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timcowchipthis is what I have so far
timcowchipwith 'exec /usr/sbin/gdm-binary "$@"' in /etc/rc.d/gdm00:31
timcowchipproblem is it doesn't ask for a password then fails authentication00:32
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nilpprologic, the rc file for adb is missing a ;; after stop01:07
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prologicnilp, sorry adb what?01:30
prologicwhat is this? :)01:30
prologic$ prt-get search adb01:30
prologicNo matching packages found01:30
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nilpprologic, sorry android-sdk-platform-tools11:56
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timcowchip doesn't include kdm, wtf?17:10
timcowchipwhat is the aversion to display managers all about?17:11
joacimmaybe a preference by the packager and maintainer17:11
timcowchipdo you want mate-display-manager or mdm for Mate?17:12
timcowchipyou could reboot from 3.1 to 3.2 and back17:13
timcowchipor do you have them on different machines?17:14
timcowchipthat's right you guys never reboot17:14
joacimnot sure if i understand the question :S17:15
timcowchipdo you have more than one wm?17:16
timcowchipsorry, my eyes are going bad, at first I though you wre jaeger17:18
timcowchipthought were17:18
timcowchipI need some sleep :)17:18
timcowchipbeen trying to make gdm work all night17:19
onoderadoesn;t gdm depend or systemd or something17:22
timcowchipso yes and no depending on if you enable systemd or not17:24
timcowchipI can call it gdm because there's no gdm3 on crux17:26
Romsteryeah exit, edit ~/.xinitrc ; startx17:30
timcowchipRomster, are you talking to me?17:32
timcowchipI think what you're saying is how to log into another wm17:34
timcowchipdid qt5.5 build?17:35
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