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druid_droidinstalling for the first time crux for some one else :)17:17
druid_droidI stop installing windows for friends and family, before been crux user I install debian...17:28
druid_droidI managed to get usb booting with crux, I will use it to see disk health and then install crux17:29
nweaha I see.17:30
druid_droidmade a linux and dracut port ;P17:34
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timcowchip says    # do NOT build slimlock (because of pam)17:46
timcowchipwhat about pam?17:46
timcowchipI believe pam is the reason I can't get any dm's to log me in17:47
timcowchipI can build and install gdm-2.20 and lxdm but I can't get either to log me in17:49
frinnstI dont think that's your issue :)17:54
timcowchipnot pam?17:57
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timcowchipfrinnst: is there a reason you know about that prevents dm's from loggin into an xsession?18:00
timcowchipmaybe you're just saying pebkac?18:07
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timcowchipis it because there is no /etc/X11/Xsession file?18:54
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timcowchipthere is a /usr/etc/X11/xinit18:57
frinnstyeah, pretty much. others seems to manage it :)18:58
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timcowchipwhher are the files that these lines referring to;19:25
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timcowchipfrinnst, so pam doesn't control diplay manager login ?21:40
timcowchipdamnit I can't type for shit21:50
prologicPAM has nothing to do with X21:52
jaegera display manager may require pam to authenticate, though21:57
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timcowchip lxdm.pam22:03
timcowchip gdm.pam22:07
timcowchipboth taken from arch source files22:08
prologicas jeager said22:08
prologica display manager *may* require pam for auth22:08
prologicI don't think I've ever used PAM tbqh22:08
prologicit adds an unnecessary layer of complexity I don't need22:09
prologicI just login to an agetty session and type: startx22:09
prologicwhen you never reboot that's sufficient :)22:09
timcowchipgdm and lxdm do use pam22:09
timcowchipI'm building gdm and lxdm22:09
timcowchipI like using a display manager22:09
timcowchipI don't like editing .xinitrc everytime I wan't to login into a different wm22:11
prologicyou can use xdm/gdm without pam though22:11
timcowchipbasically I don't like typing22:11
prologicI don't see the point of pam unless you want to do some fanyy auth22:11
prologiclike auth against LDAP22:11
prologicif you don't like typing; you shouldn't use UNIX :)22:11
timcowchiplike enter a user and password?22:12
prologicor; write better tools/shell-scripts :)22:12
timcowchipI have using nothing but unix/linux since 1995 and not having to type that much22:13
prologicgood for you :)22:14
timcowchipgood for me?........I'm just old that's all22:15
timcowchipnever learned how to type22:15
timcowchipmen didn't type when I went to school22:15
prologicnever too late to learn22:16
prologicget an Apple keyboard22:16
prologiclow travel times on the keys22:16
prologiceasy on the fingers :)22:16
jaegerI learned to type just by using computers for 20+ years, it seems like a natural thing22:20
timcowchipI learned to click when the mouse was invented22:21
prologicsame here :)22:21
prologicI guess it's 25 yers since I first touched a computer and typied on it haha22:22
prologictimcowchip, haha22:22
prologicI don't get the impression you're reallyh that old :P22:22
prologicmost of the firs tcomputers I used didn't even have a mouse22:22
joacimdidnt know what a computer was 25 years ago22:22
prologicsome had joysticks (those really butt ugly, painful one)22:22
joacimi found out about them 23 years ago tho22:23
timcowchipc64 2 button mouse GEOS(graphics environment operating system) on a 5 1/4 floppy22:24
joacimmy one and only joystick22:24
jaegerI meant that I think you'd pretty much learn to type as a byproduct of computer usage. Though I have a coworker who proves that wrong, I guess22:59
prologichow does he enter input?23:04
jaegerhe types with only his index fingers, VERY slowly and loudly23:04
prologicoh geez23:07
prologicthat's amazing23:07
prologicI don't think I've seen anyone do that in a veyr long time :)23:07
timcowchipI do that23:07
timcowchipnot loadly, but slowly23:07
jaegerhow have you used computers for that long and not become a quick typist?23:08
timcowchipby clicking whenever possible23:08
jaegerhrmm, ok23:08
timcowchipI write *.desktop that run a bash command in a termial23:09
timcowchipgive it an icon and put in on the panel or the desktop23:09
timcowchipmy ~/.local/share/applications folder is full of them23:12
prologicoh man23:12
prologicyou don't get the usefulness of the terminal and filters do you? :)23:12
prologicCUI(s)/GUI(s) are quite limiting23:13
timcowchiplike 'history | grep revdep'23:13
timcowchipI use  'history | grep ' a lot23:14
timcowchipsaves having to type it again23:14
prologicso much so you created an app launcher/icion for it? :)23:14
prologicbut you'd never be able to change the pattern without editing the launch configuration23:14
timcowchipmost of them consist of 'urxvt -e <some bash command>'23:20
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timcowchip'urxvt -e irssi'23:34
prologicso you at least type on IRC :)23:35
prologicyou can't write app luanchers for all your replies!23:35
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timcowchipanyway its not that I can't log into a single wm, even automatically without entering a user and password23:59

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