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Workstertimcowchip, try doing: LANG=C wego00:16
timcowchipok thanks Romster00:17
Worksterwhat desktop is that?00:17
Worksterif that works your locale is messing it up somehow. did you generate your locale for glibc?00:18
Worksteris dejavue font for the console installed and configured to use that00:18
timcowchipI don't think so00:18
timcowchipI nstalled xorg-font-dejavu-ttf00:19
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timcowchiplocaledef -i en_US -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-800:25
timcowchipURxvt*font: xft:DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=12:antialias=true:hinting=true in .Xresources00:27
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Worksteryeah that's the xorg font you want the console font00:31
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Worksteror is there no console dejavu variant00:34
timcowchipI guess not00:34
timcowchipurxvt runs with URxvt*font: xft:DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=12:antialias=true:hinting=true in .Xresources tho00:35
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jaegerpretty sure there's no console involved00:45
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timcowchipshould there be a /usr/share/X11/fonts folder?01:52
dlcusaThe mirror for is running around 1200 baud or so. :-(01:54
timcowchipof course not, this crux.......nothing is where it is on other OS's01:55
timcowchipthis is crux01:58
timcowchipand I'm gumby damnit01:58
timcowchipdoesn't mater where the fonts are there's no xorg.conf to list them in01:59
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timcowchipwhere does xfontsel look?02:22
timcowchipit only findsI tried 'export XFILESEARCHPATH="/usr/share/fonts/X11/"'02:31
Romsterdlcusa, i have xfce4 files on
timcowchipI started to say it only finds bitstream02:32
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Romsteryou don't need a xorg.conf for it to find fonts...02:34
dlcusaRomster, thanks, but they seem to have resolved the problem, at least I'm onto other packages.02:35
timcowchipI tried 'export XFILESEARCHPATH="/usr/share/fonts/X11/"'02:36
Romsterman xorg02:36
Romsterread the FILES section02:36
timcowchipok thanks02:36
Romsterand you do need to generate the cache that the post-install takes care of02:37
Romsteryou've been on crux for ages how do oyu not know these things.02:39
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timcowchipI did fc-cache02:40
Romsterfc-cache -s02:40
Romstermkfontscale /usr/share/fonts/TTF02:40
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Romstermkfontdir /usr/share/fonts/TTF02:40
Romsteror was that last one wrong i don't bloody know i got too many thigns going on02:41
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RomsterThe current version is 2.3502:41
Romsterprt-get cat xorg-font-dejavu-ttf post-install02:43
Romsterso the one in xorg is a version behind...02:44
timcowchipI did that02:46
Romsterthen it should work02:46
duytruongHi, I'm still compile soprano failed02:49
duytruongmessage error:
duytruonglocation 46%: recipe for target 'backends/sesame2/CMakeFiles/soprano_sesame2backend.dir/jniwrapper.cpp.o' failed02:50
Romstershouldn't you be using qmake for qt?02:51
Romsterqmake-qt5 for qt502:52
duytruongi use: prt-get depinst soprano. I see cmake is used usually02:52
Romsterqmake-qt5 PREFIX=/usr02:53
Romsteror i don't know how cmake calls it02:53
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Romsteror are you still using qt4?02:53
timcowch1pnot using qt at all?02:53
timcowch1poh sorry02:54
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Romsterduytruong, did you bump any versions or using kd4 as is?02:54
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duytruongHow must i do to bump ?02:55
Romsteri can try building that but it'll take some time02:55
Romsterok that says yoru using stock so ic an reproduce this error with a prt-get depinst kde02:55
duytruongI use port kde4 and try to compile all kde* in this port02:58
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.1]: xorg-font-dejavu-ttf: 2.34 -> 2.3502:58
Romsterduytruong, ok i'll try it here, but it'll be going as i'm back at work.02:59
Romstertimcowchip ^ i bumped the font version02:59
duytruongBut soprano continue to fail. I think missing Java (Jre, Jdk) 'cause I see Jniwrapper02:59
duytruongAs Java 8u60 installed successful, soprano still fail03:00
duytruongthanks for fixing my error03:01
Romsteri don't know the error yet. but i'll see what i can do.03:03
Romsterheads back to work03:05
duytruongI guess it need dependency. But I cannot guess what missing03:05
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duytruongAll installed: cmake dbus redland virtuoso libiodbc qt4 clucene03:07
dlcusaNope, they're still in the Industrial Age there.  Your link is a real godsend--thanx much!03:08
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duytruongHi. I built soprano successfully. My method: Add # to lines contain sesame 209:59
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Romsterduytruong i think soprano is not required anymore and akonadi nepomuk-core need soem love.12:37
Romstersoprano last release is in 201312:37
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dedmanwlkhello all. ive got 2 systems built with identical hardware. i imaged a drive in 1 and copied it to the other so that both os/filesystems were the same. the duplicated filesystem is claiming device eno1 does not exist. where can i look/dig to figure this out?14:47
tilmanis this an ethernet device?14:49
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tilmanrmull: have you seen ?14:52
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rmulltilman: Nope, wow14:54
rmullHow does one find the time to do this14:55
tilmanno idea14:55
tilmanhe even says he's only working on it on rainy days14:55
rmullMust be pretty rainy where he lives14:56
tilmanfrom reading his articles... nope14:57
tilman"No doubt, this will work perfectly as usual! The key is not to let the hardware sense any fear."15:07
tilmanthis guy15:07
jaegerdedmanwlk: does eno1 actually exist?15:07
jaegerdedmanwlk: even identical hardware configurations will have NICs with different MAC addresses. udev may have put the mac address of the NIC into a persistent rules file15:07
dedmanwlkjaeger: it should. where might the persistent rules file be?15:14
jaegerin /etc/udev/rules.d15:15
rmullOut of curiosity, what interfaces are available on the second PC?15:15
jaegerI may be wrong but I think one or the other happens usually, not both. So you either get predictable device names or persistent ones15:15
jaegerA thing to consider: does "identical hardware" also mean "identical pci slot layout"?15:16
jaegerif not, that will change the interface name15:16
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dedmanwlkrmull: the orig has lo,eno1,bond0 (bond0 is our network connection), on the duplicate box its lo,bond0, and bond0 has static ip but no connection, as there is no eno1.15:23
dedmanwlkjaeger: ok ill check that file and diff lspci from the 2machines.15:24
jaegerif there's no eno1 then likely the NIC is actually different or the kernel config is missing support for it (or the module isn't loaded)15:25
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dedmanwlklol my udev.d just has the examples file. lspci has no difference.15:51
jaegerdifferent kernel? module not loaded?15:51
jaegeryou said you imaged it but something is different :)15:51
jaegerNIC disabled in the BIOS or just dead, maybe?15:52
dedmanwlkill look into that now but i really dont understand that. say the orig box runs some modprobe during boot up ... wouldnt that code also be run on the duplicate? But you're right, something is different.15:52
teK__check with lsmod / dmesg15:53
dedmanwlkWell they are both crux 3.1, and the differences are 2 branches of development- so when I try another OS kali,arch, or even the 3.1 that was working on that box eno1 is all there. ill keep digging. dont want to waste ya'lls time. thanks for the help.15:53
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newbie__when I start an installation of crux in a VM with virt-install and connects with virt-manager, it seems to now go further than Loading /boot/initramfs.............. ready.17:00
newbie__well, I can install using VNC, but I would prefer just use virt-manager17:03
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rmullThat email on the mailing list that said the ncurses Pkgfile is missing a backslash was correct17:44
rmullBut they meant --without-tests, not --whiteout-tests17:45
rmullAnd it doesn't fail to build for me17:45
rmulljust fyi17:45
rmullNot sure what was meant about libmpfr17:46
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dxlr8rhelp, I need to write the crux.iso to usb memory stick on windows :/ how? :P18:08
dxlr8rI've heard rufus doesn't work, need something more like dd18:09
onoderaI always used unetbootin i think18:09
onoderayou can also cygwin + dd18:09
dxlr8rdon't want to mess it up with cygwin18:09
dxlr8ri'll try unetbootin18:10
jaegerphysdiskwrite is what I'd suggest18:10
jaegerwin32imager probably works fine, too18:10
dxlr8rany of those built in?18:10
dxlr8rhehe, windows seldom has anything useful built in18:11
onoderacygwin isn't that bad imo18:13
onoderait has an installer and everything18:13
dxlr8rnever said it was, just trying to keep my windows as clean as possible. it's only used for gaming18:16
onoderawhat games do you play that don't work on lnx?18:17
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dxlr8rwell unetbootin didn't work. win32imager did :)18:22
dxlr8rdidn't try physdiskwrite18:22
dxlr8ronodera: hehe, I don't use GUI on Linux18:22
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dxlr8rto much hassel18:22
dxlr8rwindows for gaming, linux for server/utility, and OS X for rest18:22
dxlr8rhave way to many projects going on to make linux fit my needs. the two important things holding me back is, 1: hard to control fan speed without custom scripts, 2: no support for my keyboard layout18:24
dxlr8rbut like i3 :)18:25
dedmanwlkjaeger: eno1 and network connectivity after 'modprobe e1000e' - how this is is probed on the orig system vs no on the duplicate is a big question to me, literally used DD18:26
tilmankeyboard layout should be really easy to fix?18:26
dedmanwlkvs not* on the18:27
rmulldxlr8r: What keyboard layout do you use?18:27
dxlr8rnorwegian mac18:27
rmullhm! neat18:27
dxlr8rI know it's on the list in linux, tried all kinds of distros etc. and no one fits18:28
jaegerdedmanwlk: usually udev should have handled it, I think. No idea why it didn't in this case, sorry18:31
dedmanwlkdont be sorry! nothing to do with you.18:32
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rmullWas there a different hardware configuration for the NICs?18:43
dedmanwlkrmull: im not sure, i md5'd all the files in /etc/udev and they match on both machines. Plus, the rules.d/ contained only the example file.18:45
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dxlr8rgetting kinda tired of creating my own kernels, have made one for virtualbox (kernel 4.0.0 for crux) and one 4.0.4 for my macbook (kinda needs custom kernel). you know of some good defaults for an older machine? it's a intel core duo 2 I think from around 200619:07
dxlr8rthe one in crux is kinda old :)19:08
newbie__jaeger: dude, do you have any idea why console in virt-manager hangs (when installing crux) after initramfs had loaded?19:15
jaegerno idea, sorry. I've no experience with virt-manager19:16
jaegerISOs do get tested in virtualbox, vmware vsphere, and qemu usually, for what that's worth19:16
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timcowchipsolved my font problem...........I need a UTF8 compatible terminal19:37
timcowchipseems terminator should work (it does on Arch)19:38
timcowchipexcept when I install terminator and run it "you need to install python bindings for libvte"19:39
timcowchipI see "--disable-python" in vte Pkgfile19:39
timcowchipis that why terminator won't run?19:40
jaegerseems likely19:41
dxlr8rlol, it's 2015. utf8 support should be mandatory19:41
timcowchipI removed "--disable-python" from the vte Pkgfile, rebuikt vte then terminator and terminator runs now19:52
timcowchipnow I've got stacked cells problem19:57
dxlr8rfresh install of crux, followed documentation to the letter, get kernel error. says "No init found"19:59
onoderadid you run lilo20:01
onoderathe command20:01
jaegerthe root partition may be incorrect20:03
dxlr8rown boot partition (ext2) and root partion (ext4)20:03
jaeger"no init found" sounds like the kernel can't find /sbin/init20:04
dxlr8rthought maybe ext2/4 wasn't built into kernel, but it was20:13
dxlr8rstrange, never had this problem before20:13
dxlr8r. /sbin/init is there20:14
dxlr8rjust started through the live cd20:14
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dxlr8rahhh, lol, root in lilo was set to the boot partition :P20:17
dxlr8rworks now20:17
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timcowchipit was just a font thing
timcowchipthe overlap I mean21:04
timcowchipcould vte get python undisabled?21:05
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timcowchiponodera, I finally got wego to work21:38
jaegertimcowchip: ask the maintainer to enable it if you like21:39
timcowchipit just needs a UTF8 compatible terminal21:40
timcowchipok Jaeger :)21:40
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