17
tired890so I make a single msdos parition on the usb2 stick, rsync the data over then dd the first 446 bytes. thats it?03:18
druid_droidin a script I want to chroot /mnt /bin/bash -c adduser ... but it fails03:18
jaegerI believe so03:18
tired890will let you know how it goes. many thanks03:20
tired890fdisk tells me fs type of usb stick is Win95 fat32 (LBA), but when I try to mount it with mount -t msdos it fails03:28
tired890I have dosfstools installed03:28
jaegervfat support in the kernel? it'll show in /proc/filesystems if so03:29
tired890vfat no, msdos only..03:29
tired890oh dear03:29
jaegerdruid_droid: on a crux system? adduser doesn't exist by default in crux but useradd does03:30
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druid_droidsorry jaeger I mean useradd04:50
druid_droidruning chroot without -c says it cannot execute /usr/sbin/useradd05:03
druid_droidI think is the option -R05:08
druid_droidfrom useradd that I want, i will try05:09
tired890jaeger, to update on what I did05:54
tired890I found a very useful little tool, called ms-sys05:54
tired890this allows me to create whatever MBR for the target windows I wish to install05:55
tired890so I simply mounted the iso, copied the files over to my NTFS formatted USB, then used the ms-sys tool to create a windows MBR on the usb stick05:55
tired890and it boots!05:55
tired890I compiled ms-sys on my sys, didn't even install it.. just ./ms-sys -7 /dev/sdX (-7 here installs a win7 MBR)05:56
tired890quite handy I have to say05:56
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timcowchipso 3.2 will have HDT on the iso?06:41
timcowchipdoes that generate a kernel config?06:43
timcowchipI guess not06:47
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tired890just occurred to me, when I installed crux I only had to dd if=crux.iso of=usb, and it worked beautifully07:49
tired890but all the steps I had to go through above coz doing the same with windows will not produce a bootable usb stick07:50
tired890it will put an iso9660 onto the stick!07:50
tired890I reckon the crux iso is some kind hybrid that allows it to be bootable using both CD and usb media ?07:51
tired890or inherently the bootloader used is superior :P07:51
teK__tired890: it is, by use of the *hybrid* tool from syslinux07:53
tired890teK__, yup :)07:53
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asiefrom what i've seen, the libgd package needs to be patched to use the github mirror and not the bitbucket one10:55
teK__it's best to hilight the maintainer, mail him or open a ticket in flyspray11:04
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tsaopI am trying to package KF5 for personal learning and I would like some information on how to proceed15:17
teK__what's this?15:17
tilmankde framework 5?15:20
teK__I suggest taking *quite* some time and long walks for keeping your sanity in good shape15:21
teK__not helpful, yet true.15:21
tsaopI already had a long walk this morning, actually15:21
retardtsaop do you have experience packaging things15:21
teK__tsaop: my suggestion is to find out more about the KDE build system (cmake I guess?) .. then you can create a template port you can use as a starting point. You even may find one in opt/contrib by greping for cmake in /usr/ports15:22
tsaopretard: I made a few Arch Linux packages and I use Slackware daily15:22
tsaopso mostly I package my own stuff for personal use15:23
tilmanin that case, the ports info in the crux handbook might get you started15:23
teK__step two is to find out more about the actual structure.. back in the days there was the kdebase that was required by everything, so I'd start out by building that. And don't forget about strict dependency tracking. You might want to use a chroot or container environmnet for this15:23
tsaopFor the moment, I am taking this as a rough reference on the build order:
teK__step three is to select all packages you want to provide and make them work15:23
tsaopI have a problem: since qt5 .cmake files are in /usr/share/qt5, is it OK to simply export CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH in the Pkgfile or there is a more proper way?15:45
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timcowchiptsaop: you could use '-DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/lib/qt5/cmake/Qt5' in the build() section of your Pkgfile18:49
tsaoptimcowchip: It works with -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/share/qt5, thanks18:54
tsaopThough I'm afraid now I'll have to change all the Pkgfiles I've written so far18:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: [notify] thunderbird. updated to 38.2.0. Shares much code with firefox ESR 38.220:18
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timcowchipcan't get mate-sensors-applet to pickup the udisks plugin21:08
timcowchippkg-config --cflags libatasmart returns nothing21:18
timcowchipdo I need to add 'LIBATASMART_CFLAGS' to build?21:19
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jaegeris udisks2 installed?21:24
timcowchipis it becuase its named udisks221:27
timcowchipthat mate-sensors-applet doesn't find it?21:27
jaegerno; why would I have installed it in a way that doesn't work intentionally? :P21:27
timcowchipbecause you're mean?.....jk :)21:28
jaegerI run MATE as well and I do test these things21:28
timcowchiphow does dconf-editor look?21:29
jaeger <-- mate-sensors-applet build log with "checking for LIBATASMART... yes"21:30
jaegerhow does it look in what way?21:30
timcowchipI'll post a scrot image21:31
jaegerIf you mean appearance, no idea. It's been removed from dconf 0.24.x to a separate package which I haven't installed21:32
timcowchipI've got 0.20 from your fork21:34
jaegerI'm confused; if you have it running, why are you asking me how it looks?21:34
timcowchipthere's no tree21:34
timcowchipca org and system and nothing else21:35
timcowchipclicking on those does nothing21:35
jaegerso you're actually asking if it works, then?21:35
timcowchiphowever if I use find, things start to show up21:35
timcowchipso you have dconf-0.24?21:36
timcowchipand know editor21:36
jaegercurrently, yes21:36
timcowchipI tried that with my own pkgfile for dconf-editor, but it acted the same21:37
jaegerI have local updates for quite a few ports that haven't been pushed into the repo yet21:37
jaegerdconf, eudev-gudev, gcr, gnome-keyring, gvfs, librsvg, libtasn1, p11-kit, polkit, upower, zenity21:38
timcowchipare they in your fork?21:38
jaegernot yet, I just updated them today but I'm not at home to test them21:38
timcowchipchecking for LIBATASMART... yes, btw21:42
timcowchipso barking up the wrong tree21:43
timcowchipany idea why this persits sesion to session on your version?21:47
jaegerdconf-editor 3.16.1 seems to work fine with dconf 0.24.x21:48
timcowchipgot a pkgfile?21:48
jaeger <-- post-install21:49
timcowchipthanks @jaeger21:49
jaegerwhat part of that MATE_DE_config page are you asking about?21:50
timcowchipthe part where you set the 'home' location21:51
timcowchipenter the root password21:52
jaegerno idea there. I assume that's the way it's supposed to work but I have no idea what polkit is doing underneath21:52
timcowchipit worked for gnome221:53
timcowchipI think it quit working when dconf replaced gconf21:53
jaegerquit working or started working?21:54
jaegerIt seems to me that the persistence is a desirable thing and intended21:54
timcowchipThe first ideas that come to mind are if you are installing21:55
timcowchipall the gsettings schemas, then it occurred to me panel applets don't use a21:55
timcowchipschema they use dconf directly21:55
jaegerwell, as far as I know this setting is stored in dconf, not changed on the system level21:55
jaegerdconf dump /org/mate/panel/objects/clock/prefs/ | grep location <-- this should show your setting21:56
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timcowchipI just posted a quote from an email from Martin Wimpress, apparently he agrees with you21:58
timcowchipok I'll rebuild dconf and your pkgfile and try it21:58
jaeger <-- the updated dconf Pkgfile21:59
timcowchipok thanks :)22:00
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