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reephi guys. the printer scx-3400 is shown by lsub. but when I run lpoptions -l no printers appear. I have downloaded the samsung driver and I have installed it but it is no use.01:23
reepcups does not find the printer either01:23
jaegermight need the samsung universal linux driver01:35
jaegerI'm not all that familiar with samsung printers01:35
jaegerin fact I try to avoid printing if at all possible :) printers are a pain01:36
reeptks jaeger. I agree entirely about printers :) Yes I have installed the samsung universal linux driver uld but as I said it was helpless. cups does not find the printer :-)01:59
jaegersorry, that's about as much as I can suggest there. I usually deal with hp printers via network and they work out of the box most of the time01:59
reeptks anyway that was nice. If I find a solution I will inform02:00
jaegerok :)02:00
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perchibaldguys need help09:03
perchibaldbuid i3wm09:04
frinnstprt-get fsearch ev.h09:14
frinnstFound in /usr/ports/contrib/libev:09:14
perchibaldbuild libev?09:15
perchibaldbuild libev?09:15
prologicyes lol09:21
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onoderaif you use prt-get depinst it should probably install libev by default09:24
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frinnstyeah.. sorry I got a bit busy09:44
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frinnstps aux10:38
frinnsthm, wrong term :>10:38
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rmullHi @crux13:14
rmuller, #crux13:14
rmullJust out of curiosity, is there a way to prove the requirement in that dbus-glib removal won't break anything?13:33
rmullOr is it more like a "use the system and see if anything acts up" type thing13:35
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frinnstgeez teK__ - im wrestling with yet ANOTHER shitty ERP system14:01
penguinfanwhich one?14:01
frinnstone of the more popular swedish ones14:02
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penguinfanhmm ok14:05
penguinfangood luck ;-)14:05
frinnstthey all suck so bad, its not even funny14:06
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darthlukangood evening! So far I'm enjoying Crux quite a bit, I am struggling with getting alsa to output sound.  I've made sure that firmware is installed, as well as the necessary tools and packages, and I've also verified my .asoundrc and other settings. Perhaps there's something that I'm missing that isn't noted in the docs?18:36
darthlukanIf anybody has any suggestions, I'd very much appreciate them18:39
rmullalsamixer not muted? User a member of the audio group?18:48
darthlukanrmull: Yeah, I'm in the audio group and I made sure that automute is disabled and the channels are unmuted as well18:57
jaegerDo you have more than one sound card? Is the proper one selected/default?19:08
jaegerdoes it show up in /proc/asound/cards?19:08
jaegeralso 'aplay -l' and 'aplay -L'19:09
darthlukanjaeger: here's the output of aplay -l:
darthlukanjaeger: and aplay -L:
darthlukanand all cards are registered in /proc/asound/cards19:11
jaegerIs HDMI 0 the one you intend to use? I think it'll be picked by default19:12
jaegeryou can use aplay -D to play a wav to a specific device as one way to test19:13
darthlukanit's not, and just when I was about to say that I had the right one selected as default, I realized that I selected 0 and /proc/asound/cards has the one I want as default listed as 119:13
darthlukanI'm going to restart alsa and then test again19:13
darthlukanworks now!19:15
darthlukanthanks for leading me in the right direction jaeger19:15
jaegernp :)19:15
darthlukanwell, at least I have static now :)19:26
darthlukanI guess I spoke too soon19:26
darthlukanbut that's okay, the rest I'm sure is just tweaks19:26
jaegergotta start somewhere :)19:27
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rmulldarthlukan: FYI if by "restart alsa" you mean by using the init script, note that the only thing the initscript does is save and restore your mixer levels.19:41
darthlukanthat's right19:43
darthlukanwell, I'll be back later then :)19:43
darthlukanthanks again for all of the help!19:43
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