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jaegerdxlr8r:;a=blob;f=kernel/linux-4.0.6.defconfig;h=a7e99f897056517e63378a779d36f0b4052b6968;hb=refs/heads/master is a decent starting point00:36
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zane_hello all02:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: console-font-terminus: updated to version 4.4002:33
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: xorg-font-terminus: updated to version 4.4002:33
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onoderajust came along a project that doesn't build with gcc 4.811:57
onoderaonly 4.9+, when will crux 3.2 release? :)11:57
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tired890onodera, update your core to 3.2 ;)12:18
tired890not wise on a production system but if on your desktop should be ok12:18
tired890been working stable for me..12:18
tired890gcc version 5.2.0 (CRUX-x86_64-multilib)12:19
frinnstno, really dont12:27
frinnstwhat project is that, btw?12:28
onoderanah I used 3.2 for a while but didn't "feel clean" so I reinstalled12:34
onoderaI'll just keep the core stuff as is12:34
onoderafrinnst: dolphin-emu master12:34
onoderait's a wii/gamecuve emulator12:35
onodera(git master)12:35
frinnstopen a ticket, maybe?12:44
frinnst(for that project)12:45
xeirrrfrinnst: Do you have a idea when 3.2 goes into rc stage? :)12:48
joacimwhen they're sober enough12:50
xeirrrI think 3.2 is solid enough. I changed all the repos to 3.2 and did a whole system update. I didn't see any breakage, like gcc, glibc.12:53
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: xorg-font-terminus: added xorg-mkfontscale to dependency list15:28
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timcowchipthis odd, I can't update contrib anymore17:15
timcowchipUpdating collection contrib17:16
timcowchipFinished successfully17:16
timcowchipprt-get info xorg-font-terminus shows Version:      4.3917:19
timcowchipshouldn't it be 4.40?17:19
jaegerit should but contrib isn't updating properly. if you rsync it manually it doesn't match the git repo17:20
jaegerthere's an ongoing permissions issue we've been trying to fix17:20
timcowchipok thanks jaeger :)17:20
jaegerthe git repos get updated but not the rsync17:20
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onodera*cough* use the git driver *cough*17:48
jaegerOK, we know there's a git driver, you don't need to mention it every time17:51
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jaegerIt's not just you17:54
jaegerThe git driver that's included in opt/git still has some issues, have those been fixed upstream or is that version current?18:01
jaegerlooks like the update output is fixed since I last looked at it, at least18:02
jaegerit doesn't error check that BRANCH is defined but that's a trivial fix18:05
jaegersorry, should have said "had some issues last time I investigated" rather than "still has some issues"18:08
timcowchipok I'll try it18:11
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