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timcowchippreviously on Crux....02:50
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retardsnape killed dumbledore03:00
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: wine: update gecko08:21
Romsterand i did fix that sooner but of course i didn't see the error: failed to push some refs to08:23
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tired890zsh md5 mismatch09:24
tired890ping teK__,  ^09:24
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onoderaprologic: go 1.5 has been released, can you please update the pkgfile?10:10
onoderait's kinda tricky because it needs a bootsrapped go 1.4 (they converted the compiler to go)10:10
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prologiconodera, sure thing10:38
prologicI'l get to it soon :)10:39
prologicmeanwhile if you have a patch for it that works already send it my way and I'll appliy it, commit and push :)10:39
onoderaI can't really  get it too work :p10:39
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teK__tired890: will check tonight11:14
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prologiconodera, oh okay :)12:35
prologicleave the hard task to me eh? :P12:35
prologicslcaker :)12:35
prologicj/k :)12:35
prologicI'll try sort it out this weekend perhaps; but pretty busy with relocation12:35
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onoderaprologic: sorry :p13:14
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z3brahi everyone14:33
z3brawhen did prt-utils started relying on elfutils?14:34
jaegerwhen revdep was rewritten14:36
z3braI see, thanks.14:36
z3braI'm packaging it for an other distro which doesn't have elfutils packaged14:37
z3bralooks like I just started jumping in the rabbit hole14:37
jaegerI imagine it wouldn't be too much work, not a lot of deps14:39
z3brait's not that much yeah14:40
z3brabut considering I just need portspage, it annoys me to rely on revdeps14:40
jaegeryou could pull portspage out, I guess, and package that separately14:41
z3braI could just package portspage though.. even though it would feel a bit hackish not to package the whome prt-utils14:41
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onoderaz3bra: what distro?14:45
z3brathe server I use to share my ports doesn't run crux14:47
z3brabut I need httpup/portspage14:47
z3brajaeger, portspage used to be part of prt-get right?14:48
jaegerI doubt it but I could be wrong14:50
z3brawhy did I package prt-get then?14:52
z3bradoesn't matter14:52
z3brahttpup isn't compatible with busybox's find(1) :(14:59
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dlcusaThe contrib fluidsynth is missing a Depends on: glib, it appears.18:52
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dlcusaLikewise contrib/openvswitch seems to depend on python.19:15
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onoderadlcusa: try mailing the mainterner19:25
onoderathe mail is in the the maintainer field19:25
onoderaor you can try figuring out the irc nick from the maintainer line and highlight19:26
dlcusaonodera, I'll do that.19:26
rmullIt's sepen - he's around here in IRC sometimes19:32
onoderawouldn't it be easier and better to let "everyone" edit ports?19:33
onoderalike void linux has this big github repo with all it's ports (wich isn't ideal but still), and you can just send pull requests19:34
onoderaanywasy, just updated my kernel, rebooting19:34
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dlcusaonodera, I think it's trivial to cp -a the errant port into a local collection in front of everything and edit that.19:41
rmullonodera: IMHO, yes :D19:42
dlcusaIn the IBM world, that's called a local fix and gets retired as soon as the fix gets distributed.19:42
dlcusaThe maintainer might know how to fix it even better.19:43
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dlcusajaeger, I've had a problem building opt/iso-codes (snippet in
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jaegerdlcusa: looks like it requires python, I'll add that to the dependency list20:48
jaegeractually I won't, it's sepen's port20:48
jaegersend him a mail :)20:48
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dlcusajaeger, I will when I'm finished testing--there may be more.20:54
jaegerThat's fine. That's what maintainer emails are for anyway :)20:55
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timcowchip bspwm21:25
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timcowoh no, CurseTheWeather broke22:04
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timcow hasn't been updated in 2 years22:18
timcowoh well22:18
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onoderatimcow: there is a really great go based weather cli22:21
timcowI saw one on aur22:29
timcowyours look really cool :)22:31
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timcowonodera looks good except I get a bunch of weird characters instead of ------------ for borders22:56
timcowdo I need ascii installed?22:56
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timcowchipfonts are messed up23:41
timcowchiputf-8 terminal with 256 colors (I use the dejavu font)23:42
timcowchipis listed under Dependencies23:42

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