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Mitthi, it's me again, I successfully booted into it after kernel manipulations, now I can't update ports, with rsync error saying is not a known service09:31
Romsterdo you have internet working Mitt ?09:35
Romsterhow are you connected?09:35
MittI connected through wpa_supplicant, now I am on my Devuan chrooted09:36
Mittsame error on chroot09:37
MittI have zero experience in source based distros (well, I once installed Gentoo but... it's a bit different)09:39
Romstercan you ping -c3 google.com09:39
Romsteror even ping -c3
MittI can ping
MittI remember I was changing something to and it was working then09:41
Romsterthen /etc/hosts has a valid nameserver set?09:41
Romsterelse you wont be able to resolve any DNS names.09:41
Mittdo I have to put four eights to hosts?09:42
Romsterwell that is googles name server you can use that or your or 0.1 what ever your gateway is.09:42
Romsterup to you.09:43
Romsteri use unbound and i resolve dns queries myself.09:43
Romsterfrom the root name servers09:43
Romsterbut you don't have to go to that length09:44
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Mittokay, I put my gateway 0.1 to hosts, but still09:46
Romsterah my mistake it's /etc/resolv.conf09:47
Romsternot /etc/hosts09:47
Romster/etc/hosts should just have09:47
Mittyeah yeah I've found in handbook resolv09:48
Romsteronce that's done you should be able to resolve dns queries09:48
Mittnow works!09:49
Mittthank you!09:49
Romsterno problem09:49
Romstersource based is more effort but is rewarding09:49
MittI guess09:50
MittI was actually looking for something minimalistic and with easy packaging, and no systemd of course09:52
MittAFAIK it also has BSD init09:52
tilmanits init feels quite bsd-ish09:55
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MittI think CRUX itself feels like BSDs10:08
Romsterthat is why people flock to crux.10:11
Romstersystemd makes me wanna go on a rampage.10:12
Romster20:12:24 up 149 days, 22:20,  2 users,  load average: 2.10, 0.98, 2.9310:12
Romsteri'm gonna go reboot and be back how ever long it takes to fsck my system10:12
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Mitthahaha, someone had been uptime for a half of a year10:17
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Phonesteryeah... not uncommon.10:50
Phonester30% fsck on /home10:50
frinnsteew, fsck on boot10:50
Phonestercooking dinner while i wait10:50
frinnstuse a proper fs (btrfs!) :D10:51
Phonesteri rarely reboot10:51
PhonesterI'll probably move to zfs later on.10:51
frinnstyou can convert ext to btrfs btw10:51
Phonesternot some alpha fs10:51
frinnstbtrfs is pretty stable these days10:51
frinnstwhat it lacks are some of the planned features10:51
frinnstI've had one dataloss and that was my fault10:52
frinnstand i've run it since 2012 or something10:52
Phonesterso does btrfs have a fsck tool yet or is that still on the todo list10:52
frinnstyeah for many years10:52
frinnstbut you dont need it in your daily life10:53
frinnsti've never used it10:53
PhonesterNot even for consistency checking?10:53
frinnstno, all that stuff is internal10:54
frinnstand you use scrub for data consistency checks10:54
onoderabtrfs is still slower than ext I'vse een on most benchmarks10:54
Phonesterext4 does some checks but ya know10:54
frinnstyou can mount it with -o recovery if something is really wrong10:54
frinnstand all sorts of other stuff10:54
frinnstonodera: perhaps on some workloads, sure10:55
onoderahave you guys heard of bcachefs:
Phonesterthere is dm-cache i plan to use with my existing lvs10:55
frinnstanyways I really recommend btrfs, especially if you have extra machines to play with it on10:56
Phonesterlike I do i could if i felt like it10:58
onoderaI've heard btrfs doesn't work with LILO, is this true?10:59
tilmanyou'd separate /boot with ext2 or somesuch10:59
tilmanyou'd *need*11:00
Phonesterpfft that's great...11:00
Phonesteri tried grub2 its too over complex11:03
MittI remember a screenshot from a guy, he has been uptime since 200011:03
Mittbut hmm it's something long haha11:04
tilmanPhonester: syslinux/extlinux seems to be the "new" kid on the block11:04
onoderaI used syslinux when I used arch11:05
onoderabut I prefer lilo a lot more now11:05
Mittdoes lilo support multiboot? My efforts with it on slack were worthless11:06
PhonesterI'll setup chain booting windows but right now i jus5 hit f12 and pick the other disk11:06
Phonesterhmm dbus errors out...11:29
Phonesterbuild it in docker and see how that goee then install on my system11:30
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penguinfankeep in mind that lilo most likely will go end of development unless someone picks it up again...
penguinfan"LILO Boot-Loader Development To Cease At End Of Year"11:33
Phonesterfrom Debian?11:33
penguinfanfrom the developer, also on the main hompage
penguinfancheck out the note message on the main page11:34
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penguinfanbut grub2 isn't too bad once you get used to it, if you want something simpler maybe grub-legacy is still ok for you (also not developed anymore, but bugfixes are still maintained)11:36
PhonesterYeah when i am back on my desktop11:36
PhonesterIsn't too bad the generated conf it spat out ugh11:37
penguinfanjust use the standard /etc/grub.d configuration files used to generate the main grub.cfg. If you don't try to change the generated file directly, then you should be fine. Sometimes it's easier to directly change the grub.cfg file ;-)11:43
penguinfanbut then it's a pain to maintain11:44
Mittwhat is the proper way to add for example xfce repo?11:47
MittI mean to add any repository11:47
frinnstdownload the rsync-file (or whatever it may be) and place it in /etc/ports/11:57
frinnstyou might also want to add the resulting path (/usr/ports/xfce ?) to /etc/prt-get.conf so prt-get can see them11:57
Mittoh, I only placed it to /etc/ports, that's why it's not in prt-get, thanks (:12:01
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penguinfan@Mitt, checkout
penguinfanits a documented example of what frinnst mentioned12:36
Mittyea, thanks, I am quite inattentive sometimes (:12:36
penguinfanhow is everyone doing today?12:36
penguinfanhas anyone gconf running on crux?12:40
Mittpretty good (:12:40
penguinfanI recently installed libvirt to change the way how I use qemu/kvm (instead of directly calling it). It works quite well except that I havn't had time to get gconf running to keep some runtime configuration permanent.12:41
penguinfanteK__: could you have a look at the bug report I filed regarding spice-gtk? ( )12:44
onoderapenguinfan: I ran it yesterday for like 10 minutes12:51
onoderato test out unity-editor for linux12:51
penguinfanonodera: the game engine?12:52
penguinfando you have a packge for gconf?12:53
onoderayeah the game engine12:54
Romsterdconf replaces gconf now12:55
onoderaI used this one12:55
penguinfanonodera: cool, how is unity-editor on linux?12:55
penguinfanRomster: ah dconf?! will check that out, thanks!12:55
onoderanot really usable for me, for example it didn't catch the cursor when clicking on input/text boxes12:56
onoderaand people on arch had this problems too, so it's not a crux problem12:56
onoderaI created a port if you want to check it out12:56
penguinfanyes very interested.12:56
penguinfanonodera: thanks!12:58
penguinfanRomster: do you know if dconf works with virt-manager?12:58
Romsteri haven't a clue12:59
penguinfannever mind, I just found some references to it12:59
penguinfanI will give it a try! thanks!!12:59
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penguinfan_ok ,fixed virt-manager problem. the gconf/dconf gsettings backend must be enabled during build time for it to work. thanks!14:14
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onoderacan anyone please help me with a port15:10
onoderaI'm trying to create a cude port, it gets installed in /opt, so /opt/cuda/bin needs to be added to the $PATH15:11
onoderaarch linux does this with profile.d but I don't have a /etc/profile.d on my systemd15:12
onoderaoh wait im stupid15:23
onoderamost distros have something in profile that loads stuff in profile.d but crux doesn't15:37
joacimyeah it is convenient15:38
joacimmight not work too well for non-bash shells maybe15:39
korionodera: musl symlinks musl-gcc to /opt/bin15:39
korioh actually no15:40
koriI just made our port symlink /opt/musl/bin/musl-gcc to /usr/bin/musl-gcc15:40
koriyou can do the same for cuda15:40
koriit's not like it matters15:40
onoderayeah I guess I'll do that15:40
onoderaa bit cleaner imo15:40
koricheck the root15:41
koriit's getting installed to /cuda15:41
koriand then, /usr/share/man15:41
retardports aren't supposed to touch /opt16:12
onoderahm I alsoways thought it was a place to install shitty closed source packages16:13
retard"/opt directory is reserved for manually compiled/installed applications. Packages should never place anything there."16:13
onoderawill fix16:13
retard/opt is crux's equivalent of /usr/local16:14
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onoderahmm it's almost impossible to install cuda not in /opt...16:26
onoderashould I replace /opt/cuda/* with /usr/share/cuda/*16:29
onoderaignore the /cuda stuff at the begin btw16:29
korionodera: just add a mv $PKG{/opt,/usr} or something, then?16:33
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onoderakori: doing that rn16:39
onoderabtw can anyone explain when to use /bin and when to use /usr/bin pls16:40
retardsee fhs16:40
retardi don't know anything about cuda16:40
onoderaah, ty16:41
penguinfanonodera: why not just change the -cudaprefix parameter?16:41
penguinfanand prefix parameter16:42
penguinfanif you move it after build/install you might break some dependencies16:42
onoderayeah but won that make it install stuff in non standart directories such as /include and /extras?16:43
penguinfanlet me have a look at it in more detail16:45
penguinfanone sec16:45
penguinfanI am downloading cuda now16:46
penguinfanneed 10 minutes, it's huge (1GB)16:49
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onoderathis is with prefix and cudaprefix set to $PKG16:50
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penguinfanyou need a couple of more changes16:53
penguinfanprobably easier if all is in /usr/lib/coda for example16:54
penguinfanI will play around with it now, 4 minutes left before the download is finished16:54
onoderathanks, this is the trickiest package I've ever worked with :/16:56
onoderathat's what I get for using nonfree software though16:56
penguinfanif not opt, where would you put it?16:58
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onoderano idea, ...17:00
frinnstyes, or /usr/share/cuda17:01
frinnstdepends on what type of files there are17:01
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joacim/opt seems ok to me17:04
onoderajoacim: yeah but retard just told me crux doesn't use opt17:05
penguinfanyes no opt17:06
penguinfanof course you can use it but its just not crux standard ;-)17:06
penguinfanarch uses opt for this package17:06
onoderayeah, looks like gentoo does too17:07
joacimipmiview from contrib uses /opt17:08
joacimdoes the guidelines say anything about /opt at all? to me it seems like a good place to install stuff that doesn't quite fit in when installed to /usr17:08
onodera>/opt directory is reserved for manually compiled/installed applications. Packages should never place anything there.17:09
joacimyeah i can read17:10
onoderajust wanted to paste the relevant line but ok17:10
joacimseems like a good place to me. better than jamming it into /usr/lib or something like that I think17:13
penguinfanso you want to keep it in opt?17:16
penguinfanthen you are all set, right?17:16
onoderayeah I think I'm gonna ignore the crux guidelines this time17:17
penguinfanok cool17:21
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retardthat sucks18:34
retardpackages that put stuff in /opt are broken18:37
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Mittboy, left laptop unplugged, it died18:40
korioh boy oh boy18:40
MittI try to install polkit, it says it needs libjs why18:52
Mittaah it has dependency on libjson in debian too18:54
Mittdo you use consolekit and polkit here?18:57
Mittmaybe I don't really need it18:57
koriyou probably don't18:59
koriunless you use a DE18:59
onoderaI don't18:59
onoderatyping my password to reboot ins't that bad18:59
Mittwell I'd like to have Xfce19:00
Mittor at least window manager like cwm19:00
onoderacwm doesn't need polkit19:00
Mitthmm okay let's try to live without it (:19:01
Mittso ye have desktop without DE? Or ye are server people19:03
frinnstI just use a window manager19:03
frinnstDEs are too cumbersome for my taste19:04
Mitthow about GNOME 3? haha19:05
onodera I've been using WM only for a few years now19:11
onoderaand CRUX is my primary desktop OS19:12
frinnstclose to 10 years here with the same setup19:12
frinnstcrux + fluxbox19:12
Mittwow, that's impressive, just curious, when ye started using Unix?19:14
frinnsthm, since 2002 or something19:15
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tilmansuggestions for a minimalistic image viewer? geeqie is acting up in spectrwm :[19:34
frinnstgpicview is pretty nice19:34
onoderatilman: feh, meh, pqiv, qiv, pho19:35
onoderaall without interface, the difference being the keybinds and scaling behaviour19:35
onoderafor the real hackers19:38
tilmandisplay !19:38
tilmanhow could i forgot about imagemagick ;p19:38
retardgraphicsmagick represent19:38
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ivs_tilman: sxiv20:20
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