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FaymI'm currently booted into a KNOPPIX live USB, and I have sound, but my CRUX boot does not.  What information do I need to aquire to get sound working on CRUX?02:27
RomsterFaym, lspci -k02:33
Romstermake sure when you boot back in crux you also are int eh audio group and that alsamixer is not muted02:34
Romsterin the*02:34
Faymalsamixer reports that there isn't a mixer device or some such02:36
FaymAlso I don't have a user account on CRUX ATM, it's a test install.02:36
Faym(IE: running everything as root)02:36
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FaymOkay, that was enough info that I think I figgured it out myself.  I've got it recompiling.02:47
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nwegood morning!05:23
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: net-snmp: fix footprint for 3.205:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: docker-machine: 0.4.105:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: Revert "net-snmp: fix footprint for 3.2"06:24
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timcowchip\o/ yay mozo06:55
timcowchip\o/ yay mozo06:55
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frinnstwtf is he on about?08:23
frinnstjoin, say something random two times then disconnect ?08:23
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Romsteradvertising a port obviously...08:59
Romstera menu editor for mate.... ok then08:59
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tsaopForgot to compile webkit support into QT5.11:40
tsaopThere goes another hour11:40
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Romsterhasn't it got it by default tsaop ?12:20
tsaopRomster: I didn't install ruby, so the buildsystem skipped it silently the first time I built qt512:22
tsaophad to grep the generated makefile to make sure the directory got included, as not to waste another hour12:22
Romstereven quicker12:23
tsaopI'm building 5.5.012:23
tsaopthank you anyway :P12:23
Romsterwhat needs that version?12:24
tsaopProbably nothing, but I'm trying to package KF512:24
tsaopstopped at libksysguard not building the html part of the gui because qtwebkit was not compiled12:24
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Romsteris 5.5 stable now?12:27
tsaopQt website offers it for download as default version12:28
Romsteri'm setting up a docker container to build it.12:29
tsaopqtwebengine always takes a lot of time to build12:29
Romsteri have ccache12:30
Romstershared over all my docker containers and system12:30
Romsteri hadn't bothered to do distcc over the docker container yet12:30
tsaopDone, now it compiles13:01
deus_exopenssh-7.1 is out (bugfix release).13:56
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jaegerfrinnst: at a guess, he pasted that in answer to: <@frinnst> ?14:56
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tsaop finally15:34
tsaopand now to fix the rest15:34
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onoderarip xruxbot16:41
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timcowchipyes I did post in answer to: <@frinnst> ?17:10
timcowchipsorry to use the irc as a message board17:11
timcowchipits difficult to chat with someone who's having his morning coffee at 2AM my time :)17:12
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timcowchipI meant the comment for jaeger who's has thankfully included mate-sensors-applet and mozo in his Mate repo \o/17:14
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dlcusaIs there a write-up/software somewhere about installing CRUX from a CRUX system onto a harddrive using local packages/distfiles, bypassing the ISO and its dated packages?17:51
dlcusaI'm thinking the harddrive then gets attached to its target system ready to boot.17:51
retarddlcusa: i've done this, the actual setup script is very simple. just mount the iso and look at the files. there's a file that is an index of all the packages to be installed17:53
retardyou can easily replace them with recently built packages from an existing crux system and rebuild the index17:54
dlcusaDoes the setup.dependencies file need updating to do this?17:56
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retarddon't recall, sorry18:06
retardi only used the core packages18:06
dlcusaretard, thanks for the assist.18:12
retardno problem, and good luck18:14
dlcusaIf I get no other help, I'll write up what I end up with.18:15
jaegerdlcusa: you could do that pretty simply with pkgadd and the updated ISO19:00
dlcusajaeger, I'm not sure how that uses the locally-built packages--can you amplify on that comment, please?19:06
jaegerare your locally built packages built in a specific way you want or are you just trying to get updated packages on a new install?19:06
dlcusaAll built with -g i-O1 (where supported) -march=native -mtune=native and no stripping (it's not amazing how big they are, but they're amazingly fast).19:09
jaegernever mind, then19:09
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dlcusajaeger, thanks for the idea.19:14
jaegereither way you could use pkgadd to install them into a new directory, then chroot and install bootloader, etc.19:15
dlcusaI figured it's more straight-forward to tweak setup to do it in a chroot or a virtual instance. Not so?19:18
jaegerno reason you can't do that but it's more work, I'm sure19:18
dlcusaBut good learning. ;-)19:18
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dlcusaDoes anybody have an inspired approach to organizing package files according to the source collection and global build parameters used to create them?19:35
dlcusaI'm thinking three areas to cover in the down-"branch" of each package "leaf": environment variables (including march/mtune actuals), collection/port tuple, and Pkgfile timestamp.19:56
dlcusaDang, I think building tool levels need to be part of that metadata, too--make that four areas.20:05
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timcowchipanyone use xdm?20:18
dlcusaAm I the only person bothered by the fact this information is not within the package files themselves?  The best lead to such data lies in the timestamps of the packages and their components.20:19
timcowchipI tried using xdm-config and other necessary config files that I borrowed from Slackware20:22
timcowchipsince xorg-xdm provides empty files in /usr/lib/X11/xdm20:22
timcowchipis the best way to start xdm adding it in the rc.conf SERVICES line by editing /etc/inittab?20:31
jaegerI haven't used xdm in like 15 years20:37
timcowchipso you probably have no config files lying around :)20:37
jaegernope, heh20:38
novakspecifically this: Deprecation of XUL, XPCOM, and the permissive add-on model20:40
novakSad times for FF20:40
timcowchipf ff20:49
timcowchiplegacy browsers are more better20:50
novakI agree, mostly.  Basically, the legacy web was better and not including so much crap in your browser is better.20:51
timcowchipback to xdm for a moment, does the CRUX Xorg Team ever test it?20:53
frinnstxpinstall.signatures.required = false20:54
jaegerdoubtful. it's so old now and there are a lot of login managers available20:54
timcowchipbesides Slim I can't find any in Crux ports20:54
jaegerfeel free to make ports of them :)20:55
timcowchipI tried sddm, but QT5 doesn't play nice with me20:55
novak@frinnst: they're depriciating that too in firefox 42, you can either run the developer version or supposedly there will be an "unbranded" version for developers to use for testing.
timcowchiplightdm requires systemd20:56
timcowchipthere was a retro version of gdm in yhe aur once20:57
timcowchiphah, its called kind of package :D20:59
timcowchipoh well depends: systemd21:04
dlcusaI guess the best approach is to not use PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR except when building an ISO image.21:05
timcowchipfound a gdm-2 slackbuild21:11
timcowchipno systemd there21:12
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