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Romsterpedja, i'd say use /etc as it's daemons and nothing we use uses /srv02:42
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MittHi everyone, I am troubling with boot. I installed CRUX and dual-boot with Devuan (Debian) using my own kernel and current configs, but I have kernel panic. I have of course necessary drivers and modules, I am using the same kernel with the same configs at the moment. I've found that there is no initrd image and no mkinitrd or mkinitramfs in CRUX, so I think the problem is in it.16:32
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frinnstif you use a kernel that relies on an initrd to boot a stock crux install, you'll run into trouble17:05
frinnstthe kernel panic you get is something relating VFS?17:05
Mittyes, something like this17:06
frinnst99.9% of these cases are down to the user not having the filesystem or disk-controller built-in in the kernel17:06
frinnstyou cant load a module if you cant read from the disk :)17:06
frinnstso make sure these things are built-in [*] and NOT modules [M]17:08
Mittwhen I was doing my first kernel compilation I ran into initramfs prompt where it was about missing drivers, but there was an initramfs shell!17:08
frinnstI have 0 experience with initrd's so I cant really help you. But if you stick around im sure someone that knows more about it will help17:10
Mittso you don't use initramfs?17:11
MittI thought we can't live without it17:12
onoderaI also don't use initramfs, what are the advantages?17:13
Mittokay, I think here we don't need it and I need to setup it without initramfs17:13
frinnstyou only really need it if you run mdadm/lvm/encryption on /17:13
Mittit was there in Debian by default and sounded like something from the core of the system and I thought... but yea, no actual use17:14
frinnstits because they just ship a kernel that needs to work with everything17:14
frinnstwe use a initrd on our installation media for example17:15
Mittexcuse me, what's is the difference between a kernel that works with initrd and with one that doesn't?17:18
frinnstan initrd kernel has most things built as modules and the initrd loads it all and sees what sticks17:20
jaegerfor most users the difference doesn't matter. where it becomes important is when you need to do something like enter a password for an encrypted partition during boot or similar situations17:21
frinnstif you built a generic kernel without an initrd you'll need to include all sorts of stuff that will never be used such as various filesystems, a shitload of sata/scsi/ide controllers etc17:21
frinnstthat would eat a lot of ram for no reason17:21
frinnstjust to make sure it works on everything17:22
jaegerwhich is pretty much what live cds and install media do17:22
frinnstcrux users are expected to build their own kernel with the stuff they need (in general)17:22
frinnstobviously you can use an initrd if you like too17:22
Mittso, I have to change most things from [M] to [*]?17:22
Mittall things17:23
frinnstprobably not that much17:23
frinnstjust the stuff that has to do with your disks17:23
Mittbut with filesystem stuff17:23
Mittokay, thank you so much (:17:23
frinnstso that would be filesystem (ext4?), sata controller (ahci?) and scsi-disk (needed for all harddrives that use libata)17:23
jaegeryou could use a tool like HDT (or if you're already booted into the install, lspci -k) to see what modules you need17:24
jaegermake those <*> for at least the disk controller and filesystem and scsi as frinnst says17:24
frinnstmake localyesconfig might also be useful17:27
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deus_exRomster: salt upstream discourages major changes, they think it leads to confusion when you change distros or read the docs :)20:28
deus_exRomster: I think it is a similar logic to tftp, config in /etc, files that it serves in /srv20:32
deus_exbtw, I patched python, so crux is one of the supported distros now :)20:34
deus_exempty platform.dist() output was annoying me20:35
deus_exnow to figure out proper codename for Crux, so lsb_release -a is complete.Any suggestions?20:37
frinnst"go fuck yourself"20:43
deus_exfrinnst: how do you say that in swedish? :)20:45
frinnst"dra �t helvete 3.2"20:45
deus_exunicode ftw20:46
deus_exnew oal in life, learn to say 'fuck you' in many languages :)20:53
frinnstworthwhile goal indeed20:54
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onoderaI'm like 50% of all languages adopted fuck you20:55
onoderaat least dutch has20:55
onodera*I think lik 50% of all languages adopted fuck you20:56
deus_exfrinnst: As I am unemployed currently, I have some free time :)20:56
deus_exonodera: it is 'jebi se' in serbian (often heard in serbian movies :) )20:59
deus_exi'll stfu now, sorry.21:01
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