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nwegood morning06:03
penguinfannwe: Good morning to you!06:30
nwepenguinfan: how are you ? :)06:31
penguinfannwe: doing well, here its raining like crazy (we have two typhoons around here: )06:33
darthlukangood morning nwe penguinfan06:35
nwepenguinfan: oh :/06:36
frinnstpenguinfan: stay safe07:10
penguinfanfrinnst: Thanks!07:14
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penguinfanfrinnst: For now it's a lot of rain and some flooding so people are leaving work earlier to avoid any train (suspend) issues.07:15
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frinnstomg that whole channel is epic09:18
onoderafrinnst: I know this channel lol09:24
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frinnstits awesome09:35
onoderahave you seen that dillon the hacker guys channel?09:41
onoderaIt's even more ridiculous09:41
frinnstno but she mentioned him a few times09:41
rauzhi guys09:43
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druid_droidhi every one11:34
penguinfandruid_droid: Hi!11:38
druid_droidthere is any tool that can help me to get to know "how is" the tool chain of crux, I'm tryng to give support to friend, but I need to get information how he have configured crux and if is every thing ok (for example; dependencies, revdep, glibc, kernel, compiler)11:53
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rmullI don't think there is a single tool you can run that will print the status of all subsystems, but I'd be happy to suggest individual tools - it sounds like you already know what you're looking for though.11:57
druid_droid:) be free to advise me, I was thinking to make a small script so I can also get pkgmk.conf, prt-get.conf configuration12:01
rmullFor kernel stuff it would probably be sufficient to check /proc/config.gz if it exists and the output of uname -a12:02
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rmullgcc -v12:02
rmullprt-get listinst12:02
rmullumm, that's not a very long list I guess. The crux config files you listed would be useful12:03
rmulllist of running processes? ps ax12:04
rmullbootloader configs for lilo/grub12:05
druid_droid:) greate listinst and gcc -v12:13
druid_droidI have been seen stuff about "reproducible builds", this wold be hard since pkgmk.conf is personalized ?12:15
druid_droidand diferent versions of ports ...12:15
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nvohi there, is dmcrypt no longer part of crux?12:44
nvoor was it never part of it in the first place12:45
druid_droidnvo: I don't have started encrypting my stuff :(12:59
juenvo: guess you are looking for cryptsetup?13:00
nvojue: yes13:01
jueit's part of our opt collection13:02
nvobut it doesnt come with the iso, right?13:02
jueno, currently not13:05
nvoall right thanks13:06
nvothats a shame though since you want to encrypt the disk before installing everything13:06
druid_droidnvo: :)13:06
frinnstnvo: I believe teK__ runs crux on top of luks13:06
juewell, if you want an encrypted / partition our ISO install won't work currently13:07
nvooh well13:07
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onoderanvo: can't you just install stuff from opt during installation?14:11
nvodont think so14:17
juesure, you can. After install you can either mount some other media with the packages on it or even start a net connection and do a ports -u on the target partition14:30
nvowell yeah its cumbersome and you have to install it twice then, no?14:31
onoderawhen running setup14:33
onoderayou can enable the opt repo14:33
juenvo: why?14:34
juebut again, if you need a encrypted / partition, you need an initramfs which is currently not official supported14:35
nvoyeah sticking to arch for the meantime14:36
jueI have an encrypted /home on my laptop, which is enough for me14:37
frinnstlaptops suck. desktops bolted to the floor ftw! :>14:38
nvoi suppose. i like to have swap and / encrypted too14:38
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newbie__These are known as CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC, if you're grepping for them. –  chronospoon Mar 26 at 18:3421:08
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