IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2015-09-02

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libertytraderWhat kernel version does crux use?01:26
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prologicwhatever you want01:45
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prologicuse Mach if you feel keen :)01:45
prologicyou have to compile/install your own kernel anyway01:45
prologicso yeah totally up to you :)01:45
nogagplzhas anybody actually tried to do that, mach with crux? :P01:45
prologicnot that I'm aware of01:47
prologicbut someone will one day soon01:47
prologicmaybe even me :)01:47
prologiccruxhurd ftw01:47
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Romsteri don't even know what the big deal with hurd is.02:25
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nogagplz25 years of hype probably03:13
prologicRomster, micro kernel03:27
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ubuuutime to try installing crux again15:57
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retardit's like a nightmare16:07
dlcusaubuuu, "Do or do not==there is no try."  --Yoda16:29
dlcusaFrom what I read yesterday, it sounds like choosing Linux From Scratch (LFS) would be an excellent approach for you.  If that works out, then CRUX should be much more straight-forward for you.16:31
ubuuuits compiling :316:39
dlcusaAs it should.16:39
ubuuui will try the LFS as you said16:40
ubuuumy help me out in the further16:40
dlcusaIt's great for filling gaps in understanding.16:40
dlcusaCRUX is less so.16:42
ubuuuCRUX is like straight to the point16:44
ubuuui kinda like it16:44
onoderaI used gentoo as a stepping stone for crux16:48
onoderato learn the basics of compiling16:48
dlcusaThe linuxcounter stats indicate LFS is installed on three times as many machines as CRUX is, for whatever that's worth.16:50
dlcusaI am perplexed you were having problems if you have installed Gentoo.16:51
dlcusaOh, that was onodera--nevermind.16:52
ubuuuonodera: ye i also wanna try gentoo sometime :316:54
ubuuuits done compiling16:55
ubuuugive me sec <316:55
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ubuuui did the lilo17:00
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ubuuudo i just reboot?17:00
ubuuuhi tsaop17:00
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ubuuudo i just reboot when i completed the lilo??17:00
tsaopare you trying to install crux again?17:00
onoderaubuuu: yeah, are you sure the liloconf is correct17:01
onoderaand that you installed the kernel and everything17:01
onoderashould be safe to reboot then17:01
onoderaand fstab ofc17:01
tsaopand root password17:01
ubuuui forgot the password17:02
tsaopthen reboot the livecd again and mount the root partition, then chroot into it and change the password17:02
jaegerif you don't set the root password during the install you'll be prompted to change it the first time you log in, anyway, so that's no big deal17:03
tsaopjaeger: that I didn't know17:04
tsaopyou learn something new every day17:04
jaegerit's just that way because the default is blank17:04
tsaopbut is it a common behaviour of linux distros or is it crux specific?17:05
onoderaprobably common17:05
onoderasince crux doesn't add a lot of custom stuff besides the package management tools17:06
jaegermight depend on whether you use shadow or pam or if systemd is installed, etc.17:06
jaegernot crux-specific, though17:06
ubuuui think i succeded but im not really sure17:10
ubuuusince virtualbox isnt the best thing ....17:10
ubuuuthank you guys for the help anyways17:11
jaegernot sure? does it boot?17:12
ubuuuvirtualbox gave me 3 options and i chose the "save"17:12
ubuuuwhen i boot again i boot into my last currently state17:12
ubuuuthen i have "power off machine" but that just didnt do anything17:12
ubuuuand the third option was "shutdown machine" which i chose last17:13
ubuuuand that just deleted everything17:13
jaegersave is more or less like suspending the current state so you'd still be in the install17:13
jaegershutdown turns it off and closes the window, you can restart it17:13
ubuuubut it boot me into the installing fase17:15
tsaopdid you choose the correct boot device?17:15
jaegerafter configuring lilo.conf did you run "lilo" to install it in the MBR?17:19
jaegerif so, disconnect the ISO from virtualbox and see if it'll boot the HD17:19
ubuuuomg yes17:20
ubuuudo i type my password in host login?17:20
ubuuui cant remember what to type in the "host login:" i do remember my password but name...?17:21
jaegeror if you created a user during install, use that17:22
ubuuuroot ofc <317:22
jaegerif you didn't, log in as root and make one with useradd17:22
ubuuunow i just get "#"17:22
ubuuuwhat do i type? nothing in handbook...17:23
onoderaso you are logged in and installed crux lol17:24
onoderastart by creating a user (useradd), and add that user to the sudo conf (visudo)17:25
onoderayou can find info about all this stuff on the lfs/gentoo/arch wikis17:25
ubuuu>installing crux17:27
ubuuu>looks in gentoo site17:27
onoderathese are all general nix commands though :^), not crux specific17:28
ubuuui dont know where to look! :)17:28
tsaopwell, first thing would be updating your ports tree17:30
tsaopof course, check if you have a network connection first17:30
ubuuuim just gonna look in lfs "setting up the environment"17:31
onoderaoh yeah try17:32
onoderaports -u && prt-get sysup17:32
tsaopideally, you would first update gcc, glibc and binutils17:33
tsaopalso, remember to set MAKEFLAGS in /etc/pkgmk.conf to the number of cores you've assigned to the VM17:33
tsaopto speed up compilation17:33
ubuuudo i do that now?17:34
dlcusaubuuu, where were you last in the CRUX Handbook?  Have you read it all?17:34
ubuuuand nope didnt read it all17:34
dlcusaThat would be a good idea.17:35
ubuuuyes when i actually have it up running17:35
ubuuu"system is up to date" well that is good17:36
dlcusaIt sounds like it's running to me.17:36
tsaopuhm, assuming you've installed crux-3.1, there's a whole lot of packages to update17:37
tsaopdid you run "ports -u"?17:37
ubuuu"Updating failed"17:38
tsaopping works?17:38
ubuuu"command not found"17:40
tsaopwell, just use your local domain17:40
tsaopor, if ping is not found17:40
tsaopdo: wget google.com17:40
tsaopor curl google.com17:40
ubuuu"network is unreachable"17:40
tsaopdo "dhcpcd"17:41
tsaopdid it acquire an ip address?17:41
ubuuui think so..not sure17:42
dlcusaubuuu, you need to perform the tasks in Chapter 6 of the Handbook.17:42
tsaopwell, exec "ports -u" again and see if it starts downloading packages17:42
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ubuuuit did17:43
libertytraderWhat kernel version does crux use?17:43
ubuuu:3 very good start i think..17:43
libertytraderHow long does install take?17:43
dlcusaThe 3.1 ISO provides kernel 3.12.24 -- install time is CPU and disk dependent.17:45
onoderalibertytrader: by default 3.1217:45
onoderabut users are reccomended to download/compile theire own17:45
onoderaI'm using 4.1.6 with the ck patch atm17:46
tsaopsadly, the 4.2 kernel made my dvb usb stick stop working17:46
libertytraderCrux is very user configurable?17:46
tsaophad to compile a 3.x branch kernel to have it working17:46
dlcusaI've had no misbehavior out of 4.2 thus far.17:47
libertytraderHow long does install to Xserver on desktop take?17:47
ubuuui did "ports -u" and it finished what should my next step be?17:47
onoderalibertytrader: as configurable as any other source distro like lfs or gentoo I think17:47
tsaopubuuu: you're free to do whatever you want with our system now.17:47
ubuuui wanna run it obvs17:47
tsaopfor the time being, update the system with the fresh ports17:48
onodera you /are/ running crux17:48
tsaopit is indeed already running17:48
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onoderayou just need to install software now17:48
tsaopjust do prt-get sysup17:48
tsaopthen wait a long time17:48
onoderalibertytrader: for me a full clean install takes a few hours17:48
ubuuuso this is crux...17:48
tsaopubuuu: if you want to update packages you have to compile them17:49
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tsaopbut if you have installed all the packages from the livecd, you should already have xorg installed17:49
dlcusalibertytrader, CRUX has not a USE system like Gentoo--you have to roll your compile options yourself unless one of the package ports is exactly what you need.17:49
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tsaopif some of you are interested, here is my github repo with KF5 ports:
tsaopwho should i email to have it added to the ports page?17:50
onoderadlcusa: I don't think he liked it, lol17:51
onoderatsaop: the mail is listed on the portdb page I think17:52
dlcusaonodera, at least it seems he got the answers he was looking for.17:52
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tsaoponodera: found it, thanks.17:55
tsaopwhen they mention "root url", they mean the url to the github page, or the direct link to feed to httpup?17:55
onoderaI think17:58
onoderawho maintains hte portdb?17:58
onoderasomeone once told me but I forgot17:59
tsaopthere's a generic mail17:59
tsaopi'm using that17:59
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timcowchipI love my "new" browser18:41
onoderawhat is it19:08
timcowchipon top of xulrunner19:17
onoderaqt right?19:20
timcowchipsorry about the delay, I'm drafting a fantasy footbal team19:32
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druid_droidI neve had been so addicted to computer as I'm since using Crux :D22:13
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jaegerglad you're enjoying it. :)22:33
druid_droid:) I'm writing about my experiences in
druid_droidI hope is not to bad to share that link :)22:36
druid_droidI'm updating fast as I see better ways to do or improve my english22:37
onoderadruid_droid: the manifesto link 404s22:38
onoderadruid_droid: pretty good guide, I think the "after installation" stuff is better than that on the crux wiki22:41
druid_droidthanks onodera, I'm working on it at the moment, I'm reorganizing the "after reboot"22:44
druid_droidevery one is free to copy as I was :)22:45
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