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Romsterpushed updates wine mesa3d-32 gpgme tor04:30
ivs_thank you, I hope qemu and lm_sensors on the way :]04:36
Romsterif sepen sees that04:44
Romsterheading out for a hour or two. then i'll see what else i can bump04:44
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Mitthi, what is the "footprint mismatch"?08:30
MittI am still trying to build xfce08:32
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pitilloMitt: .footprint is the list of files installed by a port. When there is a mistmach, you should take a look if it tells there are new files (you have installed more poets and those are generated) or missing ones (if you have all dependencies installed, the maintainer missed to list a dependencie and he had it installed)09:21
Mittpitillo thanks, let's see what I can do09:24
pitillowhat's the error Mitt? missing files or new ones?09:24
Mitta lot of different missing files, I think I installed all the dependencies09:25
pitilloyou can updage footprint in case there are new files with -uf (or ignore it with -if)09:25
pitillowhich port? you can use deptree and check depdencies status09:27
Mittxfce, libxfce4ui,  and all dependencies installed09:29
pitillocan you wgetpaste them?09:30
Mittyou want to see it?09:31
pitillocan you paste the footprint mistmach?09:33
pitillothose don't smell well... send sepen a mail telling about this mistmatch (sepen is the maintainer)09:36
MittI remember upgrading from 4.10 to 4.12 in Debian, there were obsolete and new libraries09:38
pitillothese one seems to be built from a non installed deps09:38
pitilloit should be fixed imho09:39
Mittwhere can I find their email?09:39
pitillodirectly in the port Pkgfile09:39
pitillothe maintainer is who currrently maintains a port (packager in case it exists, the one who originally packaged it)09:40
Mittby the way, what do you use?09:44
MittXfce is actually pretty easy to compile from the upstream source09:45
pitilloI use E or bb09:45
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Mittif I chroot to a system without internet (for example without wireless drivers in it), will I have Internet?09:58
pitilloyes, why no? you'll nedd extra software to use the driver provided by the host10:00
Mittextra software like what?10:01
pitillowpa_supplocant for example to setup this kind of connections into the jail10:04
Mittso I have to run wpa_supplicant inside chroot and this will work?10:05
pitilloI don't remember right if the device is setup at host, only setting up dns resolver is enought10:05
pitilloMitt: do you have set it up at host? just make a ping to your gw ip and check if that works10:07
MittI remember setting up Debian squeeze (2.6 kernel doesn't support iwlwifi) and failed to apt-get update, it showed me in chroot like I am not chroot10:07
Mittdebian has debootstrap and I'd like to install squeeze10:08
Mittfor historical purposes, it has GNOME 2 and Galeon10:09
pitilloI don't remember so much about debian... long time...10:10
MittI missed good times when there were no systemd and GNOME 3, previously to 2011, when all this happened10:10
MittI actually bought this laptop in 2013 with Windows 8 on it, of course without any computer knowledge, but in 6 six moths I saw bsod three times10:11
pitilloI don't miss living in dbt to finally fix things by hand around 10 years ago :)10:11
Mittgood times (:10:12
pitillothey were... but focused knowledge (not general linux knowledge)10:13
Mittbut not so bad, there is Devuan, nothing related to systemd in here (except for udev, but vdev is coming!)10:13
pitillofrom rh to debian to slack and at the end, crux... in all devices (only ubuntu sometimes)10:14
Mittthe biggest problem is that more and more packages become dependent on systemd, recently procps stepped into it10:14
Mittred hat is evil10:14
pitilloit was my first door to linux world10:15
pitillo6.1 if I remember right10:16
MittI have some experience in packaging, and you know, they added systemd dependency in debian folder, you simply remove it and everything works10:16
pitillono idea about systemd here really10:16
Mittred hat has actually good set of preinstalled apps, I used CentOS 7 for a couple of months10:17
Mitta couple of times it failed to boot without any messages, a couple of times gnome3 stopped working, yet they call it stable10:18
Mittyou are lucky (:10:18
pitilloall people is lucky... plenty of options to fit all needs :)10:19
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Mittwhy not slack?10:22
pitilloit didn't fit my needs... I finished doing things by hand without keeping track of things10:24
pitillowhen I found crux and its community I wasn't able to change... lfs+ports system is enought for me10:26
pitillodiy in a controled way... <310:26
pitillocook time here :)10:28
MittRed Hat 6.1 came out in 1999, wow10:40
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