IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2015-09-10

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nwegood morning05:04
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druid_droidhello nwe13:26
nwehow are you man ?13:38
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druid_droidfine, arround my crux machine, learning drupal and gnu/linux at same time :)13:55
druid_droidI was tryng to configure samhain,13:55
nweah, hmm whats samhain?14:06
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druid_droidis a integrety monitor,14:23
druid_droidI think is more than that, but I will use it for that,14:23
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druid_droidis hard to port crux to arm ?15:14
druid_droidsorry for asking before I made research :)15:15
rmulldruid_droid: #crux-arm15:18
rmullIt's already ported15:18
rmullMuch smaller effort than x86_64 though15:18
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rmullUsually lags behind the official release by a little bit15:19
jaegeralso http://crux-arm.nu15:21
frinnstto be honest, the x86_64 port was very simple15:21
frinnstarm is a lot more work15:21
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rmullRight - by "effort" I meant the group of people working on the port.15:48
druid_droid:) greate :D16:00
druid_droidand thanks16:00
druid_droidso in the future, when I have arm device I will use crux16:01
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