IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2015-08-30

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Romsterfirefox: updated to 40.0.3 still bloody crashes02:01
koricrashes where?02:01
Romsterhard to say i just type in twitch chat and bam02:02
Romsterso i went back to 39.x02:02
koriicecat doesn't have this problem02:03
Romsterfirefox is going to crap it's slow it crashes02:03
Romstereh icecat some fork of firefox02:04
korithe GNU fork of firefox02:04
Romsterwhat parts of fiefox arn't GPL?02:05
korithe art02:05
koriicecat strips firefox of some other stuff too02:05
Romsteror MIT or what ever licence02:05
korilike google services02:05
koriand adds some privacy options02:05
koriits pretty good02:05
Romsterand runs firefox plugins?02:05
koribut some newer ones might not run02:05
koriit's firefox LTE on privacy crack02:05
koripretty much02:06
Romsteri did compile it for someone but never tired it lol02:06
koriyou compiled it for me :)02:06
Romsteri can do j26 on 8 machines now.02:07
korilol nice02:07
Romsterjsut old core 2s and 4 quad cores02:07
RomsterQ6600, 2 amd phenoms and a xeon server i salvaged02:08
korithis i5 3570k is still serving me well02:08
koribut I need more RAM02:08
kori4GB isn't enough02:08
Romsteronly got 8GB in my desktop the q6600 the the rest are either 4GB or 3GB02:09
jaegerno crashes for me since the nocairo change, for what that's worth02:09
Romster3GB is about the sweet spot for compiling per a node02:09
Romstermaybe i do need to move my firefox profile and start fresh but the headache of reconfiguring it again.02:10
Romsterjaeger, are you gonna grab docbook-{xml,xsl} and bash it into submission to work?02:11
Romsterat this stage i wanna drop them and disable any port that uses docbook02:11
jaegernot today but I can02:12
Romstercool i do need less of a workload and them wont change much when they actually work.02:24
Romsterah i still have that icecat docker container02:25
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Romsterkori, why isn't icecat on ports page?03:03
koriRomster: because the ports page doesn't use the git driver yet03:04
koriand our repo is git-only because we hate updating the httpup sync file so we don't use httpup in the first place03:04
Romstertoo hard to setup also rsync or make a REPO file?03:04
Romsterwhats the url again?03:04
Romsterneed to add that on my page03:05
koriconsider the fact our repo is git-only as a form of protest03:06
Romsterprotest of what...03:06
koriidk haha03:06
Romsterthis means i need to install git in docker to use it03:06
koriyou can also just do the single port sync thing03:07
korioh nevermind03:07
Romsteroh i can work around it but i'm being lazy and just installing git03:08
Romsteryour ice cat is 2 versions old03:10
korioh RIGHT03:10
koriit IS03:10
koriI need to update it, sorry03:10
kori1 sec03:10
Romster31.6.0 i see 31.8.003:10
koriinternet's really slow right now!03:11
korican I just bump the vers.03:11
koriand you send me the md5sum and footprint?03:12
jaegerone thing that would be nice to add to the git driver - a graceful way to switch between branches03:12
Romsteri just bumped the verson and when it's downloaded i'll compile it03:12
korialright neat03:12
korijaeger: elaborate03:12
korithe current way is to edit the sync file and ports -u03:12
Romsterwasn't that added BRANCH=3.103:13
jaegeryeah, that broke ports -u03:13
jaegeralso BRANCH isn't tested for in the driver03:13
korijaeger: huh?03:13
koriwe tested BRANCH some03:14
korilike, replacing 3.1 with 3.203:14
koriand it worked...03:14
jaegerkinda stuck at the moment, give me a bit and I'll test it again03:16
korijaeger: oh no Isee what you mean03:18
korimmm I'll have to look into this03:20
koriit's the git diff command that's failing03:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: lvm2: 2.02.128 -> 2.02.12903:28
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prologicgeez chris this is a fucking joke05:25
prologicand i'm only 3305:25
prologicwtf is LP's problem here?05:25
prologiccan we not understand UNIX/Linux and it's philosophy and the the "sound" decisions that were made before us?05:26
prologicwhat a naive person05:26
prologicit's the age old problem of young'ins; "oh that's too complex"05:26
prologic"let's write a new one from scratch"05:26
prologic"oh let's build it all into this one giant thing"05:26
prologicOT pffft05:27
koricoming to your computer05:28
prologicnot mine05:28
prologicbut yeah this is a serious joke05:28
prologicthe thing that gets me really badly though05:28
prologicis all the major distros taking this up05:28
prologicand eating his every word05:28
prologicI DO NOT understand that05:28
prologicolder and wiser engineers, sysadmins and the like *SHOULD* know better05:28
prologicthis should have been shot down and killed off years ago before it even took of05:29
koriI'm already on the tracks to abandon linux05:29
koricrux is my last stop05:30
koriand not because of sytemd05:30
korisystemd is merely part of the problem05:30
prologicI think I may one day do the same too05:31
prologicpossibly Hurd may bring back the good 'ol UNIX ways05:31
koriprologic: are you familiar with bret victor05:31
prologicwe'll see05:31
prologicbut yeah I agree05:31
prologicI use CRUX because it's the most UNIX like05:31
prologicbret victor? no; who is he?05:32
koriif you have 1hr05:32
koriwatch that video05:32
koriit's also available on youtube05:32
koriI'm not satisfied with UNIX anymore05:33
korior... any current system, really05:34
koriit all feels too artificial05:34
koria jumbled mess of text05:34
prologicthat's where you and I differe05:34
prologicI believe in UNIX05:34
koriI used to05:34
korithen I started to hit the bumps05:34
koriUNIX can't keep up with the speed or richness of my thoughts05:34
koritext is not sufficient for expressing what I want05:35
koriand when I mean my thoughts, I also mean your thoughts05:35
korior anyone's thoughts, really05:35
koriterminals and pipes can only get you so far05:35
prologicyeah sorry this is where I completely disagree05:35
prologictext is still the most powerful form of communication05:36
prologicno matter how it's inputed05:36
koriprologic: that talk by bret victor explains how I think now05:36
koriand why I disagree about text being the most powerful form of communication05:36
koriskip around if you want, but watching the whole talk gets you the most benefit05:37
koribut yeah CRUX has been the most pleasant linux distro I've used so far05:38
koriI'd like to have the patience to explore the full potential of plan 905:40
korihowever, text now annoys me05:41
prologicwhat's the TL;DR of the talk06:14
prologicand your view on this?06:14
prologicI'm kinda curious06:14
prologicbut I seriously doubt it'll change my view :)06:14
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prologickori> however, text now annoys me <-- This thing is this; text is everywhere (whether you see it or not or however it's displayed); text underpins everything about well everything06:16
prologicyou *cannot* just disregard text06:16
prologicyou'll end up with a whole hoist that you cannot solve06:16
prologicso I dunno what weird twisted/distorted world Bret Victor is living in; but the reality is text is here to stay06:17
koriprologic: text is necessary but not sufficient06:17
prologichow it's presented will always change06:17
korithat's the tl;dr of the talk06:17
koripretty much06:17
koriemphasis on the not sufficient part06:17
prologicso what's wrong with CRUX/LInux then for you?06:17
koriyou should really skip around06:17
koriand see at least parts of the demos06:18
prologicor perhaps you're frustrated by more pertty GUI(s)?06:18
prologicthe lack thereof?06:18
koriI'm frustrated by the current GUIs06:18
prologicI don't think I really need to06:18
prologicI *get* it :)06:18
prologicbut I'm playing devils advocate here06:18
prologicremember I'm visually impaired/blind06:18
koriI actually didn't know that06:18
prologicso anything visually intensive doesn't work for me anyway06:18
prologicyeah okay06:18
korithat's interesting06:18
prologicso you want more out of your GUI(s)06:19
prologicthe thing is this06:19
prologicUNIX/Linux aren't going to give you that06:19
koriof course06:19
prologicGUI(s) applications and developers are06:19
prologicthe philosophies that underpin UNIX and Linux hwoever are strong and sound06:19
prologicand text rules06:19
prologicbut if you want a better GUI06:19
prologicI'd go start ranting up the KDE/Gnome communities06:19
prologicor MATE06:19
prologicthe fundamental ideas behind UNIX allow us to easily and trivially swap out the GUI for any other06:20
koriall of those are too fat06:20
korifor my wants and needs06:20
prologicit's the efforts of systemd that will destroy this for many distros06:20
koriI'm a minimalist06:20
prologicany of this suit?06:20
koriactually, no06:20
prologicyou said "minimal"06:20
koriI roll even smaller :D06:20
prologicso you don't even know what you want :)06:21
prologiceven smaller?06:21
prologicno X?06:21
korinah, I use X06:21
prologicI've seen these06:21
prologicinteresting ideas really06:21
prologichaven't actually tried to put them to use yet06:21
korireally nice in practice also06:21
asiei wish CRUX was musl-based, really - that would be kinda cool06:21
koribut it's a pain in the ass to get it rolling06:21
prologicmostly because there is no full screen zoom for X/Xorg itself06:21
korionce you do get it rolling06:21
korithere's no way you can look back06:21
prologicso I'm forced to use Compiz Fusino + a DM06:21
prologicDE rather06:22
korithe flexibility is just not there06:22
korifor any other window management solution06:22
prologicasie, cool but not practical06:22
asiethe amount of packages i had to roll on my own makes things not very practical already, heh06:22
prologicif someone can present me with a CRUX + Wayland/Xorg + Compiz + wmutils that works06:22
prologicI'd be impressed and itnerested06:22
koriI use CRUX + wmutils + compton06:23
prologicasie, we just simply don't have time to package all the "shit" :)06:23
prologicdoes/can compton provide fulls creen zoom?06:23
asiethat is true06:23
prologicso I can't use that then06:23
prologicI thought someone built accessibility for wayland/compton?06:23
prologicwith full screen zoom06:24
prologicor did I imagine this06:24
korinot sure06:24
prologicfind out for me and try it out if you can :)06:24
koriI haven't tried wayland on CRUX yet06:24
koriI probably can't06:24
koridue to the nvidia proprietary drivers06:24
koriI'm trying to solve this problem with my current window management setup06:25
koriit's annoying me06:25
koriif I kill a window that belongs to a certain group, the file associated with it on the filesystem doesn't disappear06:25
prologici> due to the nvidia proprietary drivers06:27
prologic[16:29:44] <kor06:27
prologicI commented on that open issue06:27
prologicit would be good to see Compiz Fusino's ezoom in compton06:27
prologicit'd get me using it06:28
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tilmanfrinnst: don't have perl support in this irssi build :(07:37
Romsterthen recompile it07:51
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium: updated to 44.0.2403.15509:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: cmake: updated to 3.3.109:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: chromium: updated to 44.0.2403.15709:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: xterm: updated to 32009:38
cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: vte-gtk3: updated to 0.40.209:38
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onoderaprologic: are you here?10:25
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cairo-dock: updated to 3.4.113:13
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.1]: cairo-dock-plug-ins: initial import13:13
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jaegerkori: <-- what I was referring to yesterday is that $URL and $NAME are tested, $BRANCH is not15:28
jaegertrivial fix, though15:29
onoderajaeger: I already fixed that15:33
onoderaand send teK__ (git maintainer) a pm15:34
jaegerok, cool15:34
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ivs_Hello, is there any chance of the ports update: lm_sensors, qemu, tor17:20
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onoderaivs_: try highlighting the maintaners17:36
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.1]: nvidia: updated to version 352.4119:20
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