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timcowchipicecat error: error:01:01
timcowchipoops :)01:02
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timcowchipwaited 6 hours to not build icecat01:03
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rmulltimcowchip: Out of memory?01:09
koritimcowchip: Romster was working on this01:11
koriapparently it needs a weird patch01:11
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timcowchipkori: probably out of mem I only have 4Gb01:54
timcowchipguess I'll wait for Romster to build it01:55
koritimcowchip: it's both.01:55
timcowchipmaybe prologic can upgrade links to 2.1101:57
timcowchipand figure a way to make it access https01:57
prologichttps works fine with links01:58
prologicwhat's the problem?01:58
timcowchipyou do not have permission to access / on this server02:00
timcowchipopening https:crux.nu02:00
prologiclemme see02:03
prologicI think I normally use elinks02:03
timcowchipI think links renders graphics better than elinks02:04
prologiclet's remove some cruft too02:04
prologicI think I took over this port from someone else02:04
prologicit's a bit crappy02:05
prologicI don't think elinks renders graphics at all02:05
prologicunless you're talking about the X version?02:05
timcowchipyou're right it doesn't02:05
timcowchipI'd use links instead of gecko or webkit if it would access https://crux.nu02:06
prologicdone fixed and tested02:11
prologic works for me02:11
timcowchip\o/ yay02:12
timcowchipcould you provide a link to the Pkgfile?02:13
prologicit should be in contirb shortly02:13
prologicunless the rsync update is broken still02:13
prologicjaeger, ?02:13
prologicshould have got a git notification here and via email02:13
timcowchipthanks, prologic :)02:13
prologicsomething's a miss02:13
Romstereyah cruxbot git ports are feed up on permisions02:15
prologicwho can fix it?02:16
Romsterjaeger is looking into it when he isnt' busy tek was but he is also busy and jue isaway02:16
Romsterso it's whenever someone has time02:16
prologicI have the time now02:17
prologicsomeone give me access :)02:17
Romsterand frinnest isn't at home due to bathroom renovation02:17
prologicjaeger, teK__  tilman ping?02:17
prologiclet's get this fixed :)02:17
prologicI can fix it :)02:17
prologicif I had access to the box02:17
Romstertilman, isn't even doing anything in crux dev anymore02:17
prologicoh okay02:17
prologicfrinnst, ping :P02:17
prologicsounds like we need a bit more help haha02:18
Romsterand i'm in opt contrib compat-32 and xorg and i cna't do anything about that on the server.02:19
jaegerI think i know how to fix it now, we were testing it with opt today02:25
Romsteralso sepen has access ?02:26
timcowchip\o/ yayger :)02:26
Romsterbut all i see him say is disabling cron job for emailing about broken gitweb/cruxbot02:26
prologicjaeger, oh awesome :)02:31
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Worksterand then shit bigpond at work03:16
Worksterand i can throw a stone and hit the exchange form here... how does that work.03:16
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ubuuuim new here. Just had a question07:12
ubuuuis there any guide on dual booting im not famaliar with partition making..07:13
timcowchipwhat other OS?07:16
timcowchipI'm guessing ubuntu07:17
ubuuuand slackware07:25
ubuuubut i failed installing slackware and accudently deleted my win7 partition07:25
timcowchipoh shit07:26
ubuuui know...i was so sad. but im not giving up07:26
ubuuuand i find crux the right linux distro for me07:26
ubuuujust wanted to know exactly what to do before actually doing it07:27
timcowchipso was windows booting everything else?07:27
ubuuuwhat you mean?07:28
ubuuui accidently deleted all the partitions.. so my computer came with an error "No operating system found"07:28
ubuuui did install slackware succesfully07:28
ubuuubut not the way i wanted it to be installed...07:28
timcowchipdid you install lilo with slackware?07:29
ubuuui dont think so since i dont know what lilo is?07:29
timcowchipdo you have anything on a usb or dvd to boot with?07:30
timcowchiplike crux?07:30
ubuuui know how to ISO and BIOS is just when you actually gotta configure the partitions so u can dual boot and stuff07:32
timcowchipgot gparted on a usb or cd?07:32
ubuuui find that very diffecult and scary07:32
timcowchiptheres's a readme on the crux iso07:33
ubuuudoes it contain a dualboot guide?07:33
timcowchipdo you have another device to browse the web?07:33
timcowchiptablet, phone?07:34
ubuuui have 2 laptops07:34
ubuuu1 phone07:34
ubuuu2 tablets07:34
ubuuuand my main pc07:34
ubuuui will try to install on my windows pc07:34
ubuuuand might try on my macbook pro07:34
timcowchipgo to with one device and follow the instructions while installing crux on another07:35
ubuuubut is the installation dualboot or linux as main OS?07:36
ubuuubecause i wanna dualboot alongside with win807:37
timcowchipif you don't install grub to the mbr and leave win8 on it, it might find crux07:38
timcowchipI haven't used windows for a while07:39
ubuuui don't understand the crux installation part..07:40
timcowchipwhich part?07:40
timcowchipare you reading ?07:41
ubuuuyes i am07:41
ubuuuthe "Mount" part07:41
timcowchipafter booting from the usb, mount the prtition you want to install crux on07:42
timcowchipmount /dev/sda3 /mnt for example07:43
ubuuuso i need to make space before booting from the USB07:43
ubuuusince win8 is taking all the space...07:43
ubuuui kinda understand07:43
ubuuubut what about the "swap" what is that used for?07:43
timcowchipwhat about the pc you just put slackware on?07:44
timcowchipis slackware taking all the space?07:44
timcowchipor is there space where win7 was?07:44
timcowchipor did you wipe win7 to install slackware?07:45
ubuuuyes i did that by accident07:45
timcowchipand it won't boot07:46
timcowchipyou could put crux on that machine07:46
ubuuui fixed it07:49
timcowchipyou will have to create (if necessary) and format the partition(s) you want CRUX to be installed on07:49
ubuuui have win8 on there now07:49
timcowchipok have fun with windows07:49
timcowchipgotta go07:57
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ubuuunice irc08:07
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Romsterubuuu you know you can recrate the partition again and windows will still be there. as long as the start is the same as before and end is at the same or later point08:43
Romstertestdisk can also help here08:43
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frinnsthe left :)08:45
Romsterhe may know about the irc log in topic08:46
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reephi guys. I have commented out some prt-get.conf lines but when I run ports -u ports contacts all the ports repository even those of the commented out lines so new and updated ports are downloaded even the ones I do not want to (as I have commented out the prt-get.conf lines)12:29
reepI will give to examples of lines I have commented out #prtdir /usr/ports/xfce12:39
reep#prtdir /usr/ports/core12:39
reep when I run $sudo ports -u  these commented out line do not prevent downloading new and updated ports...12:39
Romsterno but they will prevent prt-get from seeing them12:45
Romsterwhy would you comment out core?12:45
Romsteras for xfce you could rm /etc/ports/xfce4.rsync12:45
Romsterif you don't use that12:46
frinnstprtdir in prt-get.conf only controls prt-get12:46
frinnstif you want to remove those repos you need to delete them from /etc/ports12:46
prologicor just rename/move them out12:46
Romster.inactive is common12:50
reepromster in fact I did not comment core that was just an example to make my post clearer13:03
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reepin fact I commented out some  individual collectiions from crux users but I avoided to mention which ones so I referred to core as an example13:05
reepthanks you all. solved.13:10
Romsterthere is also mpup port that can pull exact ports than an entire collection too.13:17
reeptks romster13:19
frinnstyeah <3 mpup13:21
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rmullWho is contrib-admin? I need to take my rmull repo offline and deregister it14:17
rmullAny one of you crux dudes want to take care of it if convenient?14:19
joacimi think it is automatic14:46
joacimwhen your repo disappears, it is also automatically deregistered14:46
rmullOh, okay14:47
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jaegerrmull: I can disable it if you like, it will be automatically removed from the list14:52
rmullYes, please disable it. I've lost control of the machine that was hosting it.14:57
rmullIt's complicated.14:58
jaegerdoh, sorry14:59
jaegerok, done, it'll be removed next time the cacher runs14:59
rmullThanks very much15:00
jawboteK__: building gnupg, pinentry fails with missing dependency libassuan16:19
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timcowchipprologic: this pkgbuild is outdated16:22
timcowchipso is your new Pkgfile for links16:23
timcowchipI upgrade the version to 2.11 and and --with-ssl to the configure line16:24
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ubuuuHi guys16:25
ubuuui need help with "setup-chroot"16:26
ubuuui typed the command and now im as "bash-4.3#"16:26
ubuuuwhat to do?16:26
jawbonow you're are inside your installed system. now you configure services, hostname, locales, any networking needs, compile kernel16:27
jawboit's in the handbook!16:28
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jawboi think just https://crux.nu16:31
jawbowould have done16:31
ivs_^ is that gnome2? why? :D16:35
timcowchipits Mate16:45
timcowchip*and added16:47
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rmullYikes, just spilled a whole mug of coffee all over everything17:18
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tsaopI sort of completed the first set of KF5 ports (frameworks + plasma + some of the ported applications)17:23
tsaophow do I proceed from there? Should I set up a GitHub account or something?17:23
timcowchipthe "old way" is to ask to publish your ports17:28
ubuuui dropped it17:31
ubuuufuck it17:31
timcowchipfuck you :)17:31
ubuuui go on the #crux irc channel nobody answers17:35
ubuuuhow am i supposed to know what to do when no support17:36
tsaoptimcowchip: how would I push updates to these ports? I don't have any own webspace available17:37
timcowchipdo you have a github account?17:37
rmullubuuu: You asked "what do I do after I chroot" and jawbo told you to look in the handbook, which describes everything in great detail.
ubuuu>in great detail.17:38
rmullDo you have a question other than "what do I do next?" What you do next is pretty clear in the handbook. Edit /etc/fstab.17:38
jawboif you're not willing to do some work yourself, you're not going to enjoy crux17:39
ubuuui spend 2 hours bro on it17:39
ubuuuand i made it to the "lilo" part17:39
ubuuuand i just gave up17:39
ubuuubecause it didnt work17:39
rmullSo you configured a kernel?17:41
rmullwhat didn't work about lilo?17:42
ubuuuthe GUI but there wasnt really anything in there to change17:43
ubuuui didnt know what to type in the "boot" and "root" in the lilo.conf17:43
rmullboot=/dev/sda where sda is the drive name of your boot disk17:44
ubuuu i only made a primary and a swap17:45
rmullroot I don't use. Instead I use append="root=/dev/sda2" where sda2 is the name of your boot partition17:45
rmullIMHO the example lilo.conf should change17:45
ubuuuim just gonna install slackware17:46
rmullOkay, see ya17:46
ubuuusee ya? im always here17:46
timcowchiphe told me he was going back to win817:47
ubuuuwhen did i ever tell you that?17:47
timcowchiplast night17:48
ubuuumight be true17:48
ubuuucant remember17:48
timcowchip"ubuuui have win8 on there now"17:49
timcowchipif I can install crux, so can you......17:50
ubuuui can...17:50
ubuuui might try again tommorow17:50
ubuuuif someone would like to guide me through the problems i have17:50
tsaopinstall LFS instead17:50
tsaoptimcowchip: I don't have a github account, but can make one if needed17:51
ubuuutsaop: why would i do that???17:51
tsaopfor the learning experience17:52
ubuuui cant even install crux17:52
ubuuuand u want me to give lfs a try17:52
timcowchiptry grub this time
tsaopand in winter, to warm up your room if your heating is broken17:52
ubuuutimcowchip: okey <3317:52
rmullubuuu: There is a right way and a wrong way to ask for help17:52
ubuuuteach me!17:52
rmullYou're not going to find very much help from a group of advanced users if you act entitled to their time17:52
tsaopdo you have the will to learn?17:53
ubuuuyes ofc that is why i am here17:53
ubuuui just think i will install slackware for now17:55
timcowchipslackware sucks17:55
tsaopslackware is great too for learning17:55
tsaopalso installing xorg starting from xorg-server without dependency management17:56
tsaopbased ldd17:56
ubuuuslackware doesnt suck17:56
ubuuucrux install and Documentation sucks17:57
jaegerubuuu: many different timezones and work schedules in IRC, have patience17:57
tsaopmeh, I find the docs are straight to the point17:57
tsaopyou might want to read other documentation on the same subject from another distro17:58
tsaopeg. Gentoo or the Archwiki17:58
tsaopshould give you a more comprehensive understanding of a subject17:58
ubuuu>tfw crux doesnt give you keyboard selection from the beginning17:59
jaegerIf there's a specific part of the documentation that you feel is lacking, explain why - if it's general linux knowledge, on the other hand, it most likely won't be in the crux handbook17:59
tsaopubuuu: loadkeys keymap_code17:59
ubuuutsaop: how am i supposed to know that?18:00
tsaopthrough reading and sheer luck18:00
retardmostly reading18:00
retardubuuu if you want to click through menus for everything crux might not be the distro for you18:00
tsaoplet's say you're reading an article and you end up learning something useful not strictly related to it18:00
rmullubuuu: I searched the handbook for "keymap" and it had everything you need to know18:01
tsaoprmull: it is indeed in a table describing configuration variables in /etc/rc.conf, now that I am looking at it18:02
tsaopsee section 6.1.318:02
rmullloadkeys is standard linux stuff that isn't specific to crux, so the assumption is that you can at least google for "linux console keyboard layout" and click the first result18:03
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deep42thoughtHi, what's the official way to rebuild all ports, which are installed as dependencies of a certain port?18:37
tsaopdeep42thought: try with prt-get depends <port_name>18:39
tsaopthough I'm afraid that list would be a bit too comprehensive18:39
rmullprt-get -fr update $(prt-get depends <port_name>) to be specific18:50
deep42thoughtyes, thanks18:50
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deep42thoughtI did it a little different (although that's not exactly what I asked for): just rebuild the port which is broken and look for the conflict and rebuild that port.18:52
deep42thoughtto be specific, it's cryptsetup. However, it looks like it would like a static device-mapper link, which it can't get (
deep42thoughtbtw: it's prt-get -fr update $(prt-get quickdep <port_name>)19:01
rmulloops, thanks for the correction19:07
rmullSo is your cryptsetup still broken?19:08
deep42thoughtit looks like a libdevmapper-update broke it19:08
deep42thoughtbut to be sure, I try to rebuild all dependencies ...19:09
rmullI have the same failure, fwiw.19:09
rmullI had all deps installed from before19:09
dlcusaromster, ever seen liblrdf fail in automake with " error: required file './' not found"?19:10
dlcusaDetails at
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deep42thoughtrmull: cryptsetup is still broken19:14
rmullYes, confirmed19:15
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deep42thoughtmight it be that: "Fix shared library generation to stop exporting internal functions." (though I didn't find the corresponding code yet)19:27
rmullThis stuff's a little beyond my skill set19:31
rmullfor example, objdump -T on the library file shows dm_task_set_uuid is in the dynamic symbol table19:32
rmullbut I don't know the significance of that19:32
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tsaopOkay, I have set up a github account for my KF5 ports19:52
tsaopyou can reach it at
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rmulltsaop: That looks like a pretty major effort. Good job.20:08
tsaoprmull: thanks. It isn't perfect though20:12
tsaopif you have time to spare, try it out and see if it works for you20:12
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prologictimcowchip: ok I'll update again 😀22:24
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