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timcowchipand if I can figure it out, so can almost anyone elsre00:00
timcowchipthere is already slim in opt so someone else thinks there should be an alternative to booting into a console00:03
timcowchipeven gentoo uses dm's00:04
prologicI don't understand what you're trying to solve?00:04
prologicif you don't wnt to type a username/password00:04
prologicset slim up to automatically login00:04
timcowchipbeen there00:04
prologicbut all risk is on your head if someone uses your computer to login to machines they're not supposed to :)00:04
timcowchipisn't that what pam's for00:05
timcowchipjaeger said feel free to build a dm port00:06
timcowchipthat's all I'm doing00:06
timcowchipif, that the rest of my ports, nobody else usesit but me........00:07
timcowchiplike the rest00:07
timcowchipmaybe there's some other person who can't type with poor vision that might want to use crux00:09
joacimyou mean someone other than prologic? or?00:10
timcowchiphah :D00:10
prologicyeah it's ironic really00:11
prologicbecause I'm probably the one guy that shoudln't be able to type fast :)00:11
prologicbeing blind et all :)00:11
joacimI learned to type by buying a keyboard with blank keys =)00:12
timcowchipoh, sorry.00:12
joacimI forgot what I did to it. It's gone now00:13
prologicthat's one way to type00:14
prologicyou can't look at the keyboard; it won't help you :)00:14
joacimyeah. looking at the keys really slowed me down00:14
prologicone day though I *must* learn DVORAK00:15
prologicjust for giggles00:15
joacimnot colemac?00:15
timcowchipprologic: do you use blather?00:17
prologicno; what's that?00:18
timcowchipspeech recognition00:20
prologicahh no00:20
timcowchipI had a port for it once00:21
prologicis it any good?00:21
timcowchipI installed Sonar Linux for my daughter. It uses blather00:25
timcowchipshe says 'google' it opens chromium00:25
timcowchipshe doesn't spell very well, so it helps her a little00:26
timcowchipso I don't know why you would use it?00:28
prologicbecause I can type faster and more accurately than any speech recognition system :)00:29
timcowchipdo you use any text to speech software00:30
timcowchipsorry if these are dumb questions00:31
prologicno I don't :)00:32
druid_droidmy free host dont allow .footprint :(00:46
druid_droidor .md5sum, alle .qualquer ...00:48
druid_droidI use dvorak prologic, this day I change the keys of keyboard so my name is writen on first row lol00:54
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prologicdruid_droid, use GH pages01:05
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druid_droidprologic I think I get it to work, url is account/repname/raw/master/path_to_ports04:26
prologicthere hsould be a uri04:37
prologicthat'll work better04:37
prologicas it serves up static pages04:37
prologicso you can generate a httpup static site04:37
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timcowchipjust watched tge water diviner with russel crowe..........good movie:)04:53
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tilmananyone know how to configure irssi to automatically reclaim my nick when its available? :[05:23
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frinnsttilman: keepnick script06:21
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duytruonghi. I cannot compile soprano of kde (Crux)10:46
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duytruongmessage error: Looking for Q_WS_WIN - not found.10:48
duytruongLooking for Q_WS_QWS - not found.10:49
duytruongooking for Q_WS_MAC - not found.10:49
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frinnstduytruong: can you post more of the output somewhere?11:26
duytruongthank you for answer me11:31
duytruongerror like this:
duytruongLooking for Q_WS_WIN - not found11:31
duytruongLooking for pthread_create - not found11:31
frinnsti think that just means its checking what platform to run on - Q_WS_WIN - windows ?11:32
frinnstand Q_WS_MAC - well, mac :)11:32
frinnsti dont think those messages are related to your issues11:32
duytruongbut I failed to compile kde-runtime 'cause soprano failed11:33
frinnstyes, but I think you need to give us more from the build of soprano11:34
frinnstif you tried to install it with prt-get you should have a log of the build11:34
frinnst/var/log/pkgbuild or whatever11:34
duytruongthanks. I post it on web:
duytruongNo sound, no opengl kwin, no plasmashell. I think missing soprano11:39
frinnsthm, I cant see whats wrong there11:39
frinnstcmake suggests to look in /usr/ports/kde4/3.0/soprano/work/src/build/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log".11:39
frinnstbut that file will not be there now. if you run pkgmk with -kw it will remain after the build fails11:40
duytruongthanks. I try again11:40
frinnstif you can, I suggest you try to rebuild soprano with "pkgmk -kw"11:41
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duytruongCmakeOutput and CmakeError:
duytruongYou use Ctrl+F search CmakeError quickly11:49
frinnstdo you have clucene installed?11:52
duytruong^ ^ not yet11:53
frinnstlooks like thats why it fails11:53
frinnstisnt it a dependency of soprano ?11:53
frinnstah, listed as "optional" in the Pkgfile11:54
duytruongI check dependency soprano by: prt-get quickdep soprano11:54
duytruongbut not have clucene11:54
frinnstYou could install it and try again. if it works; please file a bug or contact the maintainer directly11:54
frinnstits part of the kde4 repo11:54
duytruongthanks you very much11:55
frinnstNp, hope it works. If not you could stick around here and wait for more useful help :-)11:55
frinnstI've never used kde nor tried to build it11:55
duytruongI love kde so I attempt to build kde on crux11:59
duytruongI love Crux, too :)11:59
duytruongsorry I busy. Tommorow see you again. Thanks for supporting. Goodbye !12:05
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rmullFYI I can't update clang unless I uninstall it first13:11
rmullThere was some error related to symbols (which I'd have to downgrade to re-test) when I tried to run 'clang' with no args before the update13:13
rmullDuring the ./configure, when checking for my compiler, it found clang, and determined that it was unable to create executables13:13
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frinnstprotip: dont use clang :)13:26
frinnstwhat do you need it for?13:27
rmullI haven't gotten around to it but I was hoping to experiment with its static analysis tool13:28
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tilmanfrinnst: thanks, will try13:37
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timcowchipthe lazy just got lazier
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